Go Within – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective ~ Agust 4, 2018

Go Within – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

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Beloved Friends Of Earth!
We Are Making Progress In All Matters Concerning You And Encourage You Always To Go Within And Maintain The Peace Which You Always Are In Your True Essence.

For Only Light Is Before You In These Moments Of Chaos And Turmoil.
At The Deepest Level, We Urge You To Remember Who You Are.
There Are Many Quests Taken To Find Truth, But In The End There Is Only One Truth.

All Explore The Meaning Of Existence, But Until You Find Your Own Connectedness To Prime Creator, You Have Not Arrived.
For It Is At This Realization That You Will Find Yourself And The Inner Bond You Have With All Created Beings And All Of Life Itself.

This Internalization Of Knowing Is The Culmination Which Brings You To The Great Awakening.
The Yearning That Has Brought You Forward With Other Souls Transcends All Beliefs, All Doctrine And All Cultures.

For The Search That Would Have You Transcend The Differences Is The Same Momentum That Drives You To Find The Unity Within Self And Go Beyond What You Call Human-ness.
You Are Not A Human Being, In Truth.

This Is Simply An Expression Of Form In Which You Have Chosen To Experience Yourself.
You Are Not Limited To Any Form At All.
You Have Begun To Discover Within Yourself A Level Of Perception That Is Of Timelessness.

And Although You Have No Conscious Recall Of These Kinds Of Experiences, There Is A Sense Of The Familiar In Them.
You Have Known This Connectedness Before.
You Have Chosen To Give Yourself The Experience Of Reawakening.

You Have Chosen To Discover The Enormity Of Satisfaction Of The Soul Discovery Back To The True Self, By Means Of A Waking Dream.
This Is The Reason We Speak Often To You As A Catalyst, Awaken Beloved Ones!

For In Truth, You Arrived Asleep By Choice.
You Live The Story You Believe To Be True.
Your Senses Tell You This Is True. But From The Beginning, Most Feel They Do Not Belong In This Story.

This Is The First Sign Of Awakening.
This Can Be Ignored For A Lifetime, But Many Find That The Truth Is Always Before Them.
There Is Always A Path To Truth.
Many Teachers Are Before You Now, Using Different Words And Saying The Same Truth.

Awaken Beloved Ones!
We Have Many Wonderful Moments To Share.
There Will Be A Time Of Peace That The Planet Has Longed For And You Have Arrived For This Grand Celebration Of Life.
Be At Great Peace With Self And Others.
We Love You So!
En Eeke Mai Ea!

Go Within – AKATU
We Are The Pleiadian Collective!
Pleiadian Collective
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