“The Plan”, the “Comms” and the Sheer Brilliance [videos] ~ August 25, 2018

I love it when a plan comes together.

I have been aware of “a plan” for many years, and never doubted it was in place, and in play. It may have taken some time for the various groups invoking their own individual plans to get together and coordinate efforts, but there is definitely a plan. That’s not to say every group has joined one coordinated effort. I believe some continue to work independently.

The Plan has been confirmed by Cobra, Thomas Williams, Tolec, Dante Santori, Benjamin Fulford, and others. For years, most of it was executed behind the scenes with little said about what “the plan” was, except in the most general terms.

I’m not so much a detail person, because I have to surf so many sources and review so much information to arrive at my personal overview and the headlines I share. I sift through a lot of material, letting the finer details pass through, leaving me with—“the big picture”. Hence, the name of the blog.

What I see and hear from years of research and observation is that certain parties were contacted to play a role on the Internet in this liberation process. They appear to be fairly average people but they are on a mission, have their own information and intel sources, and they are executing the plan to the letter, doing whatever is necessary to achieve the objectives. The Internet is the battleground and they give it 150% because failure is not an option.

There are thousands of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in the physical fighting this war to eradicate the dark from our planet. They may have interesting and unconventional backgrounds, possess occult or what we Humans might consider “paranormal” skills; they might be walk-ins, star seeds, or might even be outright “extraterrestrials” masquerading as Humans. They may have been a normal kid and suddenly in adulthood, had a grand awakening with special abilities suddenly activated that they felt guided to put to use.

The groups in charge of liaising with the Humans give us information, but they keep far more to themselves. I’ve said it before; “We are being managed.” That’s not a bad thing—we NEED to be managed because we have little idea what the reality is. Those tasked with the liberation process don’t want to overwhelm us or scare us, so they groom us, support us and encourage us.

Make no mistake, however, our education process is a set curriculum and we are drip-fed as they feel we are ready to assimilate. The conversation has changed dramatically over a short period of time so the intensity of the dialogue is more pronounced and the shock factor is increasing.

As QAnon has said, disinformation is necessary, and anyone who believes the Light forces don’t lie, manipulate, or share disinformation is näive. We’re being coached to refrain from taking everything at face value as Trump pushes buttons.

QAnon, with the help of various board anons and independent researchers and translators such as Praying Medic and SerialBrain2, for instance, have shown us communications or “comms” are critical tools in this war and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we should all know by now that every way that people can be monitored, watched and their comms intercepted, recorded and archived has been taking place for years by the NSA and the “Five Eyes”. That is not an appealing thought for most of us, but it has also been a weapon used on the criminals. Not everyone at the NSA is a bad guy and there are good and bad in all groups.

The secret societies that have roamed this planet for millennia have always had their own secret comms. They have left coded messages, clues and information for each other spanning epochs. There were technologies hidden on our planet by the ancients that may be accessed by those with the authority to do so. Some of those technologies were unearthed by negative groups and the technologies subsequently destroyed to keep them out of the wrong hands.

Much about our past is being gradually unveiled, and we will find out about that at the proper time.

In keeping with the need to apprise we Humans of what is transpiring on our planet, we have groups tasked with coaching the awakened ones; the patriots of all countries who know something is desperately wrong, and something highly disruptive is afoot.

If you don’t follow QAnon, and even if you do, I would recommend following Dave at the X22 report. He is one, in my opinion, who very accurately grasps and interprets what is unfolding; both how it appears or is made to appear, and what is actually happening and the strategy involved.

As he says, perception is everything. As I see it, now that the link between President Trump and the QAnon team has been confirmed in my eyes, The Plan is very easy to read and Dave gets it.

He goes far deeper than I do into the details, and I could never explain it all as he does because I don’t retain all that information—particularly on the financial side—but we arrive at the same place in the end.

I have included below, three of Dave’s most recent updates on the brilliant strategies of the Light Forces. I strongly recommend listening for the cliff notes version of the Grand Plan, broken down in simple language with examples.

QAnon helps shape our perception of what is transpiring and what exactly The Plan is. Some of Trump’s moves scream manipulation to me, and I’m surprised some take it at face value, but from what we hear, it’s working.

For example: There had to be a reason Q repeated so often the words, “Trust Sessions”. S/he/they were telling us,”No matter what you hear, or how it appears, Sessions is on our side.” That is glaringly apparent now, and it is all “for show”.

The Plan was in place long before Donald Trump was elected, and we are witnessing the Greatest Show on Earth. POTUS is willing to sacrifice his image in the world to trick the dark. He doesn’t care how he looks to the unsuspecting public, the corporate media, or anyone—because it’s all part of the Show and he is quite the showman.

I don’t blame folks for being doubtful, and a little squeamish, but if you can find it in your heart to “trust” a little more and let your guard down just a tad, I think you will find a comfort level with how this is being handled. In the end, however, we are all on individual journeys and will find our stride in good time.

Benjamin Fulford has also shared information with us, and it’s clear that “comms” are often misunderstood.

This Q&A from his blog illustrates the confusion that easily arises when we try to decipher the comms and information from our limited place of understanding. We’re all compartmentalized and privy to information on a “need to know” basis, which has us guessing much of the time. Naturally, we sometimes guess incorrectly.

Many people rely on Ben’s information, but he tells us it comes from many sources; that he is not often the source unless he states that. Keeping in mind the disclaimer about purposeful disinfo/misinfo, and the fact that when required, secret communications do occur, here is the conversation:


Questions from a military man


I’ve been a follower for a while, and I’m a retired military with a high clearance.  I have a couple of questions.

First, what part of DoD are these folks working in who are discussing the cabal?  I worked in both the agencies and the DoD and never saw any of the things you mention.  I’m curious how they can keep things a secret within the ranks.  Bear in mind that I was privy to a lot of information and had a need to know with some of it but never saw any of this information.

Second, how do we win?  How do we out the MSM and get this information out to the public?


Hi SM:

First of all, there is a lot of confusion with terminology, with people meaning different things.  For example, when they use the word “Illuminati,” for many it is a general catch-all phrase for the tip-top of the elite.  In the real world, there are two groups who call themselves “Illuminati.”  One is the descendants of the Caesars and the ruling bloodlines of Europe.  The other is opposed to bloodline rule and claims to have started the American, French, and Russian Revolutions.  In my work I refer to the latter as Gnostic Illuminati, and the former as P2 Freemasons or British Royal family, depending on which faction of the bloodlines I refer to.  Remember that as a reporter I got this information first-hand by meeting representatives of these groups.

The trick is to follow the money to understand what is going on.  What we are dealing with is a faction among the families that control the privately owned central banks.

For convenience and ease of understanding, I use “Khazarian mafia” as a catch-all phrase for the ruling factions engaged in high-level criminal activity.  You would probably have used phrases like Israel, the Israeli lobby, neo-cons, and oligarchs to describe the same groups.

In any case, the key to removing their power is to remove their control of the Western central banks and the Fortune 500 companies.  These are all controlled by about 700 people.

Concerning the media, the trick is to occupy the corporate headquarters of the six conglomerates who control 90% of the media and arrest their top management and controlling shareholders.  A lot could be accomplished by arresting the Sulzberger family who own The New York Times.  They could and should be charged as being criminally complicit, for example, in the crimes of 9/11.

What you also need to understand is that Donald Trump is controlled opposition who was bailed out by the Rothschild family each time he went bankrupt.  That is why he has failed so far to round up the people involved in 9/11.  This can be confirmed through open sources.



I think it’s important to stay out of judgement for the most part and just watch.

Before you get to Dave’s commentaries, the only point I might disagree with is the severity of the fallout from the “economic collapse”. It sounds dramatic, and may be chaotic in some respects, and will definitely be unlike anything most of us have experienced or imagined, but through our intel from Cobra and Thomas Williams, I have come to understand that even some gaps in the supply chain and a few days of bank/retail shutdowns will probably not have the devastating impact some expect—for two reasons.

As an aside, we have been fortunate in North America that we have not yet experienced bail ins, the suctioning of money from our bank accounts, or any catastrophic financial upset or supply chain shortages as some other countries have. It sounds as though we may be spared that, and possibly because…

1. This kind of liberation process has been executed on other planets before and the Light Forces know for the most part what to expect. They have allowed for anything and everything and there is very little they won’t be expecting.

2. Thomas Williams is on the team that seized control of the world trust funds or “collateral accounts” as some refer to them. The banksters and mafia families and their minions have been locked out and there are very few instances now where they can interfere with the funds. They are ready and waiting for disbursement for Humanitarian projects and will be as soon as it’s safe and the funds cannot be blocked as they currently are.

The casino-style antics of the banksters have been curtailed by a new Quantum computerized financial system that is sentient and will not allow any actions to be performed that are not of the highest, positive intent for the good of all. The team has successfully shut down nearly all the cabal’s access to stolen funds and they are desperate for cash.

The World Trust funds (which are astronomical beyond all imagination) have been used to prop up the banks and prevent a devastating financial collapse. In the end, the “debt” belongs to the banksters, the New World Order—not the People.

We have been warned to get our money out of banks, and at least into a credit union, and to keep significant amounts of cash on hand so that when SHTF (and it will, generally speaking) we can secure what we need when the financial reset (NOT RV!) occurs; when banks close, ATMs don’t work, gas stations, cash registers, etc. are down temporarily, probably for two to three days at most.

Preparation is a precaution; not a prognosis of what WILL unfold. We want to mitigate the negative aspects by being prepared and in a place to help others who may not have.

Last week Thomas said he was even more assured than before that the transition was going to be relatively smooth with little in the way of interruptions or inconvenience to the general public.

No one knows everything about everything, so we have to come to our own conclusions as to what to expect, but I think we have plenty to go on now. If you’re the high anxiety type, by all means go out and be a prepper, but it doesn’t sound like we will need to prepare for much. A two week supply of food, water, meds, pet supplies, basic conveniences, and a tank of gas should be more than adequate.

I see this as a very good thing because so many are living hand to mouth now and simply don’t have and extra $20 to set aside even a few dried goods.

Dave highlights QAnon’s drop about preparing the sleeping masses; how they will be shocked, in disbelief, a little scared, and will have a difficult time accepting the truth when it comes out. The White Hats absolutely are mindful of that. There will be some folks in the frame of mind illustrated by the young man above. “You woke me up to tell me what?!”

It can’t be helped, but a lot more people are aware now of what is about to happen than before Trump was POTUS and QAnon arrived on the scene and they’re still waking up. The Zen-like trances have to end.

This has been one purpose of QAnon; to reach out, connect with large numbers of people, to drip feed, support, encourage, and prep us for what’s coming. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

None of this happened out of the blue. None of it is an accident, and I would say The Plan has been exceptionally successful to date. In fact, from my perspective, it is sheer genius. The stings, the traps, the setups… and WE are all playing our roles—however inadvertently. We are the supporting actors.

There are various parties running interference for the White Hats and their strategies and we just need to find our own personal comfort level with what is unfolding and stay positive.

On August 23rd, Thomas Williams wouldn’t share much intel with us because there is so much ongoing in the background nothing can be said. He did tell us, however, that the information is about to explode, and it might be as soon as the next Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on August 30, so we live in expectation of big news before long.

Here are Dave’s highly recommended updates. Well done, Dave. I think you’re interpretations are right on.

We have the world’s top billed actors playing their roles to the hilt and I’ve been munching on popcorn and enjoying the show for quite some time as a few of the Starship crew have.  ~ BP


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