I’m Not the Only One Thinking ET “Disclosure” from the Kremlin ~ March 15, 2015

I’m Not the Only One Thinking ET “Disclosure” from the Kremlin

star trek

This is a very good post from another blogger. “Starship Earth: The Big Picture” released an article today that is so very relevant to the energies ans how they are affecting Planet Earth right NOW! Many, many positive energies are encapsulating the Earth now as we prepare for our final (well, at least for a while) Uranus-Pluto square which happen to occur on March 17. Then, just 72 hours later, a total solar eclipse will occur.

How are these energies affecting Earth right NOW? Take a look at this article (please check out the links), get ready for the ride of your life, and…


I’ve had a silly grin on my face since I learned of the impending “major announcement” from the Kremlin, and maybe it’s just my crazy-wild and long unfulfilled desire for the disclosure of the Star Nations, but now I’ve seen a couple of others are on the same wavelength, so I don’t feel quite so silly.

KP put out a post that he’s wondering the same thing, and he cites a few reasons.

And then I saw this:


Do you think it’s possible that now the no-nonsense Blue Avians are here, the stars are aligning, the cabal has taken one step too many over the line in the sand with their attempts at nuking various American cities last week and their frequent assassinations of inconvenient people that the ultimatum has been given?


Could the reason for Putin’s absence be due to an impromptu meeting with the Star Nations? Did they advise that “it’s time” to expose everything and that “we’ve got your back”? I believe they’ve had his back for awhile. Now that Putin’s daughter has been born, perhaps he can put his full attention on  Universal matters.

Where better for the news to come from than Russia—with love?! Who in their right mind would announce this from anywhere in the USA—the den of thieves?

Disclosure will NEVER come from the American shadow government—unless you  allow that cute little interlude between Jimmy Kimmel and Obama the other day. In case you missed it… that is what we call ‘soft disclosure’, and they only do it as a joke. Ha. Ha. Interesting that they only tell the truth when it’s supposed to be funny.

There are no accidents. I’m just thinking out loud here, but let’s ask ourselves if what is coming could be “The Event”.

Maybe it was all a matter of waiting for Divine timing of the heavens and the Light Forces meshing; the Pentagon and positive military getting their poop in a group to support the Resistance Movement and the Galactic Confederation. Could all those elements have just culminated in THE Time for THE Event? Could this finally be IT?

David Wilcock told us Obama was all ready to do the deed once before with coverage on all the major networks but was threatened at the last minute.

I’ve had a very strong urge to take care of loose ends; to do the laundry, fill the gas tank, pick up groceries and dog food, and to just BE ready. So I think I will. I am. I am SO ready.  ;0)   Don’t disappoint me, Mr. Putin.  It’s time for The Event.  Make it so, Number One.  ~ BP

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