We’ve Passed the Tipping Point in the War: Thomas Williams’ Intel Update from THI August 2, 2018 [video] ~ August 3, 2018

The Tide has turned…

The Great Awakening is in full swing! Finally, a greater number of people are tuning in to the planetary intel updates. That’s an understatement as listenership is currently at 250K per show compared to 50K last year, and 48% of listeners are outside America now. Thomas says the show will see a dramatic increase in importance and visibility very soon; and, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

That’s exciting from my perspective as I recall Thomas saying he has in the past pushed for a global disclosure event. Based on developments with CNN (see below) I’m hoping that could indeed be possible very soon. It’s not even about vindication any longer; it’s the need to unite us all in the common understanding of what has transpired on our planet, why, what needs to be done now, and the vision for our future.

Can you imagine being able to have intelligent conversations with your friends and family again about things that really matter; to never be shunned again for wanting to share information that should have been revealed by the nation’s media?

What will it be like when we can see space craft in our skies and point it out to anyone with us and not hear snickering? What will it be like to meet our Star Families for the first time?
What will it be like when we no longer hear of people being preyed upon; starving, living on the streets or suffering from disease or dying from vaccines or pharmaceuticals?
What will we do with our time when we don’t have to work most of our life just to eat, have a home and transportation or to treat our ailments?

You really should listen to the whole show yourself, as I only share a few highlights as time allows but if you’re audio-challenged, the following may suffice. There is so much fascinating information shared on these shows. When things really get rolling with THI, perhaps we will have full transcripts of every show.

If you would like to listen to the full show with music breaks, you can listen at Spreaker at this link. The video version has been edited.

The current theme, Thomas says, is “Erosion”. He reports that the tide has turned. In the past week or two Thomas told us that as far as how things are progressing behind the scenes, much was in play and we were on a knife-edge.

This week he says we are over the hump. We are past the point of no return and are winning this war against the cabal for our liberation. The current efforts have eroded the cabal’s situation so much that they are in a free-fall now. They have lost, and they know it. There is much to attend to, to set right and progress will be slow but steady. Their desperation will be evident and there will be some negative stuff but it’s Victory for the Light.

Thomas says from here on, the world will never be the same again. Please listen to the closing op-ed piece Thomas does in the last 15 minutes or so of the show to get a sense for what has transpired, what we can expect, and what we need to do to facilitate this transition.

Items of interest: (in no particular order)
President Trump doesn’t do anything without a good reason, but the reasons are not always apparent. Thomas reports that DJT needs to formally get the US government to approve the funding for The Wall; hence the threats to shut down the federal government if he doesn’t get the cooperation he needs. This shutdown, if it were to occur, would probably not happen in September, but perhaps December. We shall see how that unfolds. Ultimately, of course, the World Trust under the guardianship of Kim and the team will be funding The Wall but there are processes that need to be followed within the government to do this. If there is a shutdown, we will get warning of it.

This week the senate cancelled most of their August recess, which is unprecedented. I wonder what they’ll be doing…

President Trump has been personally involved in plotting a new FBI headquarters in downtown Washington, DC. Read between the lines, Thomas says.

You may have seen the article saying a team of international physicists have determined that the Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic energy through its internal chambers as well as its base where a third unfinished chamber exists. Really? That isn’t news, but yes, it’s correct. Pyramids are energy-generating machines, not tombs. You may have heard from reliable sources that there has never been one corpse come out of a pyramid.

Maxine (Hot) Waters is in trouble again regarding fraud and money laundering through her campaign committee when funds raised were then funneled to her daughter, Karen. There are currently two formal complaints in progress.

Wells Fargo has been fined AGAIN; $2 billion+ in penalties related to mortgage loans.
Mark McDonald, Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada and member of the 9th Circle is a suspect in the disappearance of children internationally and wanted for questioning by the officers of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), reports Kevin Annett. Read about that here.

The ‘Rothtilians’ are still trying to implement “#Operation Stupidity” and this week it was through Barclay’s bank. Once again cabal minions were disappointed there was no promised RV and we hear the deaths continued again this week as they suicide their own.
The Federal Reserve held a board meeting with the Rothschild thieves and dreamed up even more desperate measures to extract cash from the system—specifically to raise funds for the planned August 3rd RV—involving TRNs, and taxing heavily all the big companies who have paid little or no taxes; a thoroughly ponzi move—their specialty—and illustrative that they will trample anyone to stay in the game.

Since they have been unsuccessful at looting the usual coffers, they have resorted to Insurance scams and stole three ancient crown jewels from Sweden in a brazen, daytime heist.

Best news, from my perspective… CNN is in continued severe financial difficulty and can’t pay their electricity bills. Ratings are down and they are heading toward bankruptcy. At a critical point, Kim and the team may offer to “stabilize” the company financially—but on a very powerful condition; that the operations are radically changed going forward, meaning a change of content. A “truth channel”????

Thomas reports that a major boxing match will be cancelled—and the excuse will be that one of the fighters was taking steroids. The REAL reason is that Wells Fargo stole the upfront money. One more indicator of the utter desperation due to complete insolvency.
Another big bite: the NYPD may have acted on past urgings from Thomas to grow a pair, do the right thing and expose the abominable actions of Hillary Clinton discovered when they gained access to Anthony Weiner’s laptop—the actions that made grown men cry and some require psychological counseling.

An unknown NYPD party uploaded to the Internet, 4 stills of Hillary in an underground facility with children. Thomas describes some of the photos and I won’t include those details here but they would end all speculation and coverup in a nanosecond if enough people saw them. The images were taken down immediately.

Thomas suggests that a large number of NYPD members stage a mass walkout until the media cover the story. They can’t fire them all and it won’t last long.

With respect to being trapped in this closed matrix system unable to exit, Thomas estimates it will be 5 years before the difficult members of our society can modify their ways and elevate themselves to the point that if they were freed, they wouldn’t come back with new tech and reinforcements and annihilate us. We’re stuck here with them until we live in cooperation.

A world banking crisis is bubbling away because the thieves simply have no money and can’t get any. Some very large companies have approached Kim in the past couple of weeks because they now see through the illusion. They know they’ve been lied to. Work is still underway to deal with the crisis so it doesn’t erupt so don’t panic but DO BE SURE TO HAVE CASH ON HAND AT ALL TIMES. They could take YOUR cash if it’s in the bank. It wouldn’t hurt to have some extra food and water on hand, as well, but cash is critical.
There was plenty more but I will leave this overview at that with thanks to Thomas and to Kim and the team for all they do. In fact, thank you to all the Beings out there, Being who they are and assisting in this momentous process. ~ BP

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