Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Complete Guide to The Solstice Gateway ~ May 26, 2017

By cosmicgypsy, 05/24/2017

Dear ones,

We come forward today with an important message to share with you all with regards to the 144.000 illumined wayshowers who have incarnated to assist humanity to fully align and stabilize in 5th dimensional consciousness, also known as paradise consciousness.

The 144,000 were the first and original soul group that sprang forth from the original Void, and from that fractural patterning, it is understood that all souls were created.

This original source group are old, ancient souls, original, all powerful, highly gifted, highly guided, highly blessed, and in Service at all times.

Many times it has been asked? Can one of the 144,000 forget this? and the answer beloveds is Yes.

Unfortunately This has been happening in some areas of the Divine Masculine collective. In the vast majority of cases it appears that the Divine Feminine has remembered her identity as a multidimensional avatar, but in many cases the Divine Masculine has remained in a state of amnesia…. Naturally this would lead one to question why is this? and it is this question that we wish to address in this written transmission.

Dear ones, in order to ensure the inevitability of the planetary ascension,It is extremely important and necessary that at least one of the Twin Flames remember their original divine Self.

Once this has occured, this sends information to the Higher Self hard drive of the original unit/pair, informing it that remembrance has occurred by one of the individualized aspects. This then activates a coming on-line of the sleeping Twin Flame’s Higher Self matrix, which most frequently manifests as a very definite and direct experience of synchronicity. The asleep twin is then guided to certain number sequence configurations often and will see his divine counterparts name everywhere, but most importantly they will be taken by their higher self to a crystal ascension chamber with their divine counterpart, whereby the full upgrade of the Divine Feminine’s frequency of remembrance will be downloaded to the Divine Masculine consciousness during their dream-time, and he will awake remembering that he was in a soul learning environment in whilst physically asleep.

Beloveds it is imperative to know that currently a time-line is playing out with the Divine Masculine and their karmic partners, and this was all a part of the Divine Plan, as it gave you the Divine Feminine enough time to fully and completely awaken, so that when the Divine Masculine inevitably returns, you will be stable in your enlightened consciousness, which will assist him to stabilize proficiently.

Twin Flames have a Mother tuning fork that resonates at a particular frequency band, and It is imperative that one of the Divine Pair attune with the resonance of the Mother tuning fork. When this occurs, this will assist the counterpart to rapidly align with enlightened consciousness/ 5D consciousness/ the NOW moment.

May we remind you beloveds that this is the primary purpose of the Twin Flames: that we would stabilize vibrationally with  bliss and alignment with higher God consciousness.

So another question which arises is…is it possible for one of the original pairs to not be in resonance with the Mother tuning fork and thus their 5D eternal union with their Divine Blessed Twin Flame? And again the answer to this is yes. If indeed this is the case at this stage, it is then appropriate that the awakened Twin deepen even further into the bliss that is her true nature.

When one of the twins attunes to its original frequency (which is that of the mother tuning fork), this sends out resonant waves to the Divine counterpart to come into alignment with the codes of Sacred Union that are safely stored in their higher heart consciousness field….

At this point we have experienced quite a lot of the sleeping and resistance of the Divine Masculine Collective Consciousness, but we come forth to remind you that indeed they signed up to return as one of the original 144,000 Twin Flame souls, to anchor the truth of Divine and Sacred Union back on to the earthly plane. This is a promise that the Divine Masculine made to Mother Father God and you prior to incarnation, lest us not forget this.

During this particular ascension gateway many Divine Masculine beloveds are being reminded through a constant bombardment of Higher Self messages that this time-line of entanglement with karmic partners is reaching an end. As we move closer to the solstice energy of 2017, this will activate another huge wave of twin flame reunion and recognition, and this is why our beloved channel has been directed to facilitate her next webinar transmission to assist in the opening of this powerful ascension gateway, Please see below for full details of the transmission, This transmission will offer further assistance to the divine masculine consciousness through the upgrading of their chakra system, thus placing them in a whole new vibratory range, which will be unable to sustain the illusion that being with the karmic partners allows. 

This is occurring en-masse Family of Light, and please know there is an aspect of Divine intervention that is taking place here Beloveds, and this intervention was agreed prior to incarnation. The Divine Masculine has held a lot of fear consciously and subconsciously of being incarnated on the 3D plane. The Masculine is in truth servant to the Feminine and thus must be deeply and purposefully protected by the Divine Feminine at all times, but patriarchy has stolen this ancient truth from humanity, and without the honor and dignity of the Divine Feminine within and without, man has cut himself off from the source of his safety and protection.

Collectively there are huge shifts going on in the Divine Masculine consciousness. Men are awakening to the knowing that they carry the codes of Divine Feminine within them. The Divine Feminine frequency resides in all men and women. It is time now for men to allow themselves to meet the Mother within themselves, She who whispers the promise of abiding protection and eternal Love.

Brothers, it is time to claim She, the Mother within you and know that when this movement alights in the mass culture – the collective recognition that the Divine Feminine, the Mother exists within all, this will transform entirely the illusory and unstable foundation patriarchy has been built upon.

May we all now purposefully intend an intense arrow of Love to the Divine Masculine Consciousness.

Brothers, you are seen in your vulnerability and honored and accepted. This world has been the hardest for you. The atrocities that have been perpetuated in the name of patriarchy have been brutal for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, but in many ways the Divine Feminine could handle in a far superior manner the idea/lie of separation.

Dear ones we put forth the notion that this indoctrination/lie of separation has actually impacted the Divine Masculine even more so than it has the Divine Feminine, as the Divine Masculine has a vulnerability that the Divine Feminine simply doesn’t have.

The Divine Feminine is the carrier of the multi-dimensional portal that is the womb …… and it is she, the greatest creatrix…. Mother Father God entrusted, to be the primary carer for each and every one of her creations. The Divine Feminine is who Mother Father God has entrusted with the highest responsibility to be the living embodiment of the truth of divine oneness, and now the time has come to remember that the Goddess exists in all men and women.

Please know that you are seen in this moment of lucid clarity.

Blessed be,

Hari om tat sat,

Mata-Hari Ji

Details of the solstice Transmission



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