We’re in the Dark of the Moon ~ November 6, 2018


Our New Moon in Scorpio is tomorrow so today is that magical mystical time when La Luna is in the last of her waning phase before a new 28 day cycle.

Perhaps you feel these waning energies…

Letting go, once and for all, of identities, circumstances and even people who aren’t reflecting your light.

I don’t usually write to you two days in a row, but many people wrote in to me telling me the link for their 11:11 Prosperity Report from Numerologist.com was broken. I am happy to say the link has been fixed so if you had trouble, you can get your personalized profile now!

Yet, there was so much more I wanted to write in yesterday’s email. It gave me an excuse to write to you again!

Taking care of unfinished business

Things may feel uncomfortable right now. Perhaps you’ve felt that all year. 11 Master Number years bring some intense spiritual lessons!

Our New Moon tomorrow brings many blessings, and sheds light on the shadows that have been buried in your subconscious as well as the collective consciousness. This Scorpio New Moon ushers in a culmination of liberating energy and change.

New Moons always bring blessings and new beginnings.

In addition to some dreamy water elements, that help you vision a better future for yourself and the planet, this New Moon is blessed with the planet of bounty and beneficent Jupiter.

Jupiter is finishing up its sojourn in shadowy Scorpio where it has been for almost a year.

Mere hours after the New Moon, Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius, which means you will feel more at-home with yourself as well.

Jupiter in Scorpio has brought many lessons that have forced us collectively and individually to look squarely at our shadows, those aspects of our society and our psyche that are uncomfortable and even frightening. Yet with this has come much healing.

As the Sun and Moon join forces in Scorpio on November 7th at 8:02am PST, it is a culmination of Jupiter in Scorpio’s many lessons and offers you an opportunity to anchor your growth and wisdom with a sense of courage and expansion.

Your light is much needed in this world. As you set your New Moon intentions, do so knowing that whatever gifts you have buried are now ready to be brought to light.

It’s a powerful time for change. And you are so ready, aren’t you?

May you be showered with New Moon blessings!
~ Kari


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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