The Story of Q’s—All of Them & The Current Strategies Decrypted [videos] ~ October 15, 2018

Qanon went dark 6 days ago, but a friend sent this to me and in the interim I thought I’d pass it on as it sounds like it could be the real origins of “Q” and beyond. It appears to have been passed on several times already.

Following that is Dave’s X22 Report with some solid Q-T strategy that also resonates. 

Our brains have never had such workouts. This is a spiritual war of Light against dark; the deepest, most frightening depths of dark like most Humans have never seen—or remember seeing. The reality of it is beyond comprehension to most of us.

Of the suggestion it was Justice Antonin Scalia who was part of the “ten” and murdered, it sounds right. It’s not usually the bad guys who get eliminated in nasty ways, although a few have if they thought they might tell a story the deep state don’t want told. The dark loves to destroy the reputations of those who oppose them. The whole Scalia death was very suspicious and the details never made sense or rang true. 

What is unfolding before us is NOT a game; but it is in a sense like a precision game of 5D chess. The players were skillfully chosen, and nothing left to chance. There is too much at stake.  ~ BP

The latest Q drops are here.

The Origins of QAnon

Received this as a personal message from a friend-

To anyone who is still questioning the Trump administration or the validity of origins of Q…

Beyond Q- (Part 1)

The story from the deepest part of the dark web … “The story of Q”.
After the second election of Barack Obama a small but very rich, intelligent and powerful groups of patriots got together and formed a secret group. They were in fear of losing America to foreign governments through socialism…
I.E. NATO, UN etc. These nationalist patriots of ten men met in secret and formed a secret alliance. Most are billionaires some are former and then current high ranking government officials. All very intelligent patriots and loyal to the flag, The constitution and America.

The Group had first hand knowledge of members of the deep state (by name) and knew what they were up against. This was going way beyond just supporting a candidate for president, they did that before and it didn’t work. They decided to actually hand pick the next president of the United States through their powerful secret alliance and by reaching out to Red blooded Americans. The Deep State had just hand picked a President and had done it before. They wanted to beat the deep state at their own game without the deep state even knowing they were in the game.

Therefore no one could ever know who they are or that they even existed.
(Below the radar)

The ten named themselves “Q” or the “Q continuum” after Star Trek. The idea was- the Q was all powerful and no one would even know of the Q’s existence unless the Q reviled themselves or their existence to the world. They, as an all powerful but anonymous group could work in secret without fear of the Deep State. The basics of the overall plan was to put a president in office and people in places in the government so We The People could take America back from the Globalists.

Phase one of the ten phase plan was picking the right person. The criteria was; He or she must be rich and powerful themselves but self-made, loves America, charismatic, America first, proud, constitutionalist, outspoken believed in the cause and a non-politician.

The Q collective put out seven names.
One of the seven names was Donald Trump. Many of the Q did not want Trump. They thought he was a good choice for America but too much baggage [And perhaps too controversial].

After great debate the Q narrowed it down to two men, one of which was Donald Trump. The Q took a vote …
Trump won by a vote of 6 to 4.
If Trump turned Q down then the other man would become president.

The Q sent one of the Q (who knew Trump) to approach Trump. Trump was only told of the plan (in short) and that a secret powerful group would be behind him and guiding him all the way. Q told Trump Q’s ten goals to make America great again. (Eight of the ten goals became the talking points of the Trump campaign).
I.e. Secure the border, deregulation, break away from globalism (America first) etc.
Part of title of the list (Goals) became the slogan for the Trump campaign –
“Ten things needed to -Make America Great Again”

The one Q told Trump nothing of the Q itself or even that he himself was in the Q. Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly work with him. Q told Trump that he (Trump) would even have to spend his own money to run. Millions and Millions of dollars but it was for the greater good of America. Trump asked: So, you want me to answer to you? Q answered: No Sir, we would answer to you. Trump looked at Q and said: “ok then, I’m in” Q said “ok, it is done. From here on out, look for me no more. The meeting never happened. I was never here. Never contact me. Speak of this to no one. We will send people” (This was the first, last and only time the Q ever talked to Trump directly)

Even the people that Q sent didn’t know of Q, this was all done through a middle man. The Q continuum is ten men called “The circle” .These ten men recruited ten more people called “The inner circle”
(Trump’s inner circle) These ten are placed into the Trump White House and administration, all with possession of great power. ( This was “phase two” ) These ten men and women (all loyal to the US and constitution) do not know any details of the Q or who they are. They only know there is a powerful anonymous force behind the President and they are the ones that put them in place.

Phase three is now underway. Phase three installs ten more hand picked patriots into power outside of the White House.. This is called “The outer circle” these ten are placed in positions of power and are faithful to the President.

They are placed into the intelligence agencies CIA, DOJ etc. They too know nothing of Q. They only know a powerful unknown force is behind the President.

Phase four is the last circle and is just about to be underway. This forth circle is called “The Final circle”. These ten (plus) patriots will all be judges. Placed in stregic places. All patriots, all loyal to the US, The Constitution and the President. They know nothing of Q. They only know that some powerful anonymous force is behind the President. (Now you know why some of those the President picks seemed odd to you at first – The Q picked some of them).

Phase Five: Break from the Globalist-
Paris climate accord, etc.

Phase Six : Expose and drain the swamp / dismantle the deep state- (You’re Fired)

Phase seven: The 2018 elections- Control both houses and the governorship.

Phase eight: The 2020 elections.

When it came time to start getting the word out to We The People, The Q placed an intelligent person in the White House inner cycle, told this person to covertly reach out to We The People and told this person to go by “Q Anon” -“anonymous”
This person knows nothing about The Q continuum. They only know that some powerful “anonymous” force is behind the President and they have been placed into the “inner circle” to get the word out to We The People (anonymously)

Oddly enough Q is not The Q. Q knows little to nothing about The Q.
Q only speaks for The Q and goes by the name Q – anonymously ‘

Other Notes about the Q:
When one Q (the circle) dies another is promoted from the ranks so there are always ten Q. This has already happened once very early on. 

The deep state killed one of the original Q. One of the ten. He was also one of the founding three. This was a very powerful judge. The Deep State discovered that this judge had set out to expose and dismantle the deep state but that is all they knew and they knew nothing of the Q. The deep state killed the judge in his sleep and made it to look like natural causes.

Assoc. Chief Justice Antonin Scalia



The story of the Q is not from Q, it is beyond Q. Nonetheless in times to come Q will soon validate the story of the Q in Q’s own way. Q will “echo” parts of the story of the Q.

Added Note: The story of the Q was only on the Deep net for 20 minutes, 20 seconds and was not copied and pasted. So it was hastily hand written down.
I myself am not saying this is or is not true. Nor am I saying I personally know anything about Q (I do not). I am just saying… here is the story of the Q. Do with it what you will.

*I copied and pasted this message from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous themselves, but feel free to make this public.”

I just did.  ~ BP

The strategies set out by the Qs and Donald Trump are clever and complicated. I believe Dave has a gift for strategy.


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