Super Quantum Energy Report ~ Our Advanced Circuitry System, Body Field, Neural Network Upgrades and More ~ April 9, 2017

By Lisa Brown, 04/08/2017

Super Quantum Energy Report: Our Advanced Circuitry System, Body Field & Body Systems, Neural Network Upgrades and more… 

Today has been “advanced circuitry system” upgrades and each Plasma Crystalline LightBody Phase will experience these dependent on how developed & integrated their own NEW EARTH HUman Body System is…..

We’ve been rotating between “nano work” within our own intelligent technology/living bio-systems and oscillating between supercharging / overcharging / super stimulating to high solar winds then both simultaneously these last few hours……

These upgrade our continually evolving neural networks and new circuitry systems from the old nervous system that we had with our unconscious carbon-based human bodies through an entire process (over years) of developing our whole new BODY FIELD SYSTEM (inside & out) that work intelligently, eloquently and cohesively as one (with all) in/for simultaneous existence here.

We reached all new “Body Field and Body Systems” phases (my words to describe the current processes as I observe them occur) a couple of weeks ago, when we came through the Re-Link-Up and now move to the next phase of that.

You will see me start speaking more using these phrases to describe these enhanced processes we entered into these last few months: BODY FIELD and BODY SYSTEMS (and enhanced Genetic BioSystem) as we continue to physically evolve through continual increased integration of enhanced geometrics, algorithms and schematics between our own energy fields and Avatar Bodies here.

For the human body, these overstimulate (on purpose), for each over stimulation shorts out the weakened and outdated areas & systems for identification, so that entire area can be neutralized and completely re-worked. This process creates new pathways of communication within the Plasma Crystalline LightBody… It is a delicate procedure that requires the body be in a constant resting state in order to easily accomplish/complete these intricate processes.

Today is powerful full body system re-calibrating while all of this occurs…. so needless to say, we are maneuvering, as usual… which is how higher-dimensional-physical-body-existence is…. a continual process, where we learn how to flow through all of these increasing high frequency activation & integration times…

The last few days were very physical. For me, contractors, doing physical house repair/upgrading work and lots of physical body density/gravitational adjustments occurring as well (non-stop too). It seems pushing my body and all of the movement is often necessary to weaken my body appropriately so that it can rebuild itself after. (I know when this is each time/have for years, which is a part of this process as well). I can tell when we are moving into certain processes (like today). I’ve “learned” to observe the purposes and how my own Universe/me lays my realities out totally in unison to move through/flow through realities for optimum efficiency and to honor this process above all…. for “easy” to be our awesome existence here. WE do have to let everything go that is not absolutely necessary, contributing or supporting… for there’s no excess energy to expend here. We constantly have to re-pace ourselves now….

And as I prepare to post this, we have fully charged up (atoms, ions, neurons, photons) and prepare to JUMP again…. which is all day/every day now, yet each a different type of jump, depending in current activations….

It seems StarGates are now activating, after a couple days of “wait/template wipe time”…. as all re-aligned for “now”. Cool!

Here we go loves… still a whole lot more going on, as all increases powerfully now. ♦ Headed towards ultra-sonic soon too. ♫ Everything’s a moving galactically, inside and inner Earth too. ☼

I love you! Happy magical everything! Beyond exquisite for all embracing with full dedicated focus now. ∞
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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