Identifying Non-Positive Movements Between Lightworkers And Lightwarriors SaLuSa ~ Feb. 13, 2018

This is another very informative article form our friends at Disclosure News Italia. This article helps me realize the global nature of spirituality…yes! Please read, understand there IS life outside of the US, and…



Identifying Non-Positive Movements Between Lightworkers And Lightwarriors – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

With the unleashing of major new operations on the surface of Mother Earth and the continual advance of Light, opposing forces are trying to retaliate, as they can, to stop the progress being made.

As one might expect, onslaughts against frontline Lightworkers and Lightwarriors of Light occur, the Starfleet forces are already active to nullify such movements.

At this moment, there are infiltrators of the opposing forces standing among the Lightworkers trying to move chaos and disbelief, and putting the Lightworkers against each other.

As we have already warned, you must surely have discernment and Peace of mind to avoid getting involved in such negative movements.

By guidance of the High Commands, I leave basic instructions so that you can identify actions of souls that are acting led by opposing forces to the Superior movements.

Responsibility Of The Lightworker

Responsibility Of The Lightworker

  1. When you see some Lightworker attacking another, you know that he is not receiving orientations from the Forces of Light and, certainly, you must disconnect, energetically.
  2. Destructive criticism, ironies, accusations, slander, disrespect in any way, verbal and physical assaults are clear indications that he who moves such energies is being induced by those who wish to retaliate by using fragile and easy-to-manipulate human personalities.
  3. In attempting to separate and divide Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, the retaliators will use people of this same medium, giving them inspirations of vanity, selfishness, aggression, and any unloving feelings to belittle, ridicule, and disrespect the work of whoever it is.
  4. Unfortunately, over the time, many Lightworkers eventually yielded to the pressures of negative forces because of their personality breaches and allowed themselves to be used as tools to attack and belittle others. Therefore, beloved ones, if you see any action of a Lightworker, that you known, that has the intention of lowering the image of another in any respect, be aware: there has been a violation of the Fields of that Lightworker and you must have much discernment.A Lightworker and a Warrior of Light genuinely contacted by the Forces of Light work on three basic points: Respect, Seriousness, and Love.It is never inelegant, ironic, coarse and agitating. The latter is much more strongly perceived, so when you see that someone is shaking the spirits of others, mixing discord, hatred, disunity, you must surely know that there is a non-positive action involved.

We must also say that there is a genuinely strong group of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors on the surface, determined to keep the flag of Love and Light in every aspect.

Surely they have neutralized any onslaught of the forces of darkness that come upon them, and surely all of you will recognize them for their loving and peaceful postures, dedicated only to the service of good and to the aid of humanity.

Grouped tonight aboard our ships, many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in meeting, among them the one who lends us his telepathic channel for the transmission of this message, has asked us a direct message on this, in order to clear minds and give more specific directions about these movements that try to disabuse the works that are being seriously developed.

Beloved, we must say: the more you see a Lightworker or Lightwarrior being attacked, the more it means THERE IS SOMETHING OF VERY GOOD THERE, as your popular saying goes: “People only throw rocks at trees that are bearing fruit, and the more fruit, the more stones.

In many of our messages we have called you to this awareness and discernment, but of course it also becomes more and more timely and evident about where the Light Forces are truly working.

We, the Galactic Federation, are here to support you in your progress, only in Progress and Light.

Inevitably, those who have received credentials to assist in this process who, by free choice, are deciding to yield to the pressures of darkness by giving them the chance to try to disrupt the higher plans will certainly have their credentials revoked.

Any Lightworker or Lightwarrior who, through egoistic actions, jealousy, or any energies that do not honor what was previously agreed upon through high protocols, will have revoked his access credentials to specific areas.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, in the presence of Ashtar, Hatonn and Zero i, we honor all those who remain faithful to the plans of the Light.

Identifying Non-Positive Movements Between Lightworkers And Lightwarriors SaLuSa
Identifying Non-Positive Movements Between Lightworkers And Lightwarriors

Of course, we honor those who choose to remain in the old ways, where they believe they need to “fight and to get their space” when in fact the Oneness is what elevates you and keeps you as spot of Light seen thousands of miles away.


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4 Responses to Identifying Non-Positive Movements Between Lightworkers And Lightwarriors SaLuSa ~ Feb. 13, 2018

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Of course, there is life outside the States. I have readers across the face of the planet. I’ve encountered some of these attacks that have been directed personally against myself and my sister. These have come from individuals once thought to be friends, colleagues, and in some cases, even Star Family. From my perception, these individuals were open to negative influences due to some interior unresolved issues that required clearing but which they refused to work on. As a result, these individuals (who will NOT be named) have been used to attack ourselves and still to insinuate themselves into creating distrust among various groups. When we become aware that a person is off or learn that we’ve been disrespected by an individual without cause… or we receive an energetic attack (we have the ability to perceive the sender) we immediately break off contact and go into defensive mode. It is not my place to openly criticize these individuals online. Other people need to hone their own discernment and make their own decisions about who to trust. This is what self-mastery is all about, people. I do not take anything that any Earth human says as gospel. All is in transition. All lies and truths will be revealed. Nothing can remain hidden. If someone is unwilling to face their own inner demons, they will not be able to run away, for the heightened onslaught of Cosmic Light is revealing all shadows, individual and Collective. Further, in my own experience, I have witnessed a great deal of misinformation being published that is deliberately misleading. Again, I will not reveal these people or groups, as to do so would open me up to attack. Negative forces WANT lightworkers to be divided in their efforts. Really look hard at anyone who promises that something will happen by such and such date and so on. It is a test of your own ability to discern and decide. Then, if you make a mistake, learn to be able to adapt and adjust and go on. It is ALL about the experience now. Even those who are members of the dark team are assisting in waking up the people. There is a purpose to everything that happens under Heaven. ❤


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.


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