Orb and Dragon Race – The A-Team ~ July 17, 2018

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Orb and Dragon Race. By Tom Price.


That Return to Sender Program is an inherent part of your Orb.

Operation Return to Sender – “Defense Program return Negative Energy and Scaler Attacks to the Sender.” Use the Return To Sender Program to Repel and return Scalar Waves back to the Origin to the Sender. To activate just say Divinity Activate Operation Return to Sender Program.

It’s a defensive tool. If anything frequencies are coming at you, it returns the same but amplified dramatically. Thus you are being protected if you are on the Orb. This is all done automatically once you are on the Orb.

Each of you has an Orb above your head.

So stay tuned to learn more about the Orb, and the latest instructions on how to use it, because it is constantly being upgraded as the Event unfolds.

In case you are new to all of this, I’m Tom Price, a member of the A-Team. We are just a handful of humans, at the right place at the right time, who are assisting the Galactics, who, in turn, are helping us through this transition, this Event, this 2012 transition that is happening now.

The A Team is just a handful of Humans, think of us as the head of the vacuum cleaner, and they (the Galactics) are the power, the current, but we have to provide the free will, choosing what the targets are and specifying how they are taken out.

The overall mission is indeed to “save” the souls, as many as possible. That means to help them be successful in this transition.

Pink Orb Above the Alps

Pink Orb Above the Alps

We are the ones reporting directly from the front because we are there. We converse with the other side, the Galactics (your neighbors) just as if they were right here. It is a back and forth conversation.



The Dragon Race

As part of that we also converse with the Dragon Race (this is your Soul Family your Soul Brothers and Sisters, your real Family).

The Galactic Fleet is largely non-Dragons. There are 550 million ships, yet only 1.5 million of those are Dragon ships.

You can very much thank our soul-neighbors in the universe for their help.

Only a small fraction the Galactics are Dragons, that includes Ashtar The Commander of the 5D Fleet, but here on Earth, 77% of all humans are of the Dragon Race.

Why 77% Dragons

Here I want to focus on the Dragons. The Dragons are a most highly respected race in our Universe.

Their being here at this time, with their skills, was necessary to take out the bad-guys. It is very much a warrior race.

As a member of the A-Team, experiencing what I’ve experienced, all I can say is that the bad guys had an unbelievable stranglehold on mankind, and a whole lot more, beyond your wildest dreams.

144,000 universes, and we had to go to all of them to take out the bad guys. It was not just here on Earth.

I am still amazed.

Why the Dragons were chosen is especially apparent in these latter days of confrontations where we are getting closer and closer to boots on the ground, i.e. where Dragons here in 3D/4D are taking on the bad-guys face to face.

At time it is Ninja Warriors, just like in the cartoons but in this case it is the real deal.

So I hope that gives you a feel for things.

You have a lot to learn, and learning about your family is a good place to start. As part of that you have a Universal Mother and a Universal Father.

You will get to know Mother very well. She’ll make sure you know about Father, we have not talked much about him yet but he is going to come trough more as we get to the boots on the ground phase, in the hand to hand combat phase, so to speak.

So stay tuned.

Programs Loaded in The Orbs

Message from Ashtar June 12

Affirmative Statements of Declaration

Pills Disclosure News Italia

Wise Men

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


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