Boots on the Ground Reporting from Tucson After Days in the Desert & Border Patrol Agent Wounded by Cartel [videos] ~ June 12, 2018

I’ve heard from a few Alt. Media types tho doubt the Tuscon pedo camp in the desert was drummed up and fake. This report from Starship Earth begs us to think otherwise, and this makes sense for me. After all, casting doubt on the whole pedo thing is how the cabal seeks to divide and separate to keep us from really learning exactly WHAT they are up to!

So…please read this report, look at other information, and make up your own mind, that’s what this is all about, and…



Here is more testimony from people who actually WERE and ARE in Tucson—volunteering and capturing it on video. VOP has been vindicated.

After listening to and watching many videos, I am very pleased that Operation: Backyard Brawl/Operation: Child Shield is taken seriously and handled by professionals with experience in crime scenes, border patrol, Mexican drug cartels, human trafficking, and more. Unfortunately, that professional assistance is not from the Tucson police department.

We DO have testimony from retired LEOs who verify that the sites the VOPs found are definitely consistent with previously uncovered human trafficking camps.

The border patrol shooting had nothing to do with the VOP outfit except for the fact that their teams are combing the desert and disrupting the corridors of drug and human traffickers. The FBI is coming right away to investigate this incident and the lies and disinfo continue. We hope the BP agent will be alright.

The Veterans On Patrol have now been coached by retired law enforcement on how to protect a possible crime scene and collect evidence. This is a huge endeavor and volunteers are welcome. Those who want to help but cannot be on site may provide donations. Gas cards are particularly welcome as they have a lot of territory to cover in the lower sectors of Southern Arizona.

Child sex rings and Human trafficking affect everyone in every country. Lewis tells us they even have folks flying up from Australia who want to be part of this. It’s turning into something exciting and incredibly worthwhile. This could be a catalyst for something even bigger.

There are combat veterans going out in the desert on their own, Lewis tells us, and they are continuing to find really good stuff, as he put it.

There is a livestream ongoing at the moment with Darkskywatcher74 on ThemTube. He seems to have his head on straight and knows what should have happened but that the Tucson PD did not do.

Started streaming 5 hours ago

I just got back from Operation backyard Brawl – the few days that I had there didn’t even scratch the surface as to what is going on. I plan on heading back up there as soon as I can to continue documenting searches and to have a real record of what is happening. Your support keeps us where we are needed out there boots on the ground – please get a Set of 4 wristbands $20 free shipping in US… P.S I would like to add that I did NOT see anyone misusing gas cards. The cards were handed to volunteers who were using their vehicles for transportation and searching. Everything was in order the way it should have been.

In the video below, a team explores an “abandoned” building, There is an observation scout tower, and I’ve heard them mention “bone saws”.

If you haven’t yet listened to the Oathkeepers’  interview I shared with an Arizona retired law enforcement officer, Ron Thompson, who is a team leader in Tucson, it will give you a crystal clear picture of what is transpiring there with all sorts of volunteers, veterans, law enforcement, and other qualified people who came to help out in Operation: Backyard Brawl.

The VOP team is learning and what they don’t have in expertise, they exceed in heart, so more power to them. There have been several who have tried to cause trouble and possible altercations with the VOPs but nothing has transpired. There are weapons in the hands of trained combat vets and LEOs, but not everyone. They need to protect themselves and we hope all will remain safe.

Despite the proof we have of the activity around OpBB, there are those who continue to lie and mislead. Why bother? The truth is out there now on the Internet for all to see from many honest sources. At some point everyone will realize who is telling the truth and then it’s all over for the shills.

Jim Stone made a brief remark about the plans of the Bilderbergers that might relate to our sharing of information. Oh, and he also says the Tucson Op is for real, and he is gathering information to do an article on it so I’ll be watching for it.

The current Bilderberg meetings

by Jim Stone

Due to far greater security at these meetings this time around, no one has anything of substance on them. That begs the question: Why such tight security? I believe they are probably planning something huge, probably related to shutting off the voice of the people. They made major ground with this in Europe lately by making it basically illegal to post links and other internet regulation, and China’s social credit score is even more ominous. They have GOT TO shut the people up OR ELSE as far as they see it.

They know there are several governments that are reluctant to do it for them, and will no doubt make plans to do it via privately owned companies (Google is a good example). This is the atmosphere in which this year’s bilderberg meeting is taking place, and I don’t feel good about it at all.

While we can, we’ll share as much as possible because the opposition is doing their best to keep the character assassinations, criticism and lies coming. They are writing their own stories about what happened and it’s not what the volunteers and VOPs are telling us—and they are not telling us everything.  From 2 days ago, documenting what they found.


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