News Headlines for Sat. May 26 ~ May 26, 2018

Thanks to Jean Haines for her tireless reporting. Wow, just wow. Please take a look at the latest headlines indicating global disruption of existing governments. Governmental corruption is being exposed bigtime. From a spiritual stand  point, I say “Yes…bring it on” because the earth cannot stand in it’s current 3D shoes.

So please see these headlines, check then out if you wish, tighten up your seat belt and enjoy this short ride, and…



Julian Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly willing to testify in the investigation surrounding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

Trump Frees US Hostage in Venezuela without Exchanging Pallet of Cash, by Jim Hoft

Exclusive: Russia Secretly Helped Venezuela Launch a Cryptocurrency to Evade U.S. Sanctions, March 20, 2018

President Donald Trump may not have realized on Monday that his executive order would step on Russia’s toes. Its official target was Venezuela, specifically the country’s plan to create the world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency, the petro, which went on sale Tuesday.

But behind the scenes, the petro was in fact a collaboration—a half-hidden joint venture between Venezuelan and Russian officials and businessmen, whose aim was to erode the power of U.S. sanctions, sources familiar with the effort told TIME.

Hyperinflation Meets Free Electricity: Venezuela’s Crypto-Mining Mania Goes Mainstream 

Most Venezuelans still can’t buy the Petro, the state-sponsored, oil-backed cryptocurrency launched in February by President Maduro and his increasingly desperate government. Meanwhile, the number of Venezuelans who own at least some bitcoin continues to grow. And now, nearly seven months after we first reported that the number of bitcoin miners operating in Venezuela had eclipsed 100,000, Bloomberg is reporting that nearly every home in Caracas is operating a bitcoin mining rig. Interesting how Crypto currencies, not controlled by the world baning system,  are popping up everywhere these days?

Argentina Is Suddenly on the Verge of ANOTHER Economic Collapse

This is another article with much information, whose author seems confused about what-is-what and who-is-who in Venezuela.

Angry Joe Biden Trashes Trump and His Supporters: Trump’s “Phony Populism and Fake Nationalism” Is Hurting Us (VIDEO), by Jim Hoft

Yep, let’s see who can throw who under the bus as more and more secrets and lies are revealed!

UK Protesters Flood the Streets to Demand the Release of Imprisoned Journalist Tommy Robinson (VIDEOS)

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Comes to Defense of Jailed UK Activist Tommy Robinson: “Come to Your Senses United Kingdom!”

And the truth will be made known…

‘Our path’: Iran announces plan to stay in Syria as Pompeo issues unprecedented threats

It’s not up to Uncle Sam but up to Syria and Iran alone

After last Thursday’s relatively brief meeting in Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad wherein Putin stressed that it is necessary for all “foreign forces” to withdraw from Syria, there’s been much speculation over what Putin actually meant.

Many were quick to point out that Assad had agreed that “illegal foreign forces” should exit Syria – meaning those uninvited occupying forces in the north and northeast, namely, US troops, Turkish troops and their proxies, and all foreign jihadists – while most mainstream Western outlets, CNN and the Washington Post among them, hailed Putin’s request to see Iran withdraw from Syria.

Whatever non-Syrian entity Putin intended to include by his words, both Syria and Iran gave their unambiguous response on Monday: Iran announced it would stay in Syria at the request of the Assad government.

“Should the Syrians want us, we will continue to be there,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi declared from Tehran, cited by Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency. “Nobody can force Iran to do anything; Iran has its own independent policies,” Qasemi said, in response to a question referencing the widespread reports that Russia desires Iran to withdraw forces from Syria.

“Those who entered Syria without the permission of the Syrian government are the ones that must leave the country,” he said further in a clear reference to the some 2000 US troops currently occupying Syrian-Kurdish areas in the northeast and eastern parts of the country.  . . . Click article title to continue reading.


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