Missing Cruise Missiles Strike Anunnaki Stronghold in Syria. ~ April 10, 2017

This is the most plausible explanation I have heard thus far about the American attack on the largely abandoned airbase in Syria. Please read, think about this, feel the truth in your heart, and…


On Thursday evening, United States Naval vessels launched fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles toward Shayrat airbase in northeast Syria. In Moscow, Vladimir Putin condemned the attack; Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev said the strike brought the United States within

“an inch of a military clash” with Russia.

Officially, this was Trump’s “measured response” to reports that Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad had used that air field to launch chemical airstrikes against civilians in the province of Iblib. Within hours of the attack, Washington cheered; a White House spokesperson said that the “beautiful weapons” had destroyed six Migs— later amended to twenty—and killed only seven people. Trump’s mission to damage Assad’s regime was described as a noble humanitarian gesture, by which the President agreed to forsake the non-interventionist platform that had helped secure his seat in the Oval Office.

That is the official version of events.

Information obtained from our Washington insider, however, in parallel with testimony given by our Moscow source, a former KGB agent with close ties to the Kremlin, demolishes the official story as a well-orchestrated charade created to hide a frightening truth from public eyes. The entire incident, our sources says, was a false flag, agreed upon by both leaders, to create the illusion of animosity while they

secretly planned to eliminate a threat far more dangerous than al-Assad.

Russian sources noted that only 26 of the 59 cruise missiles struck the airbase. Satellite maps seem to confirm this argument; the blast points are obvious.

Our Moscow source explained: “Putin would have preferred to say all fifty-nine missiles hit the airfield, but unfortunately even the world’s smartest men fail to think things through. The blast damage assessment showed approximately twenty-six impact points. A fact easily checked. Apparently, the American mainstream media did not count the blast points before showing maps of the damaged airfield on television. Putin needed an excuse—so he said the missiles missed the target or fell into the sea. Putin and Trump thought this through together, but failed to communicate with Washington after the attack.”

Washington stuck to its guns, hour by hour embellishing the damage done, insisting that each cruise missile had destroyed its intended target.

“Something happened with communications directly following the attack,” said our Washington source. “It was as if they were jammed.

Only a few people were with Trump in the Mar-a-Lago situation room while the attack occurred—Ivanka, Jared Kushner, and his loyalists. Most in Washington had no idea where those cruise missiles were actually heading. And of those who did, well, those Hawks weren’t going to go on the record saying their weapons missed the target.”

So, the question remained: What happened to the missing thirty-six cruise missiles? The idea of so many missiles suddenly failing is patently absurd; the Tomahawk, first deployed during the Gulf War, has undergone decades of refinement and is a reliable mainstay in the United States’ arsenal.

The truth, according to our sources, is that the true target was an extra-terrestrial enclave located thirty-five miles northeast of Al Shayrat airfield. Our Moscow man said the airfield attack was merely used to camouflage an assault upon extra-terrestrials.

“These creatures had been preying on humans,” our Moscow man said. “They have hives all across the planet. This was just one of them. They are Annunaki, a race of very, very tall aliens that don’t seem to like us very much. Within minutes of the airfield attack, the remaining

thirty-six cruise missiles struck the Anunakki hive.

Additional evidence supports this claim.

Al Shayrat Airbase

The very existence of the airbase may have been a deception. Our source says Al Shayrat is a mostly abandoned airfield that has not been used in nearly a decade. The structures, he says, were in disrepair, and the hardened concrete bunkers had begun to crumble from lack of maintenance. Furthermore, he alleges that any parked aircraft were either derelicts or cardboard replicas.

Our Washington source added his thoughts: “Al Shayrat is a small airbase. There is no damn way fifty-nine Tomahawk’s would be used to attack six sheltered, 70s era Migs and a few rusted buildings. The majority of those missiles struck somewhere else.


Lamma Dayoub Mohammad, a shepherd who lives ten miles northeast of Al Sayrat, reported hearing a “humming noise” directly overhead while the attack was underway. Looking up, he saw what he thought to be the shadow of a drone directly overhead. Had the missile been

aimed at Al Shayrat, it would not have passed Mohammad’s homestead.

At approximately 4:10 AM (local time) a Syrian wheat farmer named Amal Houmam witnessed a massive explosion several kilometers northeast of his property. He said the flames “licked the sky” and that the ground shook terribly for nearly a minute. Again, a missile launched from the Mediterranean towards Al Shayrat would not have crossed Houmam’s property.

Our Moscow source added: “In that area, many people have reported seeing strange creatures, bipedal, human-like, but taller, sometimes eight or ten feet tall. They say that Annunaki raiding parties often collect humans, for reasons unknown. Such people were never seen again, but this is a poor area and no one took such reports seriously.”


Many questions still need answering, but evidence and testimony suggest that rising tensions between Trump and Putin have been grossly

exaggerated to conceal a shared, secret agenda. Incidentally, on February 18th we published a story highlighting an incident, which took place in a network of caves near Raqqa, between a Russian special forces team and a nest of what the sole survivor called Annunaki from Nibiru.

We, the general public, are like spectators inside a circus tent, watching the clowns, lions, tigers, and bears, largely blind to the shadowy war from which the rulers of the world think they need to protect us.

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