Keepers of the Golden Rays ~ Your Planet is Now in Transition to a Higher Way ~ Feb. 26, 2017


By Sunaya/Susan, 02/25/2017

Channeling on Chemtrails

We called you to come forward and you have responded, despite your doubt and hesitation. We commend you for this.

You have been triggered to consider your connection to us, the Keepers of the Golden Rays – or the rays of the sun as you once knew it. We are the collective force responsible for the maintenance and calibration of these Divine Rays.

So many of you have noticed the difference in the light of your sun of late. You have commented on it to others, baffled by their lack of enthusiasm for what is so plain for you to see. We are calling your forward now to put a voice to this, for it is a crime against Mother Earth and all its residents that the light of the sun is being kept from you now. You know, in your heart, why this is. Please put a voice to it.

Know this; the sun is the source of all life on your planet. And your planet is now in a transition to a higher way. To move you all together with Mother Earth to this higher way, you need to the power that is your sun to amp-up your beings, so to speak. The light of the sun has changed to help YOU to change, and those in power know this and wish to keep it from you.

You have also noticed the lines of poisons being spread throughout your atmosphere. You may have noticed these lines seem to appear, out of nowhere, in your waking hours. Yet, do you now notice that these lines do not appear in your night skies? We ask you to consider why this is.

The lost ones spread poisons into your atmosphere to keep the light from you, to keep you from your source, in an attempt to stop you from ascending. For if you ascend, they lost control. They will not be able to ascend with you, either, so it is in their best interest to keep you here with them, feeding them, doing the work for them as they exploit every natural aspect and resource that is your physical existence, including the Divine right of the very evolution of your soul.

What we want you to know, so that you no longer fear what they do, is that it is not working. The light cannot be held back, no matter how much they spray into your environment. And just as the light cannot be held back, your ascension is already in an unstoppable trajectory. So fear not! They will give up this practice soon, as they know they are fighting a losing battle.

For many of you, the presence of these toxic trails are a source of worry and fear. We are here with you now to convey a message of hope, of victory, of light. Spread this knowledge, tell it to others, for it is important that you stay out of the experience of fear as much as possible.

Fear is their true weapons against you, and the last hurdle for you to leap. Fear not! Sons and daughters of love, as we speak with you now, you are in midair and the oxic trailsleap is almost complete.

We want you to know how much you are loved. We commend you for your efforts, as they have been great. We are with you each, constantly showering you with the love of source and guiding you each to find your way home. You may relax now, you may trust us now, and you may rest assured that your destination is within very easy reach. 

Know this, the light is the truth, the light is the love and the light is the way.  No darkness is too dark for the light to expel – the light always finds its way. And know this – you, too, are the light. They have tried to subdue the power of the sun, but they are failing. They have tried to suppress the brightness of your light, but they cannot. They are in the panic of despair, now, knowing that the time is here for them to give up.

Soon, we will hold the celebration of all celebrations when we are able to welcome you each home. Soon, you will see blue skies once again.


Keepers of the Golden Ray collective, Masters of illumination and Peace as told to Sunaya/Susan.



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