Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Post Eclipse Message, New Beginnings for All ~ Sept. 2, 2017


By cosmicgypsy

Dear ones,Rapidly dimishing veil

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now on this evening of your time with a sacred post eclipse message from beyond the Rapidly diminishing Veil, which is now in the process of being obliterated entirely, due to the 5D / 3D timeline interface that occurred 1 week before the eclipse. This timeline shift along with the deep and powerful potency of the eclipse is catalysing deep and  significant shifts for many of you whom we are reading these words now.

Dear ones, all of you on the front line of this spiritual Ascension are being tested like never before and this is largely due to the triggering of the final residues of the shadow egoic ancestral self which needs to be met, embraced, and ultimately alchemised back into the light of the Christed self.

There is an extremely deep purging occurring for many of you in this gateway and we urge you to be mindful of this, and treat yourself accordingly and with full compassion and understanding, knowing that indeed you are clearing out many dark false programs that have plagued humanities consciousness for eons.

Dearest ones, many of you who are reading these words have been extremely high achievers in the Ascension University, one could even stay A*star students.  Please know that the challenges that you are currently facing are at a degree that is unlike any of your previous challenges. Here in lies the perfect analogy to your university institutions where you study for your Bachelor’s ultimately in order to attain mastery and this is exactly what is occurring for many of you now you are being tested in order to attain the next degree of spiritual mastery.

For many of you the tests are so strong, you are almost seeking for the towel to throw into the boxing ring. We hear you and we see you dear ones, but we are your divine Higher self who have come forth now to be a reminder to you all that what you are currently going through is a test to see if you are able to masterfully surf these 5D Ascension waves whilst staying on your board and not being thrown all over the place by the current 3d challenges you are facing.

Divine feminine  this is an extremely potent time to practice surrender. We have just come through a powerful Gateway that bore witness to a great number of bonafide twin flames coming into recognition reunion and marriage and can be verified by our beloved channel who is in contact with many many twin flames in the twin flame community. However there are still many twin flames as yet who have not come into full physical union. Dearest ones we invite you to give your cares, worries, and thoughts of the where’s whys and how’s  of your twin flame reunion trajectory to Mother Father God and allow yourself to be an empty vessel and in that space of emptiness know that this this is where you will obtain the clarity you have been so fervently seeking.

Again as we often share in these written transmissions it is imperative that to stabilise in 5D consciousness that you prioritise emphasising the empty space in which all thoughts arise as opposed to emphasising and indulging in the actual temporal thoughts.

Dearest ones, you will never attain the clarity that you seek through perceptual analysis and indulgence in the rise and fall of the temporary thoughts. You will only ever align with the clarity of your true nature when you commit fully to the practice of stopping thinking for short moments when ever you naturally remember to do so and emphasising this.

This may sound like an extremely simple practice and indeed it is a simple practice yet you will discover that all of the enlightened beings on the planet practice this committedly every single day as they have realised that the true genius of the self can only be located in the gap between thoughts.

Dearest ones we reiterate….. in order to expertly navigate the challenges that you are currently facing remember that prioritising resting as awareness for short moments is the single greatest action you can do to attain the vibration of living spiritual mastery that is your destiny.

Nothing has happened, nothing has changed except A thought in your mind.  you are empowered to choose to focus on thoughts of criticism and lack or thoughts of gratitude and blessings. Dearest ones those who are trailblazing this twin flame Yeshua and Magdalene divine union template, please remember this is an extremely high level mission, but despite this, the full grounding of this into the earthly plane can all shift instantaneously because all of creation is based upon the law of resonant vibration, therefore infinite timelines are an actuality, that can  activate transformation extremely swiftly.

The energetics of this particular gateway are calling for surrender from the Divine feminine, surrender your hearts fully to Mother Father God now and every day focus on all the moments you feel God’s presence with you and count all the ways you are infinitely blessed.

Beloveds, for those of you on the twin flame path, since the very beginning of the transmissions we have stated the necessity for at least one twin to be stable in 5D consciousness. Dear ones our beloved channel has brought through an extremely potent medicinal transformational course that has been designed to stabilise your frequency into fifth dimensional consciousness. The feedback from the beloveds who have completed the course is mind blowing and 100% on track with the intention that it was designed to activate.

Beloveds this particular system of retraining and transformation works proficiently to stabilise you into 5D consciousness the cost is £197 it is time Brothers and sisters for the wayshowers to completely stabilise in 5D consciousness. Please know beloveds that very shortly in earthly terms we are on the verge of an en masse spiritual awakening, therefore it is imperative that the wayshowers stabilise now in 5D consciousness and align in their positions on their particular grid points in order to activate the sacred Ascension codes into the new 5D timelines and be ready to take their positions as the new earth leaders and guides that humanity needs now to assist fully in the ushering in of the new earth template.

It is time brothers and sisters.

These tools are extremely invaluable

Namaste matahariji and the white wolf tribe



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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