Higher Dimensional & Galactic Updates ~ Dec. 22, 2017

This is a very good post from Starship Earth giving snippets of current information of which we should all be aware. Molly starts of with the latest Gaia Portal (Eireport) message with possible explanation for their usual cryptic wording, and then presents a series of videos with more and more evidence that something is changing in our world!

So…please this article, enjoy the accompanying video’s, think about how positive change will affect you, and…


I like the Gaia Portal message for today. Like Q’s missives, it could be construed in multiple ways, such as the “singing”.

Would that be like “choirs of angels heralding the liberation and rebirth of Humanity”, or the cabal canaries belting out tunes of treason about their partners in crime as they arrange their plea deals? Probably both. Bottom line, Humanity is saved from ultimate doom.

Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals.

Fairies of the Realm are heralded.

Lemmings are halted from demise.

Singing commences.


Clearly, the missions of the Galactics and all parties working toward our breakthrough are successful. No more red and black alerts. Fingers crossed, that continues.

Cobra’s update for yesterday…

Thursday, December 21, 2017
RR9 complete
Posted by Cobra at 11:22 AM


In addition, the US government shutdown has been averted—so Christmas will be a little easier than it might have been.

Whisperings about our Galactic bretheren abound as their presence is ever-increasing and some speculate that the establishment is acting strangely.

And CNN calls in their favourite know-it-all POS scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson to debunk extraterrestrial life and UFOs. They’re desperate. But why?

Others speculate that the cabal will attempt to pull off their long-promised Project Blue Beam “fake alien invasion”. The Light Forces will not allow that—at least not unless it will backfire as so many of their schemes do and can be used in a positive way toward Disclosure.

I am prepared for Disclosure. It feels like it’s coming, and Humanity is ready if it’s done properly.

Some have speculated that if we had massive disclosure of multiple shocking pieces of information such as the treason in Washington, pedophilia, mass arrests, media corruption and other things all at the same time with disclosure of the star nations, it would be a good way to break the news to Humanity. We’ll see—and these bad actors will be exposed once and for all.

Many say that Humans fear extraterrestrials. I don’t see videos from people on YouTube who are terrified of the UFOs they filmed, but I do see hours of video from people who are amazed, thrilled, excited, intrigued, fascinated, and informed.

Would Humanity flip out if they had a proper aerial display of Galactic Confederation small craft after being prepared by world leaders? I don’t believe they would. I think the scenario would look more like the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

I believe we would witness solemn and deep introspection of what that event means to us as a “stranded” race on this little blue marble. It would open us up to the marvels of the stars we have watched enviously on our TV sets for decades but could only hope for… one day. The lies have to end. They are stealing our birthright and our future.

Getting back to the “singing”… Thomas Williams related on his show last night that Corey Goode and friends are singing a different tune and have now stated that partial disclosure with a small “d” is necessary—while for the past 3 years or so they claimed Full Disclosure was the only way to go. How things change when agendas dictate.

We are not going to allow the thieving, predatory actions of the cabal’s Secret Space Program to go unrecognized for 50 years. They are going to be exposed for Human Trafficking, abductions, mind control, and all their other atrocities including stealing trillions of tax payer dollars to fund their black projects. No, the truth will be told when everything else is revealed.

They do not get to hide in the shadows or escape punishment for what they have done any more than the criminals on the surface of the planet do. They will all atone for their sins and no amount of colourful tales about Atlantis, Antarctica, Giants, or anything else will distract from those revelations long enough for them to escape their fate. Humanity will learn the truth about their history through the proper channels.

BTW, was Corey able to get his fans to give him the $12K to go home? Just curious.

Finally, Tom Price answers the question about why we have seen all the activity to expose and remove the dark ones THIS MONTH. He speaks of the solstice gateway and powerful energies flooding in. We have now passed that time on Dec. 18/19 he mentions.

The Universe is ticking away, astrological alignments including the solstice are moving into place as predicted, and cycles are rolling out. He also discusses the intervention involved. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for your research, Tom. “Alien software” and “mass energetic parasites”. That’s what we’ve heard.

Tom also gives a brief overview of the planetary takeover in the past and how they have maintained control of Humanity for so long without our knowledge.

I guess all we need to understand and have faith in that the Universe is unfolding in our favour. A dark, evil era is ending as our Golden Age is ushered in. EVERYTHING is changing. Everything is different. WE are different, and as Thomas Williams said last night, “life will never be the same again.”  ~ BP



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