Assange Detention: The Murder of Journalism | John Pilger & Paul Craig Roberts [videos] ~ April 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: My personal view agrees with the thought which puts Julian Assange squarely where he belongs…in the the keeping of the “good guys” and protected by the Light! Has this been a carefully staged “show” purposed with keeping the dark “in the dark” when it comes to his whereabouts?

Please read this article, know that Julian Assange is probably a Pleiadian Lightworker “on assignment” (white blond hair, exceptional skill with computers, ability to cope with his status here on Earth), the final chapter to 3D earth is coming closer, and be…



These are two excellent discussions from outspoken men about the treatment of Julian Assange, at whose hands, and what his future may be.

It is characterized as the murder of journalism, or, if you prefer—the murder of Truth.

However, we see the dramatic flair to the arrest and it certainly seems so over the top, in-our-face and outrageous that it must be part of the “movie”. Roberts points out that the British police seem to be almost enjoying the charade.

Everything is so over the top any more; so unbelievable to the sensibilities of the average Human. It just has to be part of the wake up call for the sleepers, doesn’t it?

Despite the depravity of the deep state within major governments, I know not all parties in all countries are going to sit back and allow Assange to be tortured and imprisoned. Most agree he is a hero.

I believe we got the thumbs up that he will be taken care of—finally.  ~ BP

EP.737: John Pilger- Julian Assange’s Arrest an ASSAULT ON JOURNALISM!

Paul Craig Roberts Interview Julian Assange Arrest, Brexit, Venezuela

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