Planet Liberation Update July 15 ~ July 17, 2018

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Planet Liberation Update July 15. By Tom Price.

On February 12 it was announced that we control the Sublunar Space (below the moon).
I reported it to you on March 6.

So the bad guys are limited to the surface and below ground. At that point the surface and the underground became the new targets.

On April 22nd, 2018 the Galactic Codex was re-announced to let everyone here on the Planet and below-ground that things might become more visible to you and me here at home.

The current news is that there were scalars used against the A-Team, and in particular Mother, in recent days following the Ashtar Announcements in Mid June (see the link at the bottom of the post).

The Galactic Codex reading occurred on June 26th, and the scalars continued right up until July 4th, when there was a 48 hour quiet period.

The Questions was Is it over, is it over?

We’ve been that far before, so I said once we see 36 hours, then we can celebrate.

There were 3 mission the next day (July 5th), at this stage of the Event, what we are doing (The A-Team) is essentially what we’ve done the whole time. It’s all been about the SSP, most of the time.

And those missions are all about turning problems into opportunities.

Recall that the good guys can see a couple of weeks into the future so we know what’s going to happen and plan for it, and plan around it.

Moon Partial Eclipse

Moon Partial Eclipse

Thus each time an incident occurs, they simply are more and more eliminated.

They do not know how to surrender. They do not surrender. They just don’t give it. They are machines. They are AI and AI is programmed to never give up. This is just like Terminator in the movie.

So at this point, we are basically scraping the barrel of the bad guys. They have nothing left. They have no ships, no satellites, no cell phone towers. These are their domination weapons.

On occasion they’ve managed to infiltrate one or more of our 5D ships, i.e, be there under cover, i.e, be a good-guy, good-guy and then turn and be a bad-guy.

Artificial Intelligence Our Biggest Adversary

Now the good guys have done everything they can to avoid that, of course, but it still happens once in a while.

Recall that they have 550 millions ships, so 1 or 2 or 3 infiltrated is a very tiny, tiny number… and hard to control. It’s the real world, like everyplace else, up there.

Nonetheless for the bad-guys that is the only option they have.. in fact a really good option if you have no weapons, try to take the other guys ship. They never get away with it, so don’t worry about that.

Direct Energy Weapon - Neuroweapon

Direct Energy Weapon – Neuroweapon

Download the Galactic Codex Ebook

Epub – Mobi – PDF

As of yesterday (July 5th) they were limited to hand-held weapons. That is how bad it is for them. They have nothing to use but hand-help scalar weapons, and that is what they were firing at Mother… it literally microwaves your brain.

So just imagine an aerospace business. They have no weapons. We took out their soldiers, so to speak, on the first mission. It seemed like mid-day today they were using the janitors, or using a temp agency (we are joking here), they put a scalar weapon in their hand and send them down the street.

So that is where we are at right now. 3D and 4D have merged, so it is a 3D confrontation essentially, boots on the ground.

The buildings of these aerospace companies are what’s being affected now. People are coming out of those buildings with scalar weapons.

So the good guys going into those buildings is what’s left. There really aren’t any other options at this point.

One thing is very clear, they want to take out Mother and we are at the point where (my opinion) it requires 3d intervention which means storming buildings and arresting or taking the individuals who are organizing these movements.

This is Trump’S Storm (Exec Order) Octobers.

So that gives you a better feel for where we are at.

Programs Loaded in The Orbs

Message from Ashtar June 12

Affirmative Statements of Declaration

Pills Disclosure News Italia


But… if the universe teems with life… Where is everybody?

Enrico Fermi


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