Christ Consciousness Has Been Reached ~ Jan. 22, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I have a question to pose today. I wonder sometimes how you humans think when you in one moment talk about being in the heart and listen intensively to it, while at the next moment you get irritated with close ones and blame all problems on this one, whom you say you love. Is it not so that you all are “One”. I am you, you are me, we all belong together and sit in the same boat. Or, do we sit in different boats? Then we cannot be One, how will this work? Are you multiple collectives or are you one collective? Does not the human race belong to one collective? Is not the love for this collective the only thing that matters? Is it not so that we simply are at different levels of development and that we without exception should be able to understand and love our neighbor? Do we not love our children and they come up with a lot of nonsense? We correct and put right, but we love them just as much. The Earth is full of children to love. All have a spark of God in them. They all have the opportunity to grow inside and open up to the truth that resides there. How does one grow dear children on Earth? Does one grow by harsh words or by loving words?

What does a lightworker do? Yes, they spread light and love around them? If it is not received they move on, but no harsh words are uttered, since inside there is the knowing that you are me and I am you. Lightworkers know that seeds need to be planted, but the recipient is responsible for if the seed will grow or not? Some need many seeds dear children on Earth before a single one can start to grow. It is the lightworkers task to leave seeds in loving knowledge that one of them might start to grow and wake up the longing that exists within all souls that once again they may be one with Source.

Love conquers everything, it is said, repeated and sung over and over again. In spite of this it appears to be difficult to get a good footing. When love takes over your whole soul you shine of love and it shines on everybody, small as large, young and old, beautiful and ugly, good and bad. Yes, it is there for everybody for it can see the light in everybody’s soul and know that everybody is on their own journey. It can reach out a helping hand if it feels that there is a need for it, other than this it just shines with its love and plant its seeds as it moves forward in life. Love is all, it is in everything, it belongs to everything as we are all born in love and nobody can ever take that away from us. It is our birthright – our gift from God. God only creates in love, in the highest love that exists and God loves everything he has created unconditionally. It is the unconditional love that you need to reach. When you have found it you have reached your goal in life. That is all, nothing more is needed. Your Christ consciousness has been reached and you are now one of God’s gifts on Earth.

Do you understand how important it is to cultivate love inside you? Do you understand now why we all the time talk about love and light inside you – the unconditional love that only wishes the best and who looks after everybody without exception. You are a part of the world dear children, you are a part of everything, you are a collective and it is in this collective that you work and act and send out your rays of love to anybody who wants to receive them, regardless of if they are among the poor or the rich, the good or bad or whatever you think of them. Ponder carefully dear children, these are just opinions, you do not know their truth, also not what God’s plan looks like – it is much above your level of consciousness. So be humble dear children on Earth and let love grow inside you until you cannot know anything but love.

I only feel love for you,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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