News that Never Made the News; The Liberation of Planet Earth ~ Nov. 10, 2015


Are you kinda new to “waking up”? Do you feel like you are on a never-ending-wheel ultimately going nowhere as you… …with little respite and looking for a way out? Are you tired for being told what to do and how to do it by our government? If so, this article from Starship Earth: The Big Picture is what you need to read!

This article, in a nutshell, puts it all out there. How we as a human race are being steadily eliminated by those “in control” of our Earth who seek to make us sick, tired, ignorant, and poverty-stricken. Not very pretty, is it? If you doubt, take a look at the links provided by Starship Earth and you will see the proof on the “new printing press”… the Internet! But after you read these links…do NOT despair!

We have the strongest force in the Universe working on our behalf…and that is LOVE! Those currently losing control of the Earth do not love, nor understand the concept of love. Love is kind of like gravity in my book. Unseen, but slowly and steadily, love makes things right and heals. How does love do this? Why…in your heart!

So…please read this article, trust your heart, and…


This is my sermon for today. The most radiant choir knows who they are and may disregard.  ;0)

ufo Cal nov 7I feel like it’s a good time to connect with new folks who are seeking answers these days as to what the hell is happening on this planet, because after that dramatic light show conundrum on Saturday night in the US Southwest and the pat explanation provided by the mass media, I think a few more people are kicking around the Internet looking for answers.

In case they land here accidentally-on-purpose, following is a collection of some information they would not hear on the lamestream news.

Benjamin Fulford began his update this week with evidence that we in the blogosphere and alternative news sites rejoice to hear, because we never know for certain just how much of an impact our collective labour of love has on the greater consciousness—if any.

The storm of information poured out by the Internet, the new Guttenberg Press, has made a critical mass of people aware of the enormous crimes of George Bush Sr. and his Nazionist cohorts.

—and I hope that would include 9-11. This is music to our ears. As regulars on this blog know, in reality, life on this planet is a vast network of murder and intrigue that would blow the best Robert Ludlum novel out of the water, and unfortunately eclipses the greed, gore and ruthlessness of the Game of Thrones.

What has transpired and continues to unfold is so abhorrent to the Human sensibility that many simply cannot face that it could be true. If it were only Humans in the picture, that would make sense, but therein lies the rub.

Princess DianaThe perpetrators of these crimes are not who you think they are. They talk a good game, but they are not Human. Princess Diana Spencer confirmed that before she was murdered (by them).

When one fully probes with an open mind what is actually unfolding in our world and asks, “How could this be happening?”, we can come to only one conclusion. There is only one answer. Every single aspect of our lives is being controlled and manipulated. But by whom, and why? That’s when things get really good.

YouTuber Cindy Kay Currier uploaded a good video November 8th that touches on several items of note that just didn’t seem to make it on the 6:00 news and I have included that below. “High Strangeness” doesn’t BEGIN to describe what has been happening on Earth.

mass media brainwashingThere is what is REALLY happening, and what “they” TELL us is happening. When we allow them to tell US, we allow them to shape our reality and hide the truth. That has been one of the greatest hurdles to people understanding the plot and stopping it. As a result, apathy has become a disease in our society.

I, like many others, have been watching the battle for this planet and her people for several years. It’s not easy to fine tune the big picture due to all the disinformation purposely distributed on the Internet to confuse and control.

After awhile, though, we can get a good sense for what is true and what isn’t, and there are basic facts we DO know for certain. Sometimes we have to forget everything we were taught. When they say “the truth is out there”, they mean “out there” as in bizarre and on the fringes of human comprehension.

Many have realized that things are just not right on this planet, and began to look into certain aspects. It isn’t pretty, and it can be downright depressing and infuriating… but we need to remember two things; we are all in this together, and our release from hell has been orchestrated for a very long time by millions of benevolent souls who secretly play the part of our guardians and teachers.

11-11 portalThis excerpt from 5D News suggests that the mass awakening of Humanity continues and will blossom at the November 11th (11:11) portal. (tomorrow)

The 11:11 energies will bring cohesiveness to all selves and will fully usher in the dropping of the Veils.

Each soul will be able to “see” what their frequency, (consciousness), ALLOWS them to see.

It is a stair-step process.

Everything is not seen at once as consciousness has to expand to be able to comprehend each aspect of the greater self.

This will be a different process for ALL.

Some souls will begin to “see” corruption in the medical field.
Others in the pharmaceutical field.
Food industry.
Weather manipulation.
All Illusion.

Hopelessness abounds on our planet, but all is not lost. Despite how things look, we are nearly out of the woods. We can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Dramatic changes are on the horizon and we are soon to know a freedom we have seldom dared to even dream about.

top secretThere has been a plan in place for decades to eliminate those who would control us, enslave us, and gladly eliminate us. The rescue did not unfold as quickly as expected because the Light Warriors underestimated the cunning of the dark ones.

It’s complicated, and that is the understatement of the millennia.

There were setbacks, yes, but if we could only see all the souls in the bleachers cheering for us, performing triage, and counseling those on the planet who are in a place to take these sub-human creatures out of power, we would rejoice. I already am.

Those of us who are aware of what is unfolding get our information from many sources. We use our filters to decide what is true and what isn’t and we all have our own truth. The details don’t matter much. We are all doing the best to can to educate and bring a positive outcome while living our busy lives.

hidden message moneyMany don’t know who to trust as far as our messengers, and I was in that category for a long time, but I have a comfort factor now with who I believe about the key issues. It doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right because it will all work out for our highest good regardless.

At this point there is so much happening beneath the surface of everyday life for the masses that it is difficult for many of us to keep up, but Cindy’s video touches on a few things that may enable those seeking answers to understand that not all is what it seems. Perhaps that will give you a leg up to that first stair-step mentioned above.

light at end of tunnelI can tell you that from my perspective, once I began researching the medical aspects of the problem and branched out from there, I found that the truth is far more intriguing than any television program or fake news broadcast. The end game brings exhilarating hope for the Human race.

The reality is very difficult to believe, and it’s also pretty scary, but I never had any significant doubt as to the positive outcome.

“Drake”, a Vietnam vet, is mentioned in Cindy’s video, and he is STILL sharing his intel and educating people about precisely what has happened and what we can expect on his Facebook page (membership must be approved by admin) and his weekly BlogTalk Radio show every Wednesday evening. Those are just some of his tireless contributions as a Patriot. You can also sign up for his blog posts at his website Home Page.

The link to his interview with David Wilcock is below Cindy’s video and it was fascinating back when he first released that information to his listeners, and still is. I’m very glad someone reposted it after it disappeared recently, because few have been exposed to “The Plan” like Drake has.

government limitedI would point out that although the corrupt government has to go, Drake is no longer characterizing it as a “coup”. Specific corrupt parties will be removed by the military and other authorities, the fat skimmed from the structure and a new, honest, leaner and efficient government will result—a government truly BY the People and FOR the People. No more secrets. We will have complete transparency and accountability.

This same process will unfold in all countries as necessary. All of Humanity will be FREE.

When looking into any topic that may interest you, be aware that the Internet is controlled and censored to some degree, and searches don’t always yield the results we would like because the “controversial” material (aka The Truth) is often not displayed in the search engine results unless we learn to be very specific or know which websites we want to visit, so be patient and persistent.

There are over 5,800 posts on this blog alone, and hundreds of other terrific, valid web sites to satisfy your yearning for Truth.

big brother spying“Big Brother” is watching, however. There are hired guns and spies at every blog, video and web site that shares the truth where comments are permitted and the job of the trolls/shills is to ridicule information and confuse anyone searching for Truth.

Across the Web there is constant hacking of sites that share the truth about what the corrupt governments are doing. Information that contradicts the approved narrative is taboo.

Videos are deleted, articles taken down, links blocked, Facebook messed with, Internet radio shows fractured with interference, etc., but we persevere and we manage.

We are about to celebrate Victory, and life will never be the same again.

future worldHumanity will take giant leaps in technology, spirituality, the arts, ecology, medicine, transportation—every aspect of life. Our Golden Age is about to begin. It will be our New Renaissance.

So ‘New Truthers’—take heart, learn all you can and be ready to face your expansive future with hope and faith that you are here for a reason and about to reap your rewards for the misery you have experienced in your life.

All that is wrong will be put right, and we will bring Heaven down to Earth—whatever you imagine that to be. It has nothing to do with Religion and no one will be left behind.

Namasté, and big love to all—even the poor trolls.  ~ BP


If this video won’t play, click ‘YouTube’ and watch it there.


Published on Nov 8, 2015

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