Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: What is Taking Place ~ May 30, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…ALL of humanity IS advancing from within due to personal curiosity, perhaps driven by an incessant flow of energy arriving 24/7 to Planet Earth. The best thing to do as chaos develops on our world? Find your inner self, seek quiet in that inner self, realize your Magnificence of BEing, find yourself BEing in Quantum Love, and dwell in…

Quantum Joy!


The break from normal activities has given people an opportunity to have a deep look at their lives and where they are going. It is a worrying time for many, but is necessary to be able to sit quietly and contemplate your future. Few realise the true significance of what is taking place, but the circumstances reveal how unsettled the population is and how few are satisfied with their lives. This is in part due to the uncertainty of their future that is yet to be determined and there is a sense of loss of direction. It is as you might say “all in the boiling pot” and it is being laid down as you advance as you are in fact creating your future.

Peace is within your reach as World Wars are no longer an option, and there will be less and less confrontations as time progresses. Gone are the times of the Big Powers dominating the world and it has been a long journey, but now people are awakening to the pointless carnage and destruction that wars bring upon them. The truth surrounding “war” and who benefits from them will become known and you will learn that the Illuminati play both sides against each other, whilst benefitting from the sales of weaponry to both of them. The truth must come out and those responsible will answer for what at many times have been horrendous crimes against Humanity.

Those who have a broader view and an open mind are better able to establish the truth as for anyone with anything less it will be difficult to take in the full extent of what has been taking place. Understand that the dark Ones have held sway for hundreds of years whilst building up their control of all aspects of life on Earth. You have now earned your freedom and no can take it away from you except through yourselves. The stage has been set and all that remains is for you to take charge of your lives and ensure you make the best out of the opportunities that are being presented to you. It may seem impossible to see the Light amongst all of the darkness that has shrouded the Earth and its people, but be assured that your time has come and no one will be able to prevent you from reaching Ascension.

We stress again that the changes will take time but the basis for them already exists waiting for mankind to fully awaken to the great future that beckons. Have faith and keep looking forwards and do not let anything of the lower vibrations distract you from your pathway. We are able to look ahead and see the true potential and you are well on track to be successful. Indeed, you can help the higher vibrations manifest quicker by concentrating on all that is of the Light, and know that you create your own protection by doing so. We say again that you are great Beings of Light and have yet to realise your true potential. You have sufficient to create anything that you desire so think positively and focus on what you want out of life.

Meanwhile there are still testing times to come, but knowing that in the long run all will turn out satisfactorily should enable you to cope with whatever problems arise. You will after all only be given tasks that are within your ability to handle. You need to keep going so that you do not lose the benefit from any advancement that you may have already achieved. This is not the time to lose track of your life plan although you may be sure your Guides will do their best to help you keep to it. After Ascension you will have much more independence because you will have proved that you are ready to take on much greater responsibilities.

In the future you will take on a much greater responsibility and be quite capable of handling it. You will for example be mentors to other souls following in your footsteps, and the system of those who have advanced helping others to reach the same stage, is the way evolution is continually growing. Normally a soul will decide how much they want to take on and whatever it is will ensure that progress is made. With help from those who know what you need to experience you will plan your next phase of development. So you have much to look forward to and it should inspire you for greater things.

There will always be other souls who cross your path who will benefit from your vast experience, and helping each other is very much the normal when you reach the higher dimensions. It is in every ones interest to do so, so that no one is left behind. In reality no one is left without help although in the lower vibrations some souls seem determined to continue doing their own thing that is allowed in a freewill Universe. There are times when some souls cannot understand why God allows certain negative events to take place, possibly having forgotten or perhaps never told that they have freewill that is respected and honoured.

You never stop learning as you evolve and there are also endless opportunities on other planets and in different Universes. In your present position you have been denied so much that your evolution has been slower than it could otherwise have been. Nevertheless, you have led lives that have been specifically arranged to ensure that there are ample opportunities to progress, and remember that you are always accompanied by your Guides. They will not necessarily always be the same ones, as there are times when you need a specific Guide who has the experience to teach you what you need.

You are doing a wonderful job of bringing the Light into your dimension, in spite of the darkness that is always present and challenging it. However, the Light is stronger than ever and the dark Ones have lost the opportunity to try and overcome it, as time has run out for them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self ~ Rise Up Into The Higher Vibrations ~ May 17, 2020

Editor’s Note: Mike presents a picture of clarity for just how the Covid-19 drama has been/will be instructive for moving away from the old 3D way of existence of extreme control. Yet, the human mind will always be free to evolve as new opportunities arrive to be explored in higher dimensions.

Please read this message, know the realization of balance between the inner Divine and outer human BEing results in understanding the Quantum LOVE you are, thus allowing one to always hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Channeled By: Mike Quinsey


You are beginning to recover from the Coronavirus and most countries are experiencing an upward turn that will allow an easing up of the restrictions you have been experiencing. It has been a costly experience in many ways, not least of all the knock on effect of so many businesses suffering near closure. You have come face to face with the flaws that the business model reveals, and how it has been controlling the lives of so many people. Already they have realised how the world economy has largely been run and manipulated by the banks, revealing that your monetary system has been deliberately subjected to ups and downs to their benefit.

Without a doubt you will have a lot of soul searching to do, if you are to start anew with the assurance that paper money will disappear. The gold standard will return and be the measure of a new economy that is run with real money that has real value. You will have ample time to make the necessary changes that will ensure that there is no return to the old defunct way of running your countries. Already there are moves taking place to ensure that there cannot be a return to the old ways that cannot take you forward any longer.

With the continuing uplifting of the vibrations and a gradual increase in your level of consciousness, you will have less and less to do with the negativity associated with the old Age. You are on the upward curve and moving into a new level that is gradually becoming free from negativity. Ignore those who refuse to uplift themselves as they are creating their own pathway to the future. Bless them and move on as they have northing useful to offer you, as their pathway is not yours. You are treading one that is of the Light and in the not too distant future will lead you to Ascension.

Do not concern yourself about the fate of those who persist in carrying out negative actions, as they too are following a carefully arranged life plan that will give them the experiences they need to overcome their weaknesses. At such an important time in your evolution you should stay focused on your own goal. Be assured that every soul has an equal opportunity to ascend, but clearly many of them are still caught up in the fight for individual supremacy. They have little or no concept of the Oneness of Humanity or Eternal Life. However, there will come a time when they awaken to the Light and become aware of their God selves.

You have a multitude of beings from all over the Universe who have come to Earth not just to witness Ascension, but be ready to welcome you into the Galactic Society. Some are from the Pleiades and other areas in space to “claim their own” and help them to adjust to the new life ahead of them. The dimensional shift leaves your old world behind, so that you can take your place on a beautiful new Earth, free from any form of interference from the dark Ones.

However, there is still a long way to go before the higher vibrations are achieved but you are heading in the right direction, and help is on hand to ensure your success. Never falter as you are assured of Ascension providing you maintain your present vibrations and raise them up as the opportunities arise. You have come such a long way to arrive at this point in your evolution so make sure you do not drop back. With so many of you having cleared your karma the rest of your journey should be plain sailing. Yet there are distractions all around you so care must be taken to firmly keep your goal in sight at all times.

The end times are opportunities for you to help others also traveling the path who may not be as advanced as yourselves. A kindly word or a helping hand can be most acceptable as your experience enables you to speak with authority. It is perfectly normal for those who have advanced in evolution to help others, and in the bigger scheme those who have set the path are responsible for ensuring that those who follow in their footsteps are guided to achieve success.

Understand that you are all One and the sooner you can accept it, the sooner you will advance and able to treat others with the respect that you seek for yourself. This also applies where other life forms are concerned, because all have souls that continually change as they experience the different life forms. Life is all about gaining experience and you go where you can best learn from it and expand your consciousness. Your Universe is full of different levels of vibration and it is only in the lower ones that you can experience matter and solid physical forms. Whatever you can imagine already exists somewhere in your Universe

In the not too distant future many of you will rise up into the higher vibrations and look back and realize that you spent many lives in the lower ones. Through it you gained a greater level of consciousness and learned to control your emotions. It was necessary to overcome what can only be described as the lower emotions. These no longer exist in an evolved soul who has complete control over their feelings, and can remain at one where they are constantly able to remain unaffected by what goes on around them. It takes time to achieve that level of control, and eventually it will becomes second nature.

Words can hardly express what a wonderful future awaits you, one so different to your present existence that there is no comparison. It will be well deserved as you have plumbed the depths and experienced many horrors, wars and depravity, yet you have come through it and kept your dignity and composure to set a shining example of Light and Love. You are to be acknowledged as a shining example of one who has found their God Self

I leave you with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self ~ Something Big is Taking Place ~ January 26, 2020

Channeled By: Mike Qunisey 


You have only to learn of the pending world changes to realise that something big is taking place, as unlike seasonal changes there is disruption and upheaval of a measure never quite seen in your recent times. Mother Earth is almost shouting at you that preparations must go ahead to make ready for even greater changes that are coming with the Event. The longer Mankind takes to recognize the necessity of the changes, the more difficult it will become to handle them and avoid traumatic events that will inevitably follow. By anticipating what is needed in readiness for the future a path can be followed that will prepare the way with the least effect upon the people. A worldwide decision must be made to join forces and share the responsibility for ensuring that progress is made with the least damage to the Earth itself.

The energies for change are being felt everywhere and although the outcome is not generally known people sense that something big is coming. Many already have some knowledge of the Event but it is not known precisely when it will occur. However, there is a feeling that Mankind needs to address the potential happenings so as to minimise the damage to man and beast alike. We are not fearmongering but the potential for change is becoming more obvious with climate change already taking its toll. When you take these warnings seriously we in turn will do or best to guide you, but the onus is upon you to take the first steps because even in these present times your freewill is foremost and honored.

The emphasis is now upon peaceful actions and the use of your wealth to strengthen the hands of those who are leading the way. Listen to what they have to say and give them the support they need in whatever form it takes. There is no reason to continue investing money in dead ventures and instead use it to pave the way to a far better world that is coming. The pace of change is quickening and people will look for the major powers to come together and lead the way in worldwide peaceful action. You will ignore it at your peril but we hope that a “Wake-up” call will stir many into action that will put Humanity on to a path that anticipates what is needed. The demands on your resources will gradually become greater and more fresh water will be needed to prevent catastrophes in areas where it is already becoming short. You should perhaps be looking at treating seawater to make it into drinking water, but not by your present costly desalination methods when more efficient and far cheaper methods are known.

It will be difficult to convince “big business” they too must change to assist Humanity get through the coming period as no one will be exempt from the effects associated with it. However, with goodwill and a sensible approach to the problems that arise, the least damage will be experienced. For our part we will as always try to energize those organizations and people who are in a position to directly help you in times when you are in need. Clearly there are ways of calculating your needs in advance and in some instances saving for a “rainy day”. After all you now have the technologies to anticipate your requirements regardless of what form they may take. You are at the cross-roads of change and one way leads to chaos, whilst the other one leads to success. It may not come easily but with determination and goodwill, in truth there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Obviously the effects of change will differ from one country to another and even one town to another, so you will have to look for the signs of activity that affects you and take action accordingly. Weather prediction is well advanced so you should be able to prepare for unusual times and take steps to make sure you are prepared. Food supplies are always going to be vulnerable and a small back up to cover for shortages would be wise.

You may have noticed that small communities seem to cope better in times of need and this may become the normal in years to come. In fact you have so many potential changes ahead you may decide that small is beautiful anyway. There are no rules that can be laid down to cover the unexpected, but common sense should prevail. After all most of you have gone through difficult periods already and even wars and know how to anticipate your needs and provide for them.

Never lose sight of the fact that there are galactic entities of vast experience that oversee your evolution. They know the plan for Human and their presence ensures that you are protected and given every opportunity to gain success. They have the authority to take steps where necessary to ensure that as far as possible you do keep to the plan, to ensure progress and not allow it to stagnate, or worse to cease. Therefore when life seems haphazard and pointless realize that there is still a plan operating and you will return to it at the earliest possible time. Each one of you has many Guides and some are especially selected for the wisdom and knowledge they have. So you are not alone in your quest for spiritually progress so take note of those promptings you get when you are in your quiet moments such as meditation.

Do not allow the negativity around you to influence your life as you have a plan even if you are personally unaware of it, and events in your life are per-arranged so that you get every opportunity to evolve. Understand that every time you fail to reach a level that leads you to ascension the same opportunities will come up again, but that will extend the number of years you remain at the lower vibrating level. Progress is lifting your vibrations and maintaining them at a higher level, when ascension becomes automatic and that is your goal. You will gain the most wonderful life and freedom from the negativity that is presently around you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Mike Quinsey Message, January 10, 2020 ~ posted January 16, 2020

Editor’s Note: Mike Quincey was one of the first “spiritual” folk I read back in 2012, and continue to learn and grow through his words…thank you Mike!

Mike’s message, through his Higher Self, comes to remind us today that the path of each is a bit different, and as such, deserves respect and tolerance. Great changes in technology are about to appear on Earth, and perhaps should be welcomed as ultimately, these will serve to free humanity from the “chores” of life designed to keep us too busy to know ourselves.

Please read these words, feel the peace and love they contain, and BE…



10th January 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones every effort you put in now to continue evolving will be well worth it, mainly because every soul has an opportunity to ascend based on to what degree they have lifted up their vibrations, because at a certain point they will realise that the ultimate is to not only be in control of your ego but to take full control of your emotions. In so doing you will find that no matter what assails you, you can maintain a calm and peaceful outlook, thus ensuring that you keep your vibrations at their highest level at all times. Slipping back into the old ways will delay progress and a great opportunity to ascend could be lost.

Understand that the end of the last cycle in 2012 meant just that, and whatever gains you will have made will go with you into the next phase of your life. The Great Solar Flash that is yet to come will signal the end of that period, and only those that have reached the required level of growth/evolution will remain in the higher vibrations and go through to the new Earth. So you will realise that there is absolutely no picking or choosing as ascension is automatic if you are ready. As with all aspects of your evolution be assured that you are always helped once you show that you are ready to take the path to Ascension.

Help extends to “arranging” meetings with other souls who can help you on your way and protect you from interference by the dark Ones. It does not mean that you will not be tested on the way, but if you are dedicated to being successful there is no reason why you should fail. The higher forces want you to succeed and will do everything that they can to help you achieve it, but are always mindful of your life contract and any karma that you still carry. The fact is that so much is done to help you, that you are not even aware of most of it. But please remember that you must first show the intention to take the path to ascend before help can be given, as your freewill is ever in mind and care is taken not to impinge upon it.

If you could but envisage what a marvelous life lays ahead for you, you would have no hesitation in putting all of your effort right now into achieving your goal. However, do not be disappointed if you do not yet feel ready, as another opportunity to ascend will come your way in due course. Understand that soul’s do not all evolve at the same rate so there is no disgrace in being behind others who are well on the way to Ascension. Your spirit helpers will give you a prod if they know that you have the capability to ascend, as they are there to help you in all aspects of your life.

As you begin to learn more about your bodies needs you will adjust your life style accordingly. Sensible eating, fitness and attending to your bodies needs will give you the basis of a platform from which to launch yourself into preparations for your upliftment and Ascension. You will feel all the better for it and enjoy good health that will help you successfully follow your chosen path. Success comes from dedication to it whilst allowing others to follow their own path of which of course there are many. There is no right or wrong path inasmuch that some souls are for example brought up in religious surroundings yet can still find their way to the higher vibrations. Normally an expanding mind set comes when a soul can begin to see the broader picture without prejudice and can break out of any older restricting beliefs.

Be assured that when you are on the correct path things will flow smoothly and be consistent with your level of understanding. You will also find a deep satisfaction and peace that has no limits. You will have time to explore other ideas on subjects that interface with your own, and expand your store of knowledge. The more you get to know the more you realise that there is so much more to learn. Keep an open mind at all times and if something is presented to you that does not seem to fit into place with what you know simply set it aside until you can, knowing that in one way or another you will find the answers you seek.

In some respects there is a parting of the ways as whilst you may be continually lifting up, those around you may be much slower to evolve and see you as becoming distant where they are concerned. This is to be expected and you will naturally seek your friends amongst those who have progressed much the same as you have. In the same way that you respect other people’s beliefs you should quite rightly expect others to treat you the same. Try not to get into arguments about your beliefs and allow others to have theirs, as you are not competing with others who also seek the truth. It is different if someone seeks your opinion, but even then only go as far as answering their questions. Remember that they too have Guides who are assisting them, and will know how to help with answers to their questions.

Everything is speeding up to such a degree that Humanity is getting further behind, but it cannot go on indefinitely and some revelations are on the verge of being released. The greatest changes in progress have been made in respect of robotic development and you are experiencing some of the first real changes that they bring. Yet the knowledge exists to make robots that can completely replace people in some basic requirements. However, within the next ten years your progress will have shot ahead so much so that everyday life will have become largely automated and require no humans to participate.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self ~ Change Must Come Soon ~ Octiber 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Aww…I love Mike Quincey and credit his work back in the early 2000’s for alerting me to start exploring a better me, and a better world. Please read below and read of the message Mike’s Higher Self has for humanity, know of your brilliance and BE…



Channeled By: Mike Quinsey


Events are moving so quickly that changes must come soon that will be for the betterment of Mankind. The old guard will not give up their remaining power of control without a fight, but there are new energies gaining strength that will ensure evolution continues as intended. There are many souls waiting to introduce new ways of living, that will help remove the need for labour intensive operation. You have been held back for far too long and now it is time for beneficial inventions to be released that will give you more time to follow your own interests. Changes never come easily, yet come they will and nothing will be allowed to halt their introduction.

Realise that the unrest throughout the world is a sure sign that people are restless, and either know or sense that they are entitled to a better life and seek the changes that will bring it about. From our side of the veil we know the potential that awaits you that will give you a great upliftment. It saddens our hearts to see so much suffering on Earth, yet it need not continue and we are doing all we can to assist you. We say again, that the old paradigm finished with the advent of the New Age, so you must focus on all that is good and desirable to bring it fully into manifestation.

Understand that you have much more power to achieve your goals than you realise. You do of course get help from us and other advanced civilisations that have your interests at heart. So do not give up and visualize all that is good and you will help it come into being. Be assured that when the time is right for your advancement we stand alongside you giving every encouragement. We have seen all of these changes previously and know what help you need so that you keep focused on your goal.

Humanity is not unique and many older civilisations have successfully gone through what you now face, and they are aware of the problems. You may not see them around you, but you will feel their energy and sense their presence. They come in love to help their brothers and sisters through the lower vibrations so that you can take your place in the higher vibrations. They will bring peace to you and in your moments of meditation they can influence you, so that you know what to do next, but with the best will in the world they cannot present you with help until you are ready or have asked for it.

You are a very young civilisation that has only just recently awakened to your true potential, and you will be aware that you are far more than your body because you are a spiritual being. Your history goes back a long, long way, and you have experienced so many different lives that you now stand as an old experienced soul. Nevertheless you are unaware of them at present as such memories are held back so that in your present life you can experience without any distractions. One day yet to come you will be given your true “history” and undoubtedly you will be amazed and astonished.

Eternal life comes through the Supreme Creator and is accompanied by the most exotic form of love that you cannot imagine. Love is the energy of all energies and one day when your travels have been completed you will like all other souls return to the Great Central Sun. You are just one soul amongst countless others who share your urge to return to the Source. It is what you seek whether or not you are actually aware of it. So you see that all other forms of life whatever that takes are in essence just like you. We are all One.

Can you imagine what a wealth of experience you have and yet you are still creating new opportunities to learn more. As we have previously mentioned, evolution is not as most imagine a continual straight path but moves in a circular motion. It takes you an immense period of time to complete one circle of experience, and because events are always advancing by the time you reach the starting point again everything has moved on. It means that as an experience it seems as one that is continual without any breaks or any sign of completion. Also bear in mind that you attract events to yourselves through the power of thought, and as you evolve further you will reach a point where you will manifest what you want instantly.

Life on Earth is a pale reflection of what is in store for you, and when you look back you will wonder how you ever got through such testing times. Those of you who have been successful will continue to evolve at a much faster rate and the times you are presently in will seem but a distant memory. The old has little place in your present period of experience and we encourage you to entirely focus upon the future in a positive manner, as you are laying down your future pathway now. We speak mainly of your spiritual advancement, because as you rise up you gradually leave behind the material aspects because you will create from pure thought. 

You will no doubt wonder how families are affected by the changes we mention, and the answer is that individuals may go their own way but the link remains so that contact is always possible. Understand that souls join family units by their own choice and for the experience that they can give. However, some souls continually join up with the same group and will take different roles within it. It comes down to exactly what you need to progress for your evolution. The soul is a free spirit and can select its own path of development, but usually following advice from those who are more spiritually experienced.

Life in the Universe of Matter is meant to teach you lessons that are necessary for your continual evolution. You who have successfully passed the marker are now on your path to the higher realms that you will find are so different to what you are experiencing now. It will be far more enjoyable and full of welcome surprises. Your immediate joy will possibly be that you are in a finer version of your etheric body that does not have to suffer the ills and problems you previously experienced whilst in physicality.

You have in some senses been babes in arms and have needed much guidance to get through your physical experiences. Yet here you are ready to go further along the path to the higher realms. The key factor is that progressively you will have more power of thought, so such thoughts must be tempered by good sense and loving intent. Start now and you will find it easier to adapt to a new way of thinking. Telling the truth at all times is another factor as eventually other souls will automatically know when you speak with anything less than the whole truth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self and you too can be in contact with yours if you so desire.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.