April 2017 Energy Report ~ The Convergence and Separation of Energy ~ April 9, 2017

By Jennifer Ho, L.Ac., 04/08/2017

Be mindful of your words and thoughts. Energy converging means that manifestation is rapid and pretty much instantaneous.  

Remember we are limitless universal beings. Forget the sky being your limit. The vastness of the universe is our canvas.  The key here is to stay humble, release judgment and don’t be greedy. There is no wrong or right. Everything in divine order and timing.

Energy is converging and separating rapidly and simultaneously.

On one hand, Energy is converging rapidly.  It is becoming laser sharp.  Those of us that are here to do the work, those of us here to herald in the Golden Ages are at a point of critical mass in awakening. It is literally time for us to roll up our sleeves to do the work. 

Up until this point, higher dimensional energies were somewhat intangible to us, despite our understanding and awareness of them.  They are now becoming more and more tangible and available for us to bring into our realities.  Thus anchoring the light becomes something very real and tangible.  In the past it was more so a concept and somewhat “imaginary”, now it has become more the physical and tangible reality.

With that said, the anchoring of the light is in a sense going back to the basics.  Coming into congruence with our inner higher selves and the divine within. Anchoring the light is becoming aware of your alignment into the present moment on all aspects, all dimensions of your being.  We get caught up in fanciness and complexities of terms and concepts. It’s exotic and exciting.  But the real work is done through grounding ourselves. It is done through awareness and connection with our breath. It is done with our presence.  It is recognizing the simplicity of the divine within.  It is simple, elegant and graceful.  It is broad and all encompassing.  Let go of the need to get into the nitty gritty details.  Open your heart and your being into the limitless.  

The sun and the cosmos are both actively engaged in our energetic upgrades.  While March was about the on off nature of the energy blasts, April will present more sustained blasts of energy from the sun and the cosmos.  Remember when the energies are intense our bodies are doing double duty as it works to integrate the energies.  Yes it will be invigorating and uplifting.  At the same time it will be exhausting and disorienting.  Trust that this too shall pass.  Short naps come in handy.  Be gentle on yourself and take microbreaks to focus on your breath.

On the other hand, energies are rapidly separating.  The light is becoming lighter and brighter.  The dark is becoming denser and darker.  The tendency here is to get caught up on the dark.  It is crucial here to remember that the energies are separating. Meaning there is a split. The chasm between the two is ever widening.  It is your choice at any point in time which of the two paths you are on at every juncture. Are you co-creating the Golden Ages? Or staunchly set in the Dark Ages?

Turn off the news and the distractions.  Chaos will ensue.  In chaos the winds of change blows.  In chaos the new arises.  

Detach.  Detach from the drama playing out on all levels.  Our deeply empathetic and compassionate tendencies cause us to hurt when witnessing drama around us on a personal and  global level.  Detach and let go.  That does not equate to bypass and give up.  One is active and the other is passive.  One require awareness and wisdom.  The other is ignorance and control.   

Each and every soul has a journey and a process.  No matter how close or how much we feel, we cannot intervene.  That is the nature of free will.  The only soul you can master is yours.  Work on anchoring the light.  An anchor cannot be disturbed by the turbulent waves that wash against it.  It will sway but it will not move.  Everything in divine timing and order.  Trust.

Release the need to judge.  That includes yourself, others, and everything in between.  There is no wrong or right.  Focus inwards. Foster the light.

The physical outer form does not change immediately, it is painstakingly slow.  That is ok. Acceptance goes a long way. Gratitude goes the extra mile.   

If all else fail, think of the time you learned to ride a bicycle.  In the beginning we fell down often.  Eventually as we got the hang of it, we begin to balance.  And then we think to ourselves, this isn’t so bad after all.

Although with the instant manifestations having quite the run, the alignment in motivation and the present moment will manifest rapidly.   Release judgement.  Understand your limitless nature.  Be in the present moment.  Room is made for the manifestation to transpire.

Coming in from the energetic bounce house of March, April feels like an long entrenchment in the swamps. Making headway seems almost impossible.  Lots of rethink and redo to be done.  Remember, the energies are converging to our advantage.  At the same time it is separating rapidly.  The rethink and redo challenges the firmness of our resolve.  It is the tug that ensures our anchoring.  Loose ends become resolved in the process.  Either way, you’ve been putting one foot in front of the other.  Rest assured that you’ve made progress.

Now here is the cool part. This is where the energies, astrology, and TCM align and meshes to weave the fabric of April. 

Astrologically, there are currently 4 planet in retrograde, or about to.  Mercury is the one that hasn’t caught up to the parade as of this writing.  But it will within a matter of days. Nonetheless the energetics of it is that of going backwards -> hence redo and rethink. Swampy days? it’s all about establishing our clarity and increasing our strength in being able to move forward. 

At the same time, Jupiter is in the closest position to us right now.  Jupiter, planet of luck -> hence the instant manifestation.  Even though Jupiter is one of the quartet that are in retrograde, the lucky factor doesn’t change. It’s only this redo and rethink aspect.  Are you getting lucky for reasons in alignment with your soul? Or are you getting lucky because you want to keep up with the Jones.  Keeping up with the Jones is on it’s way to becoming a dinosaur of a concept. Listening to your intuition, activating your light, being you and only you is this moment now.   

Now from a TCM perspective, this stuckness in a gnarly swamp is very much the theme this spring. Not only that, people are going to continue to be a tad on the edgy side (or maybe a lot).  Watch for flares of anger. Shielding yourself might not do.  Let it go. Heck, even the sun is getting in the action with last week’s super rare 7 chained M-class flares. Hello, Sun! We hear you loud and clear.  (Or shall we say, we feel you loud and clear!)

Why? Because spring is of the element of Wood.  Liver is the Organ of Wood.  Anger is the emotion of wood.  With Spring in full force (on the Chinese calendar/almanac the start of spring was back in February this year on the 5th day of the Chinese new year), tempers flare, stress appears to be extra stressful.  Add to that potent energies abound.  And add to that the frustration of this constant redo and rethink brought about by the retrogrades, fuses are short as ever.  Let it go.

Compassion, compassion, compassion.  Towards yourself and others. Don’t berate yourself if your tempers flare.  Don’t berate yourself for jumping in the fight.  We are only human. And they are too.

Remember to slow down.  Take time to take those deep breaths.  Find ways to vent that stress.  Build ups will blow in epic proportions.

Back to that swamp. What does this have to do with that swamp?  Well, the liver is overactive with a three-pronged hyper-boost.  Which in turn means the Spleen is being hit with giant and potent triple whammy.  Spleen is organ of the element Earth.  Wood overacts/attacks earth when it is in overabundance. 

As the energetic system that governs the transformation of anything water in our body, the spleen, when bogged down (in this case overruled by an overactive Liver) turns our bodies into a swamp quite literally.  It can’t move nor transform.  It feels stuck and so do we.  Our willpower is sapped.  Our energy is zapped. As if dealing with these intense energies weren’t enough!

But between the two, Wood and Earth, Liver and Spleen, we see spurts of brilliance shine through the swamp we are so treacherously wading though.  Know that once the swamp clears up, the work will be a lot easier done.  After, strength is built through pushing against resistance. Summer, the season of the element Fire is right around the corner (this year summer starts on 5/5/2017 on the Chinese calendar).  Once Fire begins to kindle, the swamp will begin to dry. 

Liver does not always equate cleanse.   Nourish is the name of the game.  Yes, we may be putting a lot of gunk in our bodies, but if you really think about it, filter and cleanse is what the Liver was meant to do anyways.  It’s a already a tough job.  Nourish it so that it can thrive in overdrive, it will be the cleansing machine it was meant to be.  

Nourish with cooked dark leafy greens.  Springtime farmer’s market veggie soup sounds good. Nourish with sleep. Quality sleep between the hours of 11pm-1am works magic.

Our psyches, on the other hand, needs a power wash.  Release and let go.  The Liver is the energetic storehouse of all imprints from past and present lives.  If the current energies are not stirring intense dreams the liver will.  Characters and events from the past are surfacing to be released.  

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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