Judith Kusel ~ June 11, 2020

Editor’s Note: What is our sole responsibility on Earth? To BE and share the Light that shines within us…so that ALL may also realize they, too, are Light. Please read the words below, shine you Light (!), and then in all ways BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Our only purpose in all eternity is be one with and in the Light. We must ever expand the Light in our individual Being, and become fully conscious of that Being, so that our everything is of and for the Light. Each breath we take, if we are conscious, draws Light into our Being. Every word we speak sends forth Light, if each word is spoken in consciousness. Every time we focus attention on another being we are opening that channel of Light and a beam of Light goes out. And if that being responds in kind, there is a great brilliance. As the master Jesus spoke, “When two or more of ye are gathered in my name, there I am.” The two being conscious, for even a moment, connects and creates more of that network of Light.

“Every connection make with every person is connecting those people with the filament of Light. Every person hat has been truly met and communicated with becomes part of the network, if we acknowledge that we are of the Light and working for and serving the Light, and that they too have responsibility to be of the Light. It does not have to be wordy or flowery. A few words, a few sentences acknowledging the Light are all that is needed. And at times all that is required is a touch or a look or even just seeing someone clearly for an instant.

“There is great responsibility and there is great joy in spreading the Light.” (Robert Simmons)

Judith Kusel

Rick Jewers ~ May 19, 2020

The opportunity for a great leap forward has arrived in Your Ascension. The forward momentum from a new Awakening Wave has created an open door for a considerable leap forward by those of the first wave, and of course, the waves in between all proceed with a shift forward.

Where the tedious battle to get Ones to stand has come to fruition, the focus of the more powerful Co-Creators can be tuned to the higher 5D state of Being, as well as enjoying the higher 5D experiences, from where the new timelines and steering for humanity is Created. While the remnants of darkness are distracted with the new Awakened Wave, You are free to Create more efficiently unimpeded and, not distracted from Your mission.

You are strongly encouraged at this time to complete the utmost separation from the lower timelines and influences. The total focus NOW once again, is to go upon the advancement of Your physical vessel. The Masses are fine and do not require Your energetic support. Upgrades to the extremities of the humanoid nervous system, the nerve endings, has been ongoing for a few months of linear time and has reached a level in the most advanced, where seclusion from lower frequency is essential to expedite this most important process. Your energetic environments are to be cleared to the utmost as well, to expedite this process. The urgency with this process is so, as to such, enable the highest level and ability of the physical body to enter and sustain other dimensions yet. Common symptoms of this upgrade are electrical impulses throughout the entire body, involuntary twitching and jerking of the physical vessel, physical vessel vibrating, sensations of needle pricks or insect bites, rashes, and/or boils over certain areas of the physical vessel, thirst, and drowsiness.

Whereas in some, the Light Body Process has progressed to such a degree, the water content within the physical vessel is converted to an energized water which becomes a much more efficient conductor for the body’s new electrical circuitry, somewhat nuclear in physics innerstanding.

The delivery of the photonic Light to assist in more than one way is occurring and will continue to intensify. Your sensations will be beyond anything felt yet with this Ascension in respect to electrical. These new nerve endings send out electrical impulses that directly changes the polarity of reality and allows for a reset of reality as well as transition into the other dimensions and experiences. Your levitation abilities are also at hand upon completion of this process. Your Mastery of fear allows this to be.

Love and Light


Dear ones, what is happening on Earth is Maturity. Humanity is starting to see the old energy’s weaknesses.

The SOURCE will turn every obstacle on the path of the planet’s Shift to a factor for change. This is The Creative SOURCE’s Will.

The Galactic Federation of Light’s Forces are cautiously helping the people of Earth for adapting with the NEW Earth’s condition.

The plan is your Liberation and to let you to control the Earth by your will.

You are floating in Consciousness every day through the Lights that you receive from the Solar System’s Sun.

You Breathe the Consciousness and these Codes open in your “Mental, Emotional and Physical” bodies.

You have understood this. Dear ones, you have comprehended your Changes. Absorb the “Golden Lights”. We emphasis on the word “Golden Lights”.

Consciously receive the Wisdom and the Healing within this ray, when it mixes with other colours.

This Blessing is from The SOURCE for you.

Also, Dear ones you know this from before that Galactic Federation of Light’s Forces even show their Plasmatic Ships to you cautiously.

Seeing our Light Ships just create sense of LOVE and Happiness within you.

Commander of Galactic Federation of Light.

Channeled by Tiona 💜
Victory of LIGHT

Kp Message 3-12-20… “‘Panic’ is now clearly visible” (so let’s just ‘Hold the Light, baby!!’) ~ March 12, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…I mirror Kp’s thoughts which are shared below. NOW is the moment for those who know and hold their truth inside to stay calm, example your Light to others, and then BE…



Remember this recent Kp blog post? The one where I was feeling “sheer panic over being here”? Well, now I am quite certain this “sheer panic” was related to a global (lower D) sense of panic. Look at these:

NBA suspends rest of season after player tests positive for coronavirus

March Madness games to be played without fans due to coronavirus

Coronavirus: Trump suspends travel from Europe to US
– Related: Remarks by President Trump in Address to the Nation:

The European Union failed to take the same precautions and restrict travel from China and other hotspots. As a result, a large number of new clusters in the United States were seeded by travelers from Europe. After consulting with our top government health professionals, I have decided to take several strong but necessary actions to protect the health and wellbeing of all Americans. To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days. The new rules will go into effect Friday at midnight. These restrictions will be adjusted subject to conditions on the ground. There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings, and these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo, but various other things as we get approval. Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing. These restrictions will also not apply to the United Kingdom.

I’m sure there’s tonnes of other items out there that are related to this “panic” meme. Especially in the deep state political realm. But anyways…

What is really going on here?

I feel (sense) it is a worldwide “STOP”, and a worldwide “CLEAN OUT” operation that is going on, behind the visible scenes. Along with (probably) a worldwide “RESET” of the economy, and other items related to that.

This is what many of us have been working towards, and Holding the Light for. Not these particular events, but the “resetting” of, and restoring of the Higher Level of BEingness for the planet. Oh, yes, and the “Great Waking Up” of the planet.

We’re in it, baby… Up to our eyeballs.

Sometimes it ain’t pretty (seemingly). Sometimes it doesn’t feel too “nice”. Sometimes it feels like “slogging through mud”.

But we shall keep on keeping on through this time, dealing with the “non-prettiness”, the “not-niceness”, and the “slogging through mud-ness”.

We are making it, and in the process, we are assisting those who are with us (on all dimensions, but particularly on the 3D (and for those living with us in the same house as we are)), and those who we do not see in person.

It’s happening, baby. So let’s “Hold the Light”, “BE the Light”, and have a BALL with it!

Aloha, Kp

Birthing Plasma Dragon Lightbody

Editor’s Note: An exquisite transformation is presented here. A transformation moving from the perception of matter to Light. For perception is based on the level your consciousness is playing. As more moments of NOW are held, levels of perception will rise yielding clarity as new observations held with a massive sense of BEing…



Susanne Amara

Beyond the universal structure of geometry and linear modelling is a world of flowing light which appears as coloured plasma much like water always moving…sometimes with curved and angular structures made of filaments and orbs which l depict as lines and dots often but are multi Dimensional.

The harmonic fields are song…waves of sound and vibration which in surrender transcribe to creative colour and form.

I remember now l am open that these lights have been with me all of my life. I would often see orbs of coloured lights and mist appearing in my room. Now l have met others with similar experience.

I remember my lightbody rising from my physical to play in these realms meeting other light beings which l am now reuniting with on Earth plane.

I simply chose at some point to switch off the memory as my 3D experience was very energetically intense. This created a huge barrier around the perception like a monster to protect such delicate pure love. It still came out in persistent doodling.

When these lights and waves first came in again in adulthood almost 3 years ago there were some around me who made it wrong, and wanted to influence this beautiful gift opened by Angelic avians.

It took another 2 years before my hand could adequately translate and my spirit was empty enough as conduit…it is a journey which continues.

The “monster in the deep” was my creation, my perception of my own fears and insecurity of being fluid conscious spirit.

Geometric interfacing is a layer of reality which informs most of what we experience in 3D and some higher frequency octaves. At higher octaves geometries break down to fluidity and membrane in human sensory interpretation channels.

For a long while l wondered how could my sensory system be forming this?

Was it right or wrong?

When we have a “safe” dependable “system” (mathematics and physics) to describe the physical Universe it is adopted as the “world view” which sets species and planets down particular roads of development and technology.

I was shown many different constructions and at first in 2017 it seemed more like a fantasy film and came with so much clearing of human construct it mostly got lost in the noise.

Its been a journey with dragon and Elohim consciousness…the deepest one on many levels assisted more recently with Arcturian guides. Many beautiful souls have helped birth this in.

Most recently was the AHA moment of monster as protector and loving this in bringing with it parts of my soul which were not birthed in. This is common in many lightworkers and “Schizoid” types which exhibit highly intuitive and psychic sensory profiles but do not fully come into body.

This is the journey of plasmic light…it burns through layer upon layer of beliefs and constructs. In the face of the greatest challenges l sought counsel and found others who experience and see this too…we are expanding into new states of being and our expression of these states will move also.

Being flexible and open to multiple perspectives allows a softening of being…there is space for mental programs and more logical constructs and fluid nonlinear felt sense…balance and weave…equilibrium.

The greatest adversity becomes initiation.

Challenges soften from battle into experience, acceptance, and integration.

Break down becomes break OPEN.

I used to feel the Universe was a fixed construct…science was my root, mathematical laws and ratios, mechanics and statistics…geometry…matter.

Until the physical universe dissolved in front of me one day during a client session and over the years many constructs and beliefs have been mirrored and played out.

Life is beautiful…the dragon lightbody plasmic fields are US too…we are fluids…we are infinite consciousness in non permanent identities…housed in material interface or body.

All is possible in this theatre of dreams…where do you wish to play?

Rise oh rise your magical wings dear ones.

Sing your colourful love into this world.

Arms open wide.

Heart alight.

Eyes ablaze.

Breath soft.