Headlines and Updates for August 13, 2018: Characters Playing Their Roles [videos] ~ August 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: This is a report from Starship Earth commenting om the beat xontinuing for  the cabal underlings who are trying their darndest to remove Trump from office, or at least throw him under someone’s bus.

Please know that these efforts are futile as we already know that Earth’s victory has been won from a spiritual standpoint…we just have to watch the rest of the political show play out and learn to operate from our hearts!

Please read, understand we are in the final stages of this game, and…


________________________________________________________________________________The swamp monsters are crawling out into the Light in droves for all to see. They have nothing left to lose.

If you never watched “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump and his family teaching “entrepreneurs” how to build and run a business, then you probably don’t know who “Omarosa” is. I didn’t really care for The Apprentice, but it gave me insight into the Trump family dynamics and doctrines, and I was impressed to some degree—particularly with Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric and their obvious good breeding.

Donald Trump, Omarosa Manigault – Getty Images

As for Omarosa, I couldn’t bear to watch or listen to her. She was the most vile creature imaginable and I wondered if she was really that bad or just playing a villain for ratings. Personally, I thought they might have had even more success with the show had they entitled it, “The Witch and the Apprentice”.

She was that bad. And now it appears she wasn’t acting at all. She’s just a vindictive, opportunistic witch—rivaling even Hillary Clinton.

We now learn Omarosa has a book for sale. Of course she does!

It also appears Omarosa may be in deep legal trouble—and after the President gave her a job at the White House! Talk about biting the hand that fed you. I wonder how much she was paid to execute this attack… She was obviously a gold digger, but she may find her quest for fame and fortune backfired.

Unfortunately, with the latest voice morphing technology, we never know whether what we’re hearing is legitimate or not, and when you consider the source…

Did Omarosa Break The Law?

Legal Eagle Lionel made his morning discussion about the big, bad “O” and her legal faux pas and where exactly it might land her in the slimy waters of the swamp.

Omarosa Faces Multiple Federal Charges and NDA Repercussions


The Praying Medic brings us his Sunday update in the video above.

Am I mistaken, or did I not see a Q post recently asking people not to discuss Q with the media?

I happened to see ‘Corey’s Kid’ Jordan has a video entitled,  “My Thoughts on Filming for Comedy Central to Talk QAnon”.

So… QAnon is fodder for the comedy cannon? I think a few patriots might take exception to that, but perhaps no one will take this seriously from a kid who used Illuminati hand signs in his early videos. He’s a relative “newbie” to the Truth Network but seems to have some extraordinary backing and YouTube ratings. Interesting, that.

Perhaps if you use secret society hand signs you’re uniquely qualified to decode Q’s posts.

It sounds like he’s not only an expert on everything else, he’s now going to introduce the world to QAnon. Who authorized that, exactly?

Peter Strzok was fired from the FBI, but no worries—he still has the CIA job. For now.

Why the mainstream media IS the enemy of the People, and who they use to push their agenda and deceive the unsuspecting masses. CNN is Public Enemy No.1 in my opinion… for now, and this video is hard to watch when this talk show panel is setting the stage for manipulation and mind control, talking over each other, but it is a good example of just what CNN does to control the narrative.


I can’t stomach any further discussion of swamp monsters, so it’s a short post today.  ~ BP

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