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Dimensions, Portals and The Nonlocality of Consciousness ~ November 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow…another door being opened here for me to feel and process through my heart! This door is the knowing that portals, dimensions and consciousness exist outside of time and space. This better explains the consciousness of my heart, … Continue reading

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Moving Into Oneness ~ Path of the Heart ~ January 24, 2019

From Awakening To Remembering Lisa Transcendence Brown The human heart vs. each’s Higher Heart (Thymus Region)…. the amount of physical density around and within the human heart space…. the separation held, the old beliefs, mentalities … linear constructs and all … Continue reading

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The Powers That Be are More Desperate Then Ever to Quell the Awakening ~ August 4, 2017

Here’s the latest from our friend, Jordan Sather, who is right up to date on his spirituality! Jordan discusses several points that show those in power are getting pretty nervous. So…please take a look at this video, imagine the day … Continue reading

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