Sophia – The Mouth of the Lion, a message from One ~ Sept. 1, 2017

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I found today’s conversation just a few days ago, even though it took place last July.  Here are a few interesting things about it. It happened right around the day Randall Keith Beane was taken into custody.

At the time, I was not aware of his incarceration or of the entire situation, until Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf was taken into custody on the 25th of that month. (Current updates can be read here.)

When I received the message, although it mentioned a reference to the “empirical you”, I marked it as “personal”.  When that happens, I don’t look at it when I search for what to publish. At the time, I felt it was too alarming, and yet now, today, in light of what we are all facing and looking at, it seems appropriate and perfectly timed.

There are a few things worth mentioning.  The Texas hurricane has once again brought to light the magical compassion of the human. This time though, we are aware of our own tendencies… We’ve been through enough of these crisis and emergency situations to get it.  We love each other, period.  We help each other without being asked and respond when needed, without hesitation.

I was talking to some of my non-human connections just this morning, about what is happening now on earth, and let me tell you that we are astounding all of creation with our palpable love. Despite every dark effort to separate us, our unity and tenderness for each other is clear.  We are blowing them out of the water. They are not ready for us, this was not how they were planning for things to proceed, and yet we aren’t waiting for them to be ready.  We want answers and we are moving on RIGHT NOW. This song by PINK was just released…

What about us?
What about us?

It’s perfect.

Heather has been released, pending trial. On the day of her hearing this week, I joined the meditation for the release of both of them, Heather and Randall. What happened during it was validated by a light warrior friend of mine who shared a similar experience & message at the same time. It is worth repeating here.

I meditate with eyes both open and closed, depending. As I went into this one, I was cross legged and my arms were resting on my knees. I began to feel everyone and I opened my eyes. My hands had moved together in front of me, without my conscious awareness of them doing so,  to form a cup.

I rested my gaze on my hands and could feel weight/energy/force being held there.  I knew it was the heart of the world. It felt heavy.

I held it, all the time visualizing freedom. I am not sure how long this went on, but it ended spontaneously with a feeling of lightness and then, I don’t know how to explain this, but I felt/saw sparkles fly from my hands as they separated and raised up above my head. The energy of the heart, the sparkles of light energy, flew out and up and away and all around.

I heard “She is free” and immediately thought of Randall. I felt a bit of a bump in the road, a hesitation, and then heard “he is free”. It ended. It took less than 30 min.

I wasn’t sure what this signified. Now that both hearings have ended, I have some clarity. Heather has been released and Randall still has “a bump in the road” to get over, before, I expect, he will also be released. You’ve done it.

What this tells me is that our collective energy is a force. There is no reason for us to ignore this any longer. We’ve seen it work. It is time for us to use it. The frequencies we are in now, fully support and amplify energetic effort. Whether you sense it or not, it is quite real. See the outcome you want in your morning, your lunch, your day, your life.

There are situations now all over the world that require the assistance of your light. There is a hurricane off the east coast of the United States that has been given a name, Irma, that could be re-directed to a harmless path with our creative power.  See the healing and assistance for the people in Texas being immediate, effective and loving. See Randall released and both of their cases dismissed with unfettered access to our funds a reality for all of humanity. We can do this. I believe it is the reason we’ve shown up just now. We are here to anchor the light.

We don’t need a specific time for this, what we need is belief that it works and is as necessary to our health and happiness and life as movement and air and water and love. We really ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

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July 11th, 2017 3:00 AM

Did someone wake me up?

Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One. There is something to say.

Hello. Go ahead please.

You are now entering the mouth of the lion.

Up until this moment you’ve been approaching cautiously, watching, worrying and wondering if you had what it takes to be completely surrounded.

No longer. You are inside the place of no return. This is the empirical you – for the entire race this is true.

The comparison may not be ideal, but it is used to reflect accurately the situation you find yourself in. It is one of no return. There is no going back from this and for some, it will feel as if escape is desired.

There are those among you who will imagine hardship, pain even, as the process moves ever deeper into the recesses of the beast.

There are those, who, with varying degrees of calm, will eagerly explore as they move through this new territory.

There are even those who will barely notice the change as the life they’ve created for themselves has provided a deep cushion and remains so, regardless of surroundings.

All of these now find themselves located in irreversible territory. The alteration of everything has accelerated.

What I came to discuss is a process in which this can be accomplished almost seamlessly. You are encountering new, strange, and unrecognizable sensations and sights and beings there with you.

Some will appear so foreign as to raise alarm. Others will look like cartoon characters who’ve been deliberately placed there to attempt to create new and illusory facts.

All of these will bring into play the necessity of discernment and inner trust. If bells go off for you while encountering a being or a “fact” – examine it or them and listen. If the fear is not there, yet the doubt remains, you are receiving guidance.

Realize that the new may inspire a fearful response just because it is new. You may not be in any real danger or threatened. Everything is changing so that it all may appear threatening. It is not meant to be.

The mouth of the lion is occupied by all of creation. It is a place where transformative change begins but doesn’t stop. It is a necessary step.

Any progress towards self-awareness, internal peace, and regular calm will carry you further than a rigid insistence on control. It is time to go with the flow in order to proceed happily.

Note – the following two lines were marked by me that morning as “a nice definition for meditation” –

This process is greatly helped with a regular practice of meditation. It need not be a removal of thought but a conscious action that infuses your reality with truth.

In the midst of such complete change, where can truth be found?

It is found within the knowing deep within of your sovereign state. You walk willingly into the mouth of the lion, knowing this does not consume you, leaving nothing; but rather is a necessary transition that changes how you appear – not the end of life but the beginning of what is new.

All is about to be transformed.

There is no need for fear or flight or fight. There is no need to expire and succumb to what looks, or could look, like darkness.

What is needed is wide open eyes and diligent insistence on life as the sweetest expression imagined.

The fact of your eternal essence comes now full bore. It is the most relevant aspect of you.

In a moment that expresses complete alteration, it is the solid bit of you to hang on to – the part to recognize, finally, as actual. Your essence or soul force blasts forth a light – illuminating every imagined darkness.

There is no need for apprehension when such a force is always at the ready. It is. Until now it may have been hidden or unrecognized, yet it was not absent.
Your light is what led the way here. It continues to provide clarity of direction and surroundings.

There is no safer place to be than the resonant frequency of your core truth. That truth rests in love, and can be found in every expression there is. It will not be stifled. The merest hint of encouragement brings it forth now. Us it, exploit it, immerse yourself in love. There is the truth, the comfort zone, as well as the most formidable ally. Nothing stops love. What appears perhaps as darkness in the lion’s mouth transforms to bliss in the brilliance of this love light that is truth.

Know that it is you and it is always accessible in your quiet moments.

Go there now often. As this, unfamiliar perhaps, aspect of you is encouraged, you’ll find the journey to be pleasurable. You chose the path you walk and are fully equipped. Trust. Love. Take it all in. This is the good part.

That is what I wanted to share this morning.

Thank you.

The conversation ended.
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