QAnon Update June 14 – Be Loud Be Heard ~ June 14, 2018

QAnon Update June 14 – Be Loud Be Heard. By Interstellar. Source 8ChanUpdated 17:34 UTC

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 8d9246 No.1739449 Jun 13 2018 22:50:25 (EST)

POTUS in possession of (and reviewing):
1. Original IG unredacted report
2. Modified IG unredacted report [RR version]
3. Modified IG redacted report [RR version]
4. IG summary notes re: obstruction(s) to obtain select info (classified)
[#3 released tomorrow]
[SEC: FBI/DOJ handling of HRC email investigation]
Who has the sole ability to DECLAS it all?
Did you witness the stage being set today?
Nunes/Grassley/Freedom C. push for docs.
[[RR]] central figure within docs (personally involved).
Immediate impeachment / resignation / termination / recusal IF EVER BROUGHT TO LIGHT.
Be loud.
Be heard.
Fight for TRUTH.

Tomorrow #3 – RR Modified/redacted version of IG Report to be published. We need to make noise & DEMAND #1 – unredacted version. POTUS can declassify. EO signed & ready to issue. Stage set w/Nunes, Grassley, & Freedom Caucus – guests on Fox pushing for release. RR is screwed.

Lisa Mei Crowley

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 8d9246 No.1739490 Jun 13 2018 22:52:38 (EST)


Thank you USSS.

Hmmm…US Secret Service agents sitting in a car on tarmac next to a United Airlines acft…wonder who they are picking up. Did Rosenstein make it back from his Canada trip…or is it someone else flying in to visit @realDonaldTrump for his birthday?

Q post #1497, @SecretService was thanked. On 13 June, UA Flight 391 from Toronto to Chicago, a 737-900 arrived at 11:40 pm local time. Was #USSS waiting in a UA Global Services Mercedes to welcome home #RR per #Huber’s orders?

Lisa Mei Crowley

Q !CbboFOtcZs No.109 Jun 14 2018 12:28:13 (EST)

321 RR

321 RR

[[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.
What evidence to support?
[[RR]] @ WH.
Why was Rachel Brand removed?
Critical thinking.

QAnon Achive

Pills Disclosure News Italia


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Albert Einstein


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