LETTING GO OF ALL CLOSE CONNECTIONS-HUGE PURGING – Anastacia | Ascension Energies ~ May 17, 2018

A very big wave of energy came through in the last 12hours that was felt and a HUGE PURGING came through with this – it was very intense and many had to remove themselves from others’ energies to release and ride this out – this is to do with group energies and not just our own energy, its our energy to do with others – a collective group of energies are needing to be let go of as well now in a MAJOR WAY…that is rattling and shaking our old foundations – linked with those we are closest to, to form a NEW DIVINE CONNECTION and in order to do so we need to LET GO OF ALL CLOSE CONNECTIONS!

“We are breaking away from the old 3D narrative of Reality that determined a “consensus” or collective reality, towards a multi level state of Reality that is created by individual or groups of empowered “Creator” beings exercising their ability to focus energy and shape plasma energy into manifest material experience. Yes, that means we will no longer be confined by collective expectation, but will be free to create our own narratives and stories that express what we wish to experience in our physical and material lives” – Celia Fenn

More on this below, as this energy update I started last night until I had to remove myself from everyone with the energy that came through, and now I can continue and share this with what ever else I have needed to add to this today:

Many are shifting or have shifted into 5D, yet many are still very 3D based with 5D ‘knowledge’ and awareness, yet still hanging onto fear – which is an absence of love

A deeper complete unconditional love and trust of the Divine = of ourselves as well

Which = living in 5D when ones shifts into Christ Consciousness – into 5D

It is an adjustment when one does so – as much of the ‘old’ will continue to come up to be released – BUT – within we have a deeper trust of unconditional love in our heart and soul and spirit and a connection with the Divine that we are NEVER ALONE and we hand over, surrender and trust in faith of the Divine ultimately and LET GO – AND NOW WE NEED TO LET GO COLLECTIVELY

This is what will ‘get us through’ the next two weeks and from June 1st and onwards for us to create and manifest the life we choose to live – as this is a creation process of unconditional love, truth and honesty with ourselves first and foremost!

I know this you may say…yet so many souls, time after time share how they stress or have fear or they doubt or do not trust in themselves or the Divine – as the two really do go hand-in-hand…if we want to be honest with ourselves that is…truly it is

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We are unable to ‘present’ a falseness of within feeling unsettled and mis trusting or not trusting and then ‘fake’ it in the human with ‘words’ – this will not sustain now – and they will not sustain with others either and we will FEEL this more so than in past times

If we ‘hang on’ to anyone else’s energy from our past, even recently, of what they have not transmuted for themselves and if we are not LETTING GO we will then ‘take this on’ in our energy space and/or in the astrals in Spirit – the unseen

We cannot ‘do this’ or be responsible for any one else’s energy in Ascension – THIS IS A HIGHLIGHT HERE – as due to this either consciously or subconsciously many are ‘hanging onto’ negative energies in the astrals with/for others has come through in a MAJOR WAY!

I may share more on this later as this is very big and affecting many lives…doing a removal of energies and focusing on anyone close to you in doing so in removing energies/ties, is a very good start and to continue to this on a regular basis is VITAL=ENERGETIC SURVIVAL in both Spirit and Soul

I wrote recently that two people could be walking down the road, brother and sister, husband and wife and one will be/will have shifted into 5D and other may not (as they go through what they are needing to, to learn the lessons they need to) – referred to in the Bible as the ‘rapture’

We are UNABLE TO DO SO FOR THEM or to transmute for them as we may once have closely or maybe even have a close human connection as one once did…

Now this is very big and very challenging when it is someone we are/were very close to, yet this is how it is energetically – I have not ‘made this up’ and I have not made this so, this is of the Divine and this is a final division of energies that we need to know, that we need to do this SOLO – even with those closest to us – crunch time is here, as this HAS MANIFESTED in our Physical lives with wave 3 coming through…as I have written and shared many times that wave 3 is about Physical Manifestation – which is an umbrella as to many ways of physical manifestation…

This is our shifting into a New Earth!

We have been let know of this for a long time, this is not new…yet the energies of this is now happening and is now actualizing in our reality, this is now manifesting!

Please do not go into fear of ‘what about my husband or wife or children’ as this is already coming through in emails to me – I can only gently remind you that I am here and offer 1:1 Divine Healings for each personal situation that we can provide deeper and Divine insight and guidance that is unique for your situation – as those who are ‘ready’ the way is provided for and all flows beautifully = Trust

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This has literally now physically manifested about your Soul and Spirit SURVIVAL in our Human Being Embodiment…

To be in fear is of 3D to be in unconditional love is 5D

Gary Zukav ‘The Seat of the Soul’ covers this in a section on relationships where we are outgrowing the ‘marriage’ old paradigm…and that we are to be individual souls and then we can choose to be together this way – together yet separately, this also applies to close personal relationships that can be ‘like’ a marriage:

“There are certain growing dynamics that can occur only within the dynamic of commitment. Without commitment you cannot learn to care for another person more than yourself.
You cannot learn to value the growth of strength and clarity in another soul, even if that threatens the wants of your personality.
When you release the wants of your personality in order to accommodate and encourage another’s growth, you attune yourself to that person’s soul.
Without commitment, you cannot learn to see others as your soul sees them-as beautiful and powerful spirits of Light.
The archetype of spiritual partnerships-partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth-is emerging within our species.
This is different from the archetype of marriage which was designed to assist physical survival, and in which the partners do not necessarily see themselves as equals.
The marriage archetype reflects the perception of power as external.
The archetype of spiritual partnership reflects the conscious journey of multi sensory humans toward authentic power.
Spiritual partners recognize the existence of the soul, and consciously seek to further its evolution.
They consciously COCREATE their experiences with each other, with an alive Earth that loves Life very much, and with a compassionate Universe.
If you wish the world to become loving and compassionate, become loving and compassionate yourself. If you wish to diminish fear in the world, diminish your own. These are the gifts you can give.
The perception of power as external that separates nations is the same that exists between individuals; and the love, clarity and compassion that emerge within the individual that chooses consciously to align itself with this soul is the same that will bring sexes, races, nations and neighbors into Harmony with each other.
When you commit to a spiritual partnership with another human being, you bring the energy of the archetype of spiritual partnership into the physical arena.
You bring to form and live by the values, perceptions, and actions that reflect equality with your partner and a commitment to his or her spiritual development and your own.
You begin to set aside the wants of your personality in order to accommodate the needs of your partner’s spiritual growth, and, in doing that, you grow yourself.
That is how spiritual partnership works.
You begin to see what is necessary to the health of your partnership is identical with what is necessary to your own spiritual growth
The true human condition in its most perfect form has no secrets. It does not hide, but exists in clear love”

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This last sentence is what I have been sharing in previous updates, about that our shadow sides can no longer be hidden…as past childhood trauma has been released now – Pandora’s Box of ALL is now exposed…

And that those who do own their shadow sides and that are in 5D now or very close to completely shifting into 5D, are no longer able to transmute for those that they are very close to…be it brother, sister, husband, wife, mother, father and so on…

There is room and space to form new connections with those souls AFTER we have completely shifted into our our own or SOLO spaces…

Yet this separation of our own energy in our own solo spaces needs to be done FIRSTLY – as this will continue for the rest of May – and we ‘will see’ what June 1st brings with this…as I feel it will be the ‘final purge’ – and we can then re-connect in a NEW and DIFFERENT way with others…again, we will ‘wait and see’ – as I am going through this already as I do as a Trailblazer Ascension Pioneer and WaySeer ahead of humanity and firstly as a template in linking Spirit and Soul in 6-7D Human Embodiment…so you are receiving this unique and vital information of the Divine FIRSTLY!

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and Twin Energies is a MAJOR part of this that we are needing to continue to re-balance over and over daily with this…and may share more on this as guided…

So much love to you all in this and what you are each going through…

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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