Headlines, Updates & Intel for August 17, 2018; The Dog Days Bring Out the Dogs [videos] ~ August 17, 2018

As we cruise down the back side of August and through the dog days of summer, we see increased activities to dismantle—and if we were of a violent bent—to disembowel the dark. The result will be the same. By all accounts, we are winning where it counts—and no battle is won in a day.

To share a little intel via Thomas Williams and his contacts as relayed on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show last night

The controllers’ funds are being systematically shut down, they cannot pay their minions; many of whom are fed up and realizing they’ve been had. Some of them are now helping us.

The Manna World Holding Trust has been handling the payroll for the US military in light of the fact that some of them were paid in Iraqi Dinar, which are as good as worthless. That RV/GCR that the manipulators promise every week without fail, failed again—and always will.

POTUS is mindful of costs, budgets and spending and announced a change of plan.

Trump’s grand military parade postponed until next year

The clowns are messing with communications of all kinds; mobile phones, email, the Internet. I can personally say I’ve had my ‘secure’ email provider claim they were hacked, the server is now occasionally “unavailable” and contacts are not responding to some of my emails, including family members and people who asked me to contact them—particularly if they have a Gmail account—which I no longer use as a “Google-free” denizen.

Thomas says they won’t always be able to interfere but it’s something we are currently living with.

I will have to listen to the archive of the THI show because I kept losing the signal every minute or so and had to reload Spreaker multiple times. My modem’s Internet light is flashing red as I compose this update.

We are reminded that there’s no point in blaming “the government” for anything because President Trump is not in control of the government. RussiaToday alluded to that in a recent article.

Latest sanctions against Russia show Trump not in control of his administration

The sentiment is shared by Syria’s Bashar al Assad.  Most nations’ leadership know the score on this planet and are well aware of the war between factions for global dominance. Despite constant provocation by the war mongers, most statesmen do not want war and will not go there, but we can see the power struggles within the factions in the news every day as the old guard fight to retain control.

Federal Judge Flips Trump Order, Reinstates Obama’s WOTUS Rule

However, Thomas reminds us that there is a fifth faction now: The People, and that faction is growing rapidly. If every one of us actually took action in some small way on a regular basis to advance the agenda of liberation, things would move forward faster.

The attacks on Trump continue, and the Fake News fights to control the illusion despite their realization that the sleeping giant is awake and largely ignoring them. Don’t miss the brief SerialBrain2/War Drummer update on Trump, Omarosa & Page 322 I shared last night.

Here is the August 16 update from the Praying Medic on the current situation and Q for those who like to take the Q posts apart.

He reports that the two government planes seen visiting Little Rock, AK are not linked to the Clinton Foundation, and that when pressed, Q goes into the Q400 plane crash in Washington a little after saying there is WAY too much speculation, so it sounds as though it wasn’t what most of us thought—and most things are not what we think, apparently.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… and they’re still doing damage control.

Report: Weekly Standard Founder Bill Kristol Caught Up in Spygate Scandal and Linked to Peter Strzok

Here we have more translations as to what Trump IS doing that affects the world stage and the ineffectual backlash from the fake media.

I didn’t want to give Omarosa so much press, but there’s been a skeleton unearthed we need to talk about.

People say the funniest things in comments; this one from YouTube comments beneath the video below…

To call Omarosa a dog, is an offense to DOGS.


If you thought the danger was over because Monsanto/Bayer lost a law suit, don’t relax just yet. We have to purify our food chain by preventing the use of glyphosate and similar toxic chemicals from entering our soil and groundwater. Roundup does not break down and it’s already everywhere, contaminating everything it touches. Buy organic if you can, and from smaller food processors. Don’t support the cabal’s cadre of big-name food producers. Think independent, but do a little research. For example, the Kashi company was reported to provide food with unhealthy ingredients—not organic.

Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing Weedkiller Found in Popular Children’s Foods

Not buying the “security clearance” hoopla? Here’s some perspective. Somehow, some way, the media weaponizes everything Trump does, but we hear more and more people are seeing through the fake world they try to install in the minds of the world.

The truth about security clearances

CNN Crashes And Burns – Falls For Fake Strzok Account, Defends Antifa, Sat On Dem Ellison Abuse Story, And Continues Sick Obsession With Alex Jones

All we can do with respect to CNN is shake our heads. The Fake News does not provide “news”, and it’s amusing to watch them writhe in their death throes as the Patriots mercilessly trash them.

More dirty dogs! Mike Adams at Natural News cautions us about the nasty turn Mozilla Firefox has taken. So many traitors, but he has two alternate browsers to suggest.

Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media

Have a great weekend, all, and remember to focus on what you want to see, not what others tell you is happening now. Hold your vision for the future, because the losers have already lost. What we create now is up to us. Be creative!  ~ BP


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