Pleiades 1 Messages ~ June 12, 2018

Death – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective



As We Move Through This Waking Dream Together,

It Is A Moment To Realize That All You Experience Is Continually Changing.


You Will Attempt To Hold On To People,

Pets And Material Goods That You Have Spent This Story

Accumulating As Though This Has Any Eternal Meaning For Your Soul At All.

Each Loss That Causes You To Experience Pain Is Real In The Story Of You.



But As You Remind Yourself It Is One Of Multiple Stories You Have Lived,

And You Are Not This False Identity.

You Will Be Able To Transcend The Waking Dream.


It Is An Experience Such As You Have In Dreaming.

As You Wake From Sleep And Feel The Beautiful Or Sometimes Upsetting Dream,

You will Realize Immediately It Was Just A Dream.

It Is The Same When You Leave Your Body Form.


There Is An Immediate Knowing Of The Pure Soul Of All Lives You Have Lived.

There Is No Time As You Know It To Be, So It Is Not Possible To Comprehend That There Is No Past Or Future.

Only The Moment Of Now.

In Saying This We Are Teaching You Of Parallel Lives You Live Now.


Think Of Your ONE Soul As A Large Ship.

Allow This To Be Your Higher Self.

Now Imagine Many Other Ships In The Water.

Each Of Them Representing As Aspect Of Your Soul.

Your Are Guided In Each Life Story As The Aspect Of The ONE Higher Self.


Some Of The Small Ships Will Head In The Direction Of The Higher Self.

Others Will Forget Their Course And Sail Into Deep Waters And Feel Very Lost.

These Soul Lives Are Just As Sacred As All, But They Lost Their Way.


This Is The Reason You Observe So Much Chaos On The Planet.

As More Are Awakening, They Are Joining With Others And Connecting The Dots, So To Speak.

Awakening Will Bring You To Truth. That You Are Not Your Identity, Your Occupation Or A Role You See Yourself To Be.


You Are A Sacred Powerful Soul Having A Brief Human Experience.

You Are Projected Into Each Story By Your Higher Self.

The ONE Whole Soul That Prime Creator Expressed You To Be.


You Have A Beginning. You Have An Origin.

From Living As This Origin And Growing And Learning As This First Soul Life Of You,

You Were Given Power And Choice By The One Creator Of All.

The Name Does Not Matter To This Force Of Power And Love.


Mother-Father God, Universe, Prime Creator And Many More Are Used To Describe The Divinity Of Life.

From This Power Given To The Higher Self Of Each Soul In Origin, There Were Aspects That Were Expressed Into Form.

These Are Your Parallel Lives.


Each Life Is Carrying Your Original Code And A Vibrational Frequency That Will Change Many Time During The Life Story.

At The End Of That Particular Story, The Aspect Of Soul Will Merge With The Next Closest Aspect Seamlessly.

Only The Body Dies.


Many Of You Living In This Story Now Have Integrated All Aspects Of Soul Which Has Made This Preparation For The Great Shift Of Souls Together Possible.

We Call This The Shift To SHEEN Which Is The Heart Aspect Of The Event.


We Also Will Address The Question Many Have Regarding The Immediate Soul Experience And Free Will Choice After The Body Form Dies.

Some Souls Aspects Will Choose To Remain In Non-Physical For A Moment Of Now And Wait For Their Love In The Story They Left, To Join Them.


They Are Not The Identity That The Love Knew, But Soul Groups Often Incarnate Together And This Is An Individual Free Will Choice.

Should This Be Decided, It Will Also Be That The The Aspects Incarnate Together To The Closest Vibrational Frequency To Both.


With The Soul, This Is Known In Ways You Are Not Able To Grasp In This Moment.

We Wish To Give You Comfort And Great Love!

To Remind You That You Are On A Sacred Journey Of Soul.

That We Will Always Be In Light With You!

Death – Aya

We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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But… if the universe teems with life… Where is everybody?

Enrico Fermi


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