Most often heard phrase on YouTube these days… “I’m Banned? You’re Banned!” ~ Fab. 26, 2018

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This is a post from Kp about the recent spate of various “truthers'” whose video reports have been banned from YouTube/ Google, etc. etc. This has left me scrambling to find other sources of news to keep the world aware of what is really going on in, on, and above our world.

So…please read this article, know that Truth is NEVER repressed, and…


Well, here we go. More and more and more who are unveiling the “truths” (aka, real data) and/or questioning the MSM (aka, Deep State) narrative are being “banned”. I’m aware of Isaac Green, Jordan Sather, David Seaman, and even Don Grahn had one of his videos (click to view) recently “banned” from YouTube (although the channel is still up).

Here’s the message (download):
So it seems much of this has come about after the recent Florida event, and of course there’s the DJT, who continues to not go along with the Deep State agendas.

In any event, as I (may have) mentioned before, I feel this is one way the big names like YouTube and FaceBook, Google, etc., are digging their own holes, and it opens the door to many other alternative video upload sites, like Bitchute (DTube.

We’ll see where it all goes.


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