Pedo Ring Arrests Eclipse 2016 Stats Already & Are the Antarctica Disclosures a Distraction? [videos] ~ Feb. 17, 2017


Good thoughts…so let’s share ’em! Starship Earth: The Big Picture has come out with an idea that seems sound, and makes very good sense to me! “What if” folks need some level of distraction from what is really going on in our world.?

We all know that Trump is destined to fail as our US President…how could he NOT, given the enormous set-up he has walked into? Have you heard the news that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was given an over $200M dollar loan by George Soros for a new real estate venture? I’m no lawyer…but isn’t that  conflict of interest? Look it up, and…follow the money!

This article makes the same point in that while we are not watching, or watching closely enough…what the heck is going on? So…please this article, watch, the video’s, think, think, and…


I just came across this: Stillness in the Storm posted a video from ‘Destroying the Illusion’ channel and I have to say—congrats to another young alt-media dude for doing what needs to be done. Great job, man. Share the truth!

Here’s your 4-minute update. As he points out—there have been more arrests in one month this year following Trump’s placement, than in all of last year. That’s progress!

So… the whining and complaining that not enough is being done is to cease immediately!  ;0)  The removals are ramping up.

Our ad revenue at Starship Earth has taken a huge hit lately, which could be attributed to the “fake news designation” awarded by the newest Google algorithms. Oh, well. It’s not about the income, but the outcome.

If you like this video, check out the one below. He suggests the Antarctic “revelations” may be a distraction from the Pedo-ring activity. Hmmmm… I love “what if”s”, don’t you???  He expands on this in some interesting ways.  ~ BP

Published on Feb 16, 2017

I thought arrests were going slow… but it looks like there is much more going on than we realize. A new pizza shop owner was also busted in the past few days, also connected with Clinton and Obama. Things are seriously heating up.

Published on Feb 12, 2017

Antarctica may be used to distract us from mass Cabal arrests that could take place. Ponder some possibilities…

Mass arrests update video from earlier today:
Dr. Michael Salla’s Twitter:

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