Q Announces #TENDARKDAYS: Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark! ~ Jan. 20, 2018

This is another very nice video from the Lady from You Are Free TV with some words of wisdom for us. According to this Lady, we are now in “10 days of Darkness” that will cease on Jan. 30,,,the day of Trump’s next State of the Union address to the nation. Her advice? Don’t be afraid of the dark!

So…please listen to this message, feel your way through this time, breathe and relax, and…


Virginia Shooting Preempted House Vote on HR436 on Human Trafficking [video] ~ June 17, 2017

This is news you CAN use! Let’s thanks Starship Earth: The Big Picture and Jesse at BP Earthwatch for this news. I like to stay aware, but not “buried” in the news because I want to keep my vibrations high, high, high!

So…please be aware of a very important topic, the pedophilia thing IS ultimately going to bring down the current US Gov’t!, and…


Jesse at BPEarthwatch briefly brings us this added detail involving the shooting of Steve Scalise at the ball park in Virginia.

They will do ANYTHING to stop the appalling truth about pedophilia from coming out and being addressed.

I thought another detail very interesting which Thomas Paine and John Barnwell discussed in the video they made called Sleight of Hand; How Magician Mueller Will Protect the Clintons.

They pointed out that when Scalise went into the hospital due to the gunshot to the hip he was cheerful and optimistic, and he was then taken to the SAME HOSPITAL as Seth Rich, and was soon reported in grave condition. They suggested he may have been about to be “Seth Riched”.

They also reported that when Trump visited Scalise, he brought a new doctor for him.

If you missed it, a neighbour of Seth Rich said he was walking and not acting as though he’d been shot. Someone has now suggested Rich was drugged, but you know how they throw out the misleading details to cover up the facts.


I noted that the Miami lawyer Naphtali Wacks who was a victim of a bizarre high speed hit and run recently didn’t die until several days after he was admitted to hospital.

It’s like the grim reaper resides in these hospitals to ensure the targets don’t make it.

Fortunately, Steve Scalise seems to have rallied—and possibly due to all the prayers from our community and a new doctor—but he’s not out of the woods yet.

I believe Trump, Sessions, and others behind the scenes will do what is necessary to ensure this key legislation is expedited. It has to happen.

Once the public comes to the general understanding that the world is run by pedophiles who prey on Humans, much of what is hidden will come out and we will see huge leaps forward on many fronts.

The dark will be exposed and their full removal can be done in the open. That will be the game-changer. The arrests of the upper crust can then take place because appearances need not be kept up for the benefit of the sleeping masses.

Once people understand the depth of the atrocities, they can also understand that “Humans” don’t do this to Humans… and the way is paved for the extraterrestrial coverup to be exposed as well.  ~ BP