Daily Astrology, August 14th 2018 ~ Wounds and Finding Harmony ~ August 14, 2018

By Nadia Gilchrist

  • trine Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius (0 deg)
  • opposite Chiron Rx in Aries (1 deg)
  • square Saturn Rx in Capricorn (2 deg)
  • trine the Aquarius South Node (5 deg)
  • conjunct Venus (7 deg)
  • sextile Mercury in Leo (12 deg)

The Moon enters Libra (and ends Void of Course) at 12:56 AM EDT.

Relating and balance/imbalance will be emphasized. Things start off on a good note as the trine to BML suggests taboo or socially unacceptable women’s issues won’t be so unacceptable. There will be a willingness to make it work, or to establish a point of commonality with the outsider. 

But this take us to a Chiron opposition, which immediately triggers discomforts/wounds (although they may be projected). It will feel very uncomfortable, and will be difficult to find that point of harmony, especially as the Moon moves towards a the square with Saturn – needs are not met and attempts to be friendly/accommodating are blocked (possibly by rules or authority). Best to assume that you won’t get what you want or need in this moment. 

However, it looks to be smooth sailing after the square. Perhaps Saturn will symbolize a difficult corner you have to turn (a duty or unpleasant restriction) but then, on to the South Node trine (easy nostalgia or a smooth balance between past and present). And that lovely conjunction with Venus – needs unite with wants. Despite the previous tensions, here we have true harmony, love/affection or a sweetly happy moment. For those using the Moon’s aspects in their planning, this conjunction occurs exactly at 2:05 PM EDT.

The day ends on a pleasant note with a sextile to Mercury – easy conversations or ideas with a touch of sparkle or drama (but not too much). 

Overall, today’s theme is finding that point where you can relate to the other or maintain some equilibrium. It won’t be perfect – there will be tension and hurt feelings. But the conjunction with Venus occurs after the difficult aspects, suggesting that things should work out. 

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Image by James Tissot



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