Triple New Moon & Eclipse Portal Closed, Part 1 ~ August 14, 2018

By Carol Anne Ciocco

With the August 11 Super New Moon Eclipse, two triple lunar portals closed at the same time: 

(1) The Triple Super New Moon Portal 
(2) The Triple Eclipse Portal 

These movements of energy show cycles within cycles and a beautifully choreographed overture of overlapping energetic transformation gateways. 


The August 11th new moon was the 3rd of 3 Super New Moons occurring in 2018.  The previous two were June 13 (the new moon in Gemini) and July 12 (the new moon in Cancer, which was also a Partial Solar Eclipse) 


(1) Mercury was exact with the Sun and Moon at this last Super New Moon eclipse on August 11.

(2) And this same Trickster Mercury was at the gate when the full portal opened on June 13

(3) And he was hovering, going Retrograde at the Total Lunar Eclipse of July 27.

(4) AND here he pops up again – really really close to the eclipse – as the Heart of the Eclipse Portal closes! 

Back on June 13, I shared the following: “Alert! The trickster will dog us every step of the way through this portal! Watch it! She will outfox you! Until you let go and allow the house of cards that is your resistance to collapse. Until you allow your mind to be set free. Until you snap out of it! Boom! Laughter echoes through the land!” 

To check out the Trickster’s shenanigans during this portal, go to the album of pics here: and check out the first few pics especially, as well as the info on Mercury Retrograde (click through the pics). 

So, what’s up with Mercury? Well, Mercury is about our mind (our thoughts) and our communication (written and spoken). Because of the 3 super close dark moons, we have probably had a glimpse into the dark/er corners of our mind. 

Topics that may have surfaced could include: questions about mind control, obsession, negative thinking, self-attack within the thoughts, self-deprecating speech around others. Perhaps you even struck into awareness of the nefarious deeds carefully hidden by the powers that be which can no longer remain secret.

You very well may have had brilliant flashes of insight concerning what really goes on behind the scenes and in the hidden interdimensional realms. 

I wrote many times over the past month that these 3 super new moons were completely dark, extremely close but totally hidden from our sight. I wasn’t sure how that would feel, not having walked through 3 super new moons consciously before. 

Well, it was quite liberating because the Trickster flitted around the whole arena and said: here let me show you something out of the corner of your eye. Sure it’s hidden but close your eyes and click your heels and follow me if you dare! With sleight of hand, the mercurial Trickster pulled a rabbit out his hat and may have sent you down a rabbit hole or two. 

Whatever you saw, realized, heard and came to understand during this arc of 3 very close and kinda creepy hidden dark moons contained within it grains of truth about what’s in the shadows. 

Did you have a moment where you thought to yourself: “I KNEW it! I always felt something was there and I always suspected it, but just couldn’t put my finger on it. I KNEW it! NOW I SEE IT.” 

And —- now that you see it, IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN. That darkness will never sneak up on you again. You got it. You get it. You have more positive power now that you allowed yourself to see. And that unconscious part of you has no upper hand anymore because of your Awareness, your Love and your capacity to feel pure Joy. 

Needless to say, this is powerful information. As the darkness recedes, you can gather your wits and start to think about how you will proceed, how you will change your actions (Mars is Retrograde – we are coming up with a new action plan)… 

And you will recall the Leo message of the eclipses: the answer and antidote for any seemingly impenetrable darkness (within us or ‘out there’) lies in the HEART. 


(1) The full realization and revelation of what you have learned during this portal will come to fruition between August 19 – August 27.

(2) Then it will be completely integrated between September 21 – October 6.

(3) At that point, you will start another learning project that will span through December 21 (Solstice) — 

(4) With some amazing MAGIC in November! 

For now, take some time to relax. You have covered a lot of ground and look at you! Awesomeness prevails! 🙂 

Take care!

Carol Anne Ciocco

Here’s some info the phenomenon of the New Moon Supermoon and the energetics of this portal: 

What is a New Moon Supermoon? Click here for further info. 

For a summary of the 3 Super New Moons, click here: 

To see the dates of the 3 Supermoons go to: 

And to learn more about the richly layered Triple Eclipse Portal, click here and view the album I’ve created. Click on each pic for lots of info, and bookmark the link so you can check back in as the portal continues to unfold.

Note: the above links go to my Facebook page. To read the info via PDF files, go to the Dropbox folder here: 

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