QAnon Update February 17 ~ Feb. 17, 2018

This “QAnon” report is from Disclosure News Italia. I rather like the way all messages from “QAnon” are presented daily for our benefit, and will continue to post these daily. This way, we can all stay up to speed on “breaking” developments as the fight for HUE-manity continues.

(We are all caught up in a huge information war, so I make no claims regarding the “truth” of these statements. These statements are published here for your benefit.)

As you can infer from these messages, there is a LOT going on behind the scenes that you and I will never know about in real time. So…please read these messages, know that the outcome for Planet Earth has already been decided, relax!!!, and…


QAnon Update February 17 By Interstellar. Source 8ChanUpdated 07:47 UTC

Feb 17 2018 01:19:07 Anonymous ID: ee1bed 402088



Q, Anons, I’ve been following these drops since day one, but this is the first I’m hearing of this “Behold a Pale Horse” book from 1991, by Bill Cooper. It actually describes clowns planning to use school shootings as a way to disarm the citizenry.

This looks legit to me, astonishing as the quotes are. What say you all?

Behold a Pale Horse — Milton William (Bill) Cooper, 1991 (txt file)

“Bill Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the public eye. This information has been kept in topsecret government files since the 1940s. His audiences hear the truth unfold as he writes about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the secret government, and UFOs. Bill is a lucid, rational, and powerful speaker whose intent is to inform and to empower his audience. Standing room only is normal. His presentation and information transcend partisan affiliations as he clearly addresses issues in a way that has a striking impact on listeners of all backgrounds and interests. He has spoken to many groups throughout the United States and has appeared regularly on many radio talk shows and on television. In 1988 Bill decided to “talk” due to events then taking place worldwide, events that he had seen plans for back in the early 1970s. Bill correctly predicted the lowering of the Iron Curtain, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the invasion of Panama. All Bill’s predictions were on record well before the events occurred. Bill is not a psychic. His information comes from top secret documents that he read while with the Intelligence Briefing Team and from over seventeen years of research.”

Feb 17 2018 01:53:19 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 732b35 402380


Feb 17 2018 02:05:17 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 732b35 402538

Clown Agency>No Such Agency.
RIP JFK – we will succeed.
Pyramid will collapse.
Think shell.

Feb 17 2018 02:26:57 Q !UW.yye1fxo 99


(NSA_Traf_CAM_LONDON2847) QAnon Update February 17

[UK] – Stay Alert.

Feb 17 2018 02:35:54 Q !UW.yye1fxo 100



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