January 5, 2018 Headlines & Intel [videos] ~ Jan. 5, 2018

Well, Starship Earth has done it again! These daily news recaps are a great way to get the truth of the cabal out there and how this is affecting our daily lives.  So…please pay attention to this piece with it’s may sources of information, consider the truth of Humanity evolving (soon), and…


Some new information coming out about the Clinton estate. Follow the money, they say. See the image at Stillness in the Storm blog.


This anomaly from MrMBB is very interesting, particularly considering the second of the two video clips he shows us, which certainly does resemble the sudden spherical, energetic anomaly we see first in Louisiana.

Are the cabal still trying to escape by opening portals or attempting to call in reinforcements, or is it something else related to our friends upstairs?

There was to be another SpaceX launch tonight from Cape Canaveral, Florida and the weather is not conducive so they postponed it to January 7th. We’ve already had 4 rockets launched within 5 days in December so this is extraordinary activity. More government secrecy.

SpaceX: Will Falcon 9 Zuma and its Secret Government Payload Ever Take Off?

Last night on the January 4th Truth, Honor & Integrity Show, Thomas Williams told us that the only thing going on at Guantanamo Bay was a strategy meeting by the top cabal members; hence the ghost planes sans call letters. We can’t prove or disprove that (yet), but it might put in question all the MPs and soldiers at Gitmo recently. Or perhaps that’s all fabricated. How do we know they were at Guantanamo in the photos? We already heard that one photo of Mattis said to be recently in Korea was actually an old photo. There are so many ways to fool people.

The thing is, while we know certain White Hat activities are ongoing in favour of Humanity, we have reason to distrust much of what we hear and see because the various factions of the cabal are warring for Planet Earth and there is a lot of disinformation, strategy and false evidence. The cabal has an army of disinfo agents on the Internet and Thomas says many truth media people are completely unaware they are actually working for the cabal.

The cabal already knows that it doesn’t take much to convince Humans of a lie. Their 9/11 terror attack proved that. Most people will tell you jet planes hit those towers when they most certainly did not, but they saw it on TV so it must be true, right? It doesn’t occur to them that the treasonous lamestream media would doctor video with the sole purpose of fomenting a lie to further the Deep State’s long-term agenda.

Many are skeptical about some of the positive things we think we’re seeing, and I’m seeing many good things, but also wouldn’t be surprised to hear the other shoe drop. I don’t think it’s all fantasy, but the dream hasn’t come true just yet. A lot of positive shifts have taken place. It doesn’t warrant outright denial that the good guys are hard at work and positive change is happening. It’s a process.

Some are wondering if or when President Trump will show who he’s really working for. Is he compromised? Dr. Steve Pieczenik told us in a video I shared months ago that he himself is part of the Deep State and that he and his team got Trump elected. Now he’s using Alex Jones platform to reach patriots, along with Roger Stone. Are they to be trusted? They’re one of the factions. They seem to be working for Humanity in most instances, but… is there another shoe on its way down?

Berto Jongman: Is Donald Trump a “Made Man” Owned by the Rothschilds? [PBI: Or Will Trump “Do a Putin” and Chop the Hands Off His Illicit Benefactors?]

Obviously, cautious optimism is called for. And that goes for Q, too. Not all is what it seems. Yes, the Pedogate take-downs are real, and continue—and that’s a big and very important job. Due to the scale of the pedophilia network and the number of people implicated, in the end it will take down thousands of cabal members. We just don’t have legitimate confirmation on all the other things we’re hearing. We do know the good guys set up stings to capture their prey, and that some very sophisticated plans are in play to do this right and do it safely.

I’m sure the cabal would love for us to be complacent and assume there’s nothing left to do; that the military and Donald Trump will take care of it, but I don’t believe we’re out of the woods yet, and I don’t believe we’re “safe”, as QAnon said. We don’t know exactly what he meant by that either, to be fair. “You” could mean a lot of things. And “safe” could, as well. It wasn’t intended to be a blanket statement, was it?

Look at the carpark fire in Liverpool; the fires in California; planes downed; the unrest in the Middle East. What about the bizarre things we’re seeing in the sky? We’re protected to a great degree, but the cabal is running scared and there’s no telling what they’ll do next. As a race, I believe we’re safe, but there is still danger until this final removal of negative entities is complete.

There will be no arguing that several politicians are wearing those tell-tale medical boots, and there will be no arguing when 30+ congressmen don’t return after the Christmas break. Plenty is being done to change what is wrong in our world, but it takes participation. Will all those congress members be replaced? If so, who will ensure they answer to The People? Who will hold their feet to the fire? It’s a chance for a new start, but it could easily go wrong—just as it has so many times before.

Yes, a large number of CEOs and top dogs resigned, retired or stepped down a rung or two, and that may be a result of Trump’s Executive Order to seize assets—but if they re-align their roles, can they then protect those assets? It’s not a big deal, as anyone and everyone implicated in human trafficking will be rounded up and prosecuted. What is more important is that the top echelons of the questionable corporations stop supporting the cabal and start working for The People. Will they?

How long will this process to remove the cabal take? Many people are asking why Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Bushes, the Podestas, John McCain et al are still walking free. If enough people DEMAND their public arrest, will it lead to the actions we’re seeking?

Judicial Watch is still grappling with the FOIA requests demanding the hidden information we have a right to know about. But it’s happening. Dealing with the old regime is just slowing it down.

Judicial Watch Files Seven New FOIA Lawsuits against State Department to Force Release of Clinton Emails, Other Secret Email Records

The cabal is clearly shaken as evidenced by this outright threat to a Truther from one of their goons. They keep attacking Trump, and anyone who is a threat. But it’s a sign of great progress. Unfortunately, the mass media is one of their most effective tools because most people are not aware of the reality, and that is why we must continue to expose them and share the truth as much as we can. SOME will take action.

When will they fire those treasonous talking heads and take over the airwaves?  That’s what I want to know. That will change everything.

Either Steve Bannon has been bought and paid for or he’s a man with zero integrity. Because if he’s telling the truth, he should have spoken up long ago, not just when it’s time to sell some books.

Trump is being targeted once again, as are #Pedogate researchers like our friend Melissa Zaccaria, known on You Tube as The Honey Bee. Well, enough is enough. It’s time to stand together and demand the prosecution of the REAL criminals, or we will all surely die separately.

At best, the cabal is stalling the inevitable. They can try to control disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence all they like to prevent prosecution of the horrific practices of those in the Secret Space Programs over the decades but we will have none of it. They are all going to be exposed in the very near future and prosecuted. That is the very least Humanity deserves. Fifty years to dribble it out until the traitors are dead is out of the question and no amount of deflection and posturing will change that.

The new X-Files episode was laden with delicious Disclosure fruit, from alien technology to the fake sound stage Apollo moon landing sequence and old footage of flying saucers, talk of humans with “special abilities” and secret space programs and the bio-terrorism threat. Nothing is taboo, it seems, and that’s a good thing. That sort of gradual exposure will help so the truth isn’t coming out of left field. We will be fine.  ~ BP