Your Soul Is Perfect – Aya – Pleiadian Collective ~ August 4, 2018

Your Soul Is Perfect – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

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Beloved Ones!
I Speak To You From My Heart Always!
I Felt This Was Important To Teach. There Has Always Been The Assumption That The Soul Is Injured In Some Way. Or You Hear Of ‘The Dark Night Of The Soul.’
Beloved Ones, Your Soul Is Perfect.

It Is The Sacred Essence Of Prime Creator.
It Is Power And Pure Love.
This Is Who You Are!
All Perceived Brokenness Is Only Thoughts In The Mind Or An Injured Brain.

In The Story Of You Or The Multiple Waking Dreams You Have, You Always Have Trials As Well As Times Of Feeling Peace And Wholeness.
Remember That Feelings Come And Go. Nothing That Comes And Goes Is Real Or Lasting.

Ask Yourself What You Know For Sure Lasts And You Will Find The Truth That Only Love Lasts.
This Is All That Is Real. This Is You.
Your Soul Is Love And You Never End.

Each Story Created By The Soul Will Project A Personality Chosen For A Limited Time.
All Actors Are Flawed And Play Their Roles As Planned.
Some Arrive To Explore While Others Choose To Repeat A Theme.

Some Souls Choose To Reverse Roles With A Soul Group Member To Play A Part To Deeply Understand What Another Has Felt.
The Most Sacred Moments For Souls Is Looking At Another Soul And Perceiving The Self.

For In Truth There Is Only ONE.
We Are All Projections Of This Sacred Creator.
As Souls With A Higher Self Or God Connection, We Have Creative Power.

We Live Multiple Realities And Return To Our Whole Soul As Aspects Integrate Back To The One.
So This Was Important To Tell You Again That The Soul Is Never Flawed Or Injured.
Love Can Never Be Changed.
You Are Sacred Love!
You Are A Beautiful Soul!
I Love You So!

Your Soul Is Perfect – AYA
We Are The Pleiadian Collective!
Pleiadian Collective
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