News and Updates for August 28, 2018: Future Proves Past [videos] ~ August 28, 2018

I’m super busy today, but wanted to share some key videos.

Dave’s X22 Report Updates from Aug. 27 are always great analyses of what’s REALLY going on.

He also confirmed that they are, indeed, putting Cindy McCain in the senatorial position vacated by her allegedly executed husband. He suggests the patriots might be wanting to control her.

My first thought… Another trap? Knowing her family ties to the the Bronfman empire, it might lead to some interesting snafus.

Dan Duval, the Praying Medic, did his own update on the “No-name”-related updates. He also goes into the cabal’s “16-year Plan to Destroy America”. A lot of lights came on when I heard this. The strategies are astounding and explain much of what we have seen surface recently.

It also explains some of Trump’s military moves which many were upset about, but those of us with faith advised folks to just watch and wait. This is why. There is much we don’t know, can’t be told, and the reasons will eventually become apparent. Like QAnon has said, “Future Proves Past”.

Dan says even he didn’t know what to make of the No-Name photo QAnon posted in April. Now he gets it.

Anything that doesn’t make sense now, will make its significance known later. We have to trust “The Plan” is unfolding as it needs to. Do I have to say it again? For anyone new… “Nothing is what it seems”.

The Light Forces know exactly what’s going on, including in the enemy camps, and the key players like President Trump, Putin, and others execute the plan the only way they can. The RIGHT way.

They don’t need our permission, but they may have to put up a smoke screen now and again to achieve those objectives.

This is why Q keeps repeating, “Enjoy the show”. We need to relax and trust, only taking action as we can, and as we feel guided. It’s most important that we support POTUS and his men. This is all for us.

Americans are waking up fast and really getting into their demonstrations and rallies and Douglas Ducote wants patriots to know about the “Mother Of All Rallies” (MOAR) in Washington, September 8, to celebrate America.

He invites all patriots to come and rub shoulders, to spend a day in the company of like souls.

President Trump has invigourated the patriotic bones of Americans and now that they have a Commander-in-Chief who keeps his word, protects them, and brings promise of much better days to come, they feel like celebrating their country again. It’s good to see.

One day soon we can all feel that pride again for our homeland, no matter where that may be.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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