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Assange Detention: The Murder of Journalism | John Pilger & Paul Craig Roberts [videos] ~ April 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: My personal view agrees with the thought which puts Julian Assange squarely where he belongs…in the the keeping of the “good guys” and protected by the Light! Has this been a carefully staged “show” purposed with keeping the … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley tech giants team up to destroy Infowars and silence Alex Jones ~ August 7, 2018

from The Duran: Excellent discussion of the Silicon Valley tactics regarding their attack against Alex jones.

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Trump’s Final Warning for The Illuminati Dark Forces ~ March 1, 2018

To quote Trump from this video, “We do not worship government, we worship God.” I like to think that is God/Source/All That Is. Freedom of religion/freedom of speech and thought. Nuff said… Please view, think about this, and… InJoy!

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