Restoring Divine Order ~ Feeling The Harmonious Aspects of Restoration ~ May 16, 2017

By Ruby Claire, MA, 05/16/2017

2017: Restoring Divine Order

Whether you are a believer in God, a believer in science, a naturalist, or an agnostic…one thing many of us will be feeling this year is divine order, and how we are all connected to it inside ourselves, in relationship with each other, and in relationship with the outer world. Divine order is the universe’s natural system of checks and balances to keep the grand web of life in harmony. We are innately in relationship with this grand web of life, and the universal laws that govern it. We can see universal laws at play in apparent ways when we watch patterns and cycles in nature.

Man-made laws are the laws that humans govern. The greatest leaders tap into universal laws to inform human laws.

What happens when universal laws are ignored over and over again to push the ego’s agenda? What happens when man-made laws are instilled and enforced from distorted uses of power? What happens when money is worshipped instead of God, nature, source, universe, love, truth, justice, or whatever you want to call it that is the ultimate boss? What happens when a society becomes disconnected from universal laws, and enslaved by man-made laws that are out of alignment with divine order? Who’s really the boss?

These questions will be answered in obvious ways this year.

Chaos is the first step in restoring divine order, and the universal laws of harmony, love, karma, justice, and truth ARE the bosses.

A metaphor of how this works can be explained through the redirection of a river. Imagine humans redirect a river without considering its natural flow, but rather with a more egoic agenda of wanting to make profit in a certain region. So the humans go along and redirect the river, and build a whole town where it once was. They may be doing really well and flourishing financially by making that decision. But what happens when the 100-year flood comes? Chaos!…the river rushes through the town along its original path and destroys everything in sight. This is what is metaphorically going on this year, and the first 6-8 months of 2017 may feel chaotic and confusing, but please keep in mind that the intention is to restore divine order. Hang in there, and choose love over fear. We will be feeling more of the harmonious aspects of restoration by the end of 2017.

The thing is, YOU are part of the restoration process. That’s right…YOU! Us choosing pure love, integrity, clear mind, truth, listening to our hearts, and being beacons of light IS our divine responsibility. Nobody is going to save us…so when I say, “choose love over fear”, I mean it. Do whatever practices you do to keep yourself clear and able to keep coming back to love. DO NOT FEED FEAR OR ADDICTIONS, and DO NOT BECOME ADDICTED TO THE NEWS OR MASS MEDIA OUTLETS THAT ARE PERPETUATING FEAR. Propaganda is everywhere, and it has been used to control our minds, thoughts, and instill fear. Give less attention to your mind, and more attention to the intelligence within your own heart and gut. TRUST the larger intelligence radiating light from your own heart. Keep bringing your attention and power back to love. I’m not advocating for bypassing the world’s suffering. I am however advocating for continuously bringing your attention back to your inner strength and light amidst the chaos. We are all in this together. Remind your loved ones to practice this too. It’s a practice for everyone, as we ARE the change.

The regulations and actions made for personal gain, and/or in worship of money and a false sense of control over the last thousands of years has reached a precipice, and we are at that chaotic time that metaphorically represents the 100-year flood. A time when judgment day is truly here, and justice is served. We reap what we sow. May I be clear that this is not a doom, gloom, kind of “judgement day”, but rather a rise-up and stand together for the highest good of ALL kind of judgment day. A stepping into the Golden Age together as emissaries of love. A time to stand fully in the light, and Soul-power within each of us, and sing “Hallelujah!” while the world around us shakes and trembles into alignment with the source of creation. So much of what we thought mattered, does not matter anymore…What is absolutely undebatable at the innermost core of our hearts, and integrity IS what matters. The more we resist this natural flow of divine order, the more likely we are to feel like we are trying to swim upstream, or fighting a losing battle. Surrender to the light within, which is connected to the source all around. The false powers of disillusionment, abuse, control, manipulation, and dogma cannot and will not survive this restoration process.

We will not only witness the restoration process in our personal lives, and outer political/institutional world, but we will also witness this in our very own psyches. This makes nobody “bad” or “wrong”. It is the product of conditioning, and how propaganda, misinformation, and abuses of power has directly affected our mental/emotional development as a human species. Since we are inherently connected to each other and our environment, finding sanity within an insane society has been challenging to say the least. What happens when the majority of people do not buy into the insanity anymore? Can it survive?

NO, I see it holding on by a thread…like a dingle-berry!

2016 helped us tease through a lot of our conditioning to come more into alignment with our centerlines of integrity and discernment rooted in divine order. This year continues that process, but in a more straight-forward, to-the-point kind of way. Image a lightning bolt of unwavering truth, unconditional love, and justice striking. It cuts straight to the core, cuts away what is not serving divine order, and reveals what is most valuable to us. It brings us into the diamond heart within us all. This will connect us to what truly matters. It will connect us to the intimacy within ourselves, and it will connect us to each other in a more intimate way…creating a whole army of emissaries of love.

The only way we will find our true identities is to allow the distorted modes of thought, behavior, and the themes of self-importance to die alongside the distorted modes of these same patterns being reflected to us so clearly, and dying in society, and on the world stage.

I know it appears that these patterns aren’t dying because they are being reflected so loudly on the world stage at present. I reassure you, they are! It’s like in the movie, “The Wizard of OZ”; when the wicked witch of the West is melting, her evil is so loud and apparent because she’s trying to hang on for dear life and exert her will to survive in those last moments. The first 6-8 months of this year will reflect that kind of “dingle berry holding on for dear life” scene on the world stage, and also in our own lives, and psyches. Let the metaphorical wicked witches die. Let the dingle-berry aspects of yourself go. Notice how when you let them die in yourself, you serve your Soul. When we serve our Souls, we serve the greater world. Notice how the dingle-berries of old consciousness cannot survive on the world stage either. The momentum rising into the Golden Age is too grand for the dingle berries to survive. They have to be let go, or transformed. We need to return to that which we came from. This is where we can restore our connection to divine order, and then take action to restore and create divine order around us; in our routines, families, communities, land, workplace, government structures, planet, and so on. Rather than focusing your energy on complaining about what people in power are not doing, take responsibility in your life and begin to create a new harmonious world that you imagine is possible. Even if that means solely focusing on creating that harmony within your own body, family, or neighborhood. Know that is worthy, critical to NOW, and it ripples out.

This year, those attached to the dingle berries will have a hard time. Most of us will be feeling this on some level because we are human, and have all been conditioned by society, and the ill-intentioned matrix-makers. Those attached to the inner authority of their ego’s beliefs, behavioral patterns, sense of self-importance, or distorted uses of willpower will get lessons in humility to surrender to the higher power of nature that is in charge.

Those attached to the outer authority of the ego minds of other people, groups, materialism (false gurus, dictators, abusive people, propaganda) and their distorted uses of willpower will get lessons in the illusion of being rescued. They will have to bring their attention inward to find the pure power within the heart, Soul, centerline, and spine. This is the only anchor, and it’s anchored in source energy. Universal laws of harmony, pure power, unwavering truth, justice, and unconditional love come from source energy, and ALL beings have the capacity to tap into it. It is pivotal that we DO NOT give our power away to someone else’s, or our own distorted ego patterns. We are being invited to go IN, and find that pure power that connects us all, then light up the world like never before! We’ve got to show up as the liquid light beings that we truly are, and spread the glue around…Compassion-in-action! The power is truly within the people, and divine order is being restored whether we like it or not. Although the beginning of this year will have some chaos, we WILL make it through, becoming stronger and closer as a unit. By the end of this year the restoration and harmonious aspects of divine order will become more visible. True Love has already won, and there is no avoiding it!

If you need another metaphor for reassurance, imagine those that abuse power, abuse people, and worship money (with the denial of divine order) sitting on one side of a seesaw making all the power moves. If an equal in size group filled with hate, anger, and fear for the people making the power moves fight back on the other side of the seesaw, the seesaw goes back and forth, which means nowhere…it’s stuck it duality consciousness, and that’s what the fear-eating monsters want. But what happens when individuals and groups of people come together on a common goal to band together in protection of the principles of divine order? To protect each other, justice, human rights, Earth rights, animal rights, real news, unconditional love, truth, and the web of light that connects us all together? What happens when the majority of humans take their power back from where they are giving it away? That is what is currently happening! Doing this does not feed the seesaw of duality, but rather brings in an overarching 3rd power that is the greatest power, it is the power of ONE, the power of light connected to the web of universal harmony. This aspect ALWAYS ultimately wins (whether it is visible or not). Connecting here loosens the matrix of false power, and of where we have been slaves as a human race. The grips of control, manipulation, and abuse do not stand a chance. They literally become so small in comparison that they resemble a dingle berry! There is no chance for anything that is not in alignment with divine order to survive, and that is an ultimate universal law. Practice trust in this! Practice embodying the brilliant light that is within you…

I know easier said than done, right?

I received this message in meditation, and deliver it with the intention that it helps ignite a sense of faith, hope, heart-awakening, community outreach, and courage that we WILL get through this.

Because these are such trying times and I want to support as many people as I can, I am offering my 60-minute Soul reading/spiritual guidance sessions for a sliding-scale of $47-$117 until October 17th. My sessions are worth $117. Sessions are by appointment only, and held over Skype. Check out my website, and “contacts” page if you are interested in booking an appointment. I will accommodate rescheduling 72 hours prior to the session, or for emergencies. I have this cancellation policy in place to honor me, which in turn honors you. 🙂

Thank you ALL! May you find this 2017 message helpful through these trying times. Now, let’s light up the world!

With LOVE,




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