URGENT: Calling All American Patriots to the Border Now | War Drummer [video] ~ October 23, 2018

E_erg_ncy, E_erg_ncy…. U_gent.. Border patrols needed.

War Drummer uploaded this Emergency Call to Action last night. Everyone who can help to get patriots to the Border, assist monetarily or with supplies or be part of the patrol to man the border until the military can arrive, please do so now.

There are already reports of trucks bringing migrants; also by boat to San Diego, California. Action required now until the military can arrive.

This is for the California and New Mexico borders. Not sure why Arizona was excluded unless it’s because there are already extra bodies down there with the work the VOP has been conducting in the area the past several months. Shawn doesn’t elucidate, but the Border Patrol told the VOP they are desperately understaffed for the job and the VOP reported that semi trailers were dumping loads of Central American migrants in Arizona.

We now have reports that these “hired immigrants” are also coming from Africa and other areas. These are not just political refugees seeking asylum. This is an organized attack on America, Trump, and the American People.

Shawn also says there are Veterans who want to go who need rides, so there are many ways patriots can come to the aid of their country.

He provides the names and phone numbers of those to call if you are able to assist, says Bikers for Trump—200 of them—are on the way, militia members are coming, and lists the kinds of supplies needed. See the details below.

Good luck everyone. Be safe; Be sane; and pray for Peace. This might be Bundy Ranch on steroids.

Do I need to say it? Miracles needed.  ~ BP

War Drummer Official
Published on Oct 22, 2018

PRESS RELEASE FROM the United Constitutional Patriots and Patriots of the Constitution

Attention: at 0630, 19 October, 2018

All units of The United Constitutional Patriots and The Patriots of The Constitution, Mountain Minutemen state militia, and Patriots have deployed to the Southern Borders. We are working in coordinates with the United States Border Patrol in New Mexico and California.

All units report to General Peyton and General Kelly

General Peyton: 702-275-2712
General Kelly: 205-483-4074

All units reporting to the California border report to Robert Crooks: 805-450-2788

For questions and donations of supplies please contact Monica 541-951-1256

God bless our President
God bless our Patriots
God bless The United States of America


From Robert Crooks, Mountain Minutemen.
Communication with the United States Border Patrol:
“Observe and report. Be a well organized neighborhood watch.”

While I was communicating with Robert he observed three Mexican military helicopters cruising the border heading south, flying at about 1,000 ft.

Robert is there alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you and God bless The United States of America

Supplies needed:
Toilet paper
Food water
Fire starters
Walmart cards
Sonoco fuel cards
Band aids
Snake bite kit

Boots on the ground, very important! There are many coming. Bikers for Trump 200 strong on their way. Many state militia also. They are a ways out so if anyone is closer to Columbus New Mexico or San Diego California please deploy. Contact numbers for that are above.

New reports:
The Invaders are now being trucked to the border. Several thousand expected. We do understand that Trump is deploying troops but in the meantime it is imperative that we have boots on the ground. We are working with the border patrol and their orders are above in the update from Robert Crooks. Not only are the Invaders being trucked, they coming by boat to San Diego and they are also coming from Africa then up through South America to our border.

PayPal link.

Thank You,
Monica Marin
Patriots of the Constitution


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