The Divine Directors through ~ January 11, 2020

Editor’s note: Yes…another call to simply relax into the Love which you ARE. Inner knowledge of your Divinity is frightening due to lack of knowledge in this 3D world of density…it is all we have ever known. However, the moment is NOW to reach out into understanding and accepting this inner change which MUST take place in your heart.

Inner courage to face this unknown truth with acceptance of WHO YOU REALLY ARE with compassion and Love for YOU allows you be that which you are, and BE…



Master Lady Kira Raa

We are speaking with thee now and invite you to relax and be here as we share.

People do not know us because we are trying to fit into a model that does not exist! Why have we been feeling unsupported or misunderstood when the truth is that we are CLEAR and we are AWARE!

This is the moment of experience that will defy the words AND the “world”.

Embodying the DEPTH that Together we are Better, and the breadth that energy carries, through a collective YES from those who are AWARE, we can offer a NEW MODEL that HAS EXISTED BEFORE and is READY TO EXIST AGAIN! WE ARE ALL WHO WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

It is time to stop waiting and start EXPERIENCING. This is the message of 2020!

It is simple and it is vast. The Dragonflies have begun their dance and the universe is speaking!

Why is it that we are not organized? What paradigm does that even exist within?

To be organized, is to simply be LIVING the GIFT Of who we are. Supporting each other and coming together as ONE VOICE with Unlimited expressions.

Your divine presence is frightening to those who would seek to call you crazy. They are afraid because deep within their own sense of “self” they know you are not, yet to call you sane would mean they would have to gaze at their own BE-ing.

That is the choice that all are awake to. The choice to gaze at your own BE-ing to AWAKEN consciousness, or the CHOICE to intentionally NOT gaze.

Both are the journey.

And…when the choice is to NOT see, then it becomes frightening to believe that seeing is even possible. The level of consciousness that cannot accept possibility, or expanded thought, as an option within the creation, is the density consciousness experience.

It is afraid of that which it cannot understand. And! It cannot understand why it is afraid.

And the level of consciousness that chooses to gaze at its own BE-ing, and open to the eyes of the divine soul, lifts through the energy of compassion and witnesses the fear through the gateway of Ascension Awareness.

This compassion understands the fear and surrounds it with love! Fully understanding that it cannot possibly understand, therefore the embodiment of “Forgive them, they know now what they do.”

True compassion! This is the moment at hand! And so it is…there is more!


What Your Job Is ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ December 9, 2019

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when you are asking for something, and we are able to detect exactly what you are asking for, even if you don’t verbalize it or think it consciously in your head. And we are just one council in one dimension, and we are only focused in this galaxy. So you can imagine how tuned in to all of you Source is.

Source is all that is, and yet Source still has the ability to sense and understand every single one of your desires. Now, we also want to point out that Source has many different ways of delivering that which you desire to you. There are many agents working on behalf of that very benevolent, loving, ubiquitous Energy that Source is. We tell you this because we want you to know that your job is not to make it all happen.

You are told from a very young age that you will have to work in order to not only survive, but also to get the things that you want for pure enjoyment purposes. And so you are regularly programmed into thinking that it is all up to you and that you will usually only be able to get something that you desire through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

The re-programming is underway now, and we are happy to be a part of that re-programming. We want you to have faith, to trust. We want you to relax and to know that you are also an agent of Source. It is your job to desire because it is through your desires that you create, and it is through those creations that Source expands.

We recommend that you do your jobs and that you let the rest of us do ours. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Relax and Listen What Source is Telling You ~ January 11, 2019

Good Morning and Welcome back to another insight along with our dear Abraham Hicks. We are happy that you choose to stay with us and we are looking forward to see what are your Thoughts for today. Enjoy❤️

Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks. ❤️

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Mother God ~Tsunami of Love Update ~ December 12, 2018

via Dancing Dolphin

Dear Children, many, many things are coming at you now, fast and furious. Not only in your news, and social media platforms, but within and without. Please know that I am sending my Tsunami of Love and it is hitting you all right now. It makes some of you tense and others who have their hearts wide open are feeling my love within their hearts. Continue to open your hearts, dear Children, to allow more of my love to come in. Open your hearts and heart chakras up wide!

Those not accustomed to my love, those who are closed off to me will continue to become more and more agitated as the wave becomes stronger and stronger. It is your job, Lightworkers, to assist others who are having difficulty. How? By being a shining example of LOVE embodied. Show them how to breathe, how to relax and allow these feelings of love tingles enter. Show them that it is OK and that all will be well. Be gentle and kind to everyone. I know this is difficult, especially if someone is shouting or hitting you, for example. But allow me to come into your hearts and I will help you to do this. You are my emissaries, dear Children. You are ME embodied and I need your help at this time!!

Yes, you have taken on many jobs for this lifetime and this is one of them. This is URGENT, dear Lightworkers for we wish to save and help as many as we can. For those who do not receive your assistance or blessings will have a more difficult time. Rash actions can occur. You see this everyday in your news and it will become more prevalent as time passes…until the threshold of love vibrations reach the tipping point to take you all into the next level. When that occurs, anyone who is not vibrating at a specific rate will not be able to go forward. They will be taken care of, not to worry! However, it is our joint goal that as many people as possible make the transition and ascend together.Do you see? (Yes!)

Yes, dear One you may ask a question.

Any cosmic events coming in also to coincide with your Tsunami of Love? I’ve heard lots about the sun lately.

Ahhh, yes dear One, there are many events all joining in together in perfect harmony to bring about this apex of highest vibrations to assist humanity at this time. Some are cosmic events, some are astrological in nature some are more physical (such as sounds) while others are energetically based. This is an incredible time to be alive, dear Children and you all wished to be here NOW. You are the bravest of the brave and my pride and joy. I salute you and applaud your steadfastness and courage during this difficult time.

Please remember that you all have your own entourage of loving Beings surrounding you at all times who would jump at the change to help you!!! Call on them!! They live to serve and to help you as they have also taken on this mission. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance, dear Children. In doing so, you show strength and the wisdom to know when to seek help. There is no weakness or shame in that. We are a family, a grand team and we all have our parts to play.

Remember, shine your lights as brightly as you can and when others are drawn to you, show them grace and love in my name. Teach them to breathe, relax and open their hearts to love. That is all. I AM your Mother God. Live in ease and grace and go with my love, dear Children.


MotherGod ~ It Is Time For The Old To Pass Away ~ October 31, 2018

By galaxygirl


Greetings children, my precious ones.

This is your Mother God speaking. I want you to sit back and relax into me, for you are worried and burdened, I can sense it. The heaviness that has been transmuted of late has been quite the load to bear and I see this children. I – we, your Father and I, thank you so much for your service. This is not a forever thing children although it can feel like it when you are in the throes of it. Relax and lean into me and become refreshed and rejuvenated.

I am your Mother God. I see you, I know you, I love you. My breath is your breath, children. We are one, united, together, of the same stuff. We are love. It is this Now for you to recall and deeply remember this truth and time for the untruths to be transmuted into love and truth. Love is all there is. I, Source, is all there is. All is light in the end, children. Rest in this and enjoy the journey.

My wave coming is my light, my pulse, my love. Let it into you, just as you are letting my words just now come into you and sooth your vibration. It is the same. Do not over think it. Continue to walk hand in hand and heart in heart with me and all will be made right. Rest in me. You are safe and secure. And children, you are strong. So strong, it takes my breath away in delight as I watch your prayers and light beams light up the heavens. You are a formidable team, children, and together we are unstoppable. It is time for the light to completely vanquish the dark now. I have spoken. The divine feminine has returned. And children, it is truth through me, through you, through this communication that we have when you open your hearts up to me. For it is time for the old to pass away and the new to be reborn and re-remembered. Will you build and rebuild with me? Gaia needs you. Nova Gaia waits for you. We are all here in great support of you.

I am your Mother God. Be at peace. But of course that is your choice should you decide to rest in me or stand off to the side frizzled and frazzled. Why would you chose that? Have you not been in that space of lack for long enough? Yes! Come to me, rest in me, talk with me about your day, about your concerns. I am ever listening for you and to you. Let me sing you a lullaby and be soothed at your deepest core. Let me in there too and be one with me. Twins and family and the what ifs really are inconsequential when you realize that all is divine timing and will serve my purpose. Ah, there you are. Rest in me a bit more children. I am forever here for you and your biggest fan – well Father of course too! We both are your biggest fans and our reunions (Company of Heaven with us) and celebrations we are greatly anticipating. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl