Moving Into Oneness ~ Path of the Heart ~ January 24, 2019

From Awakening To Remembering

Lisa Transcendence Brown

The human heart vs. each’s Higher Heart (Thymus Region)…. the amount of physical density around and within the human heart space…. the separation held, the old beliefs, mentalities … linear constructs and all of the walls around each’s heart…. all of this must clear for each’s higher heart to open… that tiny space where each “finally” makes the connection, literally… as each’s LightBody is a a bio-electrical system that “reconnects” within the body, clearing/breaking down linear everything…. and reconstructing all through new (Light Codes), opening up neural pathways in the brain, stimulating neural networking systems in the physical body, establishing “new connections” within the body, so that each can REMEMBER and awaken through Literal Light…… 

DNA repair (The LightBody) is what the human aspect calls “healing”. This “healing” is perceived this way, because of “how all is”…. this “healing” is a word that each uses to describe “missing pieces” or “something wrong”…. when in essence, the missing “pieces” are the fractals of each’s Whole Soul…… Therefore, as you become “whole again”, your physical body “reverses/repairs” all… through your Lightbody doing DNA work on a cellular/molecular/atomic level inside. ♥

DNA Repair is the “first part” of each’s LightBody processes…. the Gamma LightBody that activates to stimulate, overwhelm (pushing out/breaking down discordant linear programs), activate a cleansing process…. of RETURNING EACH’S BODY to full “health”… by way of re-coding each’s DNA, which is a de-coding/de-programming/de-calcification/de-construction phase…. necessary to return each’s body to LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS… and “reverse” everything …. ever ingested, ever spoken, ever felt, ever experienced, ever done, ever believed, ever “less than pure love”, which co-mingled and “tainted” our original templates and modified our “original” DNA… 

As humans, WE WERE THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS….. everything we drank, ate and were “fed” to believe… our DNA “distorted” (by what we unconsciously did) and genetically modified/re-coded… which kept each “asleep”. It’s important to understand, all of this was “pre-agreed” before incarnation/assuming our physical forms here…. so there are no “victims” in this sense, yet until each can fully see and truly understand and take RESPONSIBILITY for their own bodies and realities, this continues…. as long as each puts “something/anything/everything else” first…. functions from a place of “fear”, allows the external to dictate beliefs… this is HOW REALITY IS…. 

An initial PHASE of Conscious Awakening, is getting our physical bodies clean. Detoxing all of the programming, de-calcifying our bones/pineal gland/blood/heart and getting all toxins out of our bodies… so that our LightBodies can “kick in” and “take over”… this is our SOUL BODY, our ENERGY BODY…. and it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE/ARE…. and our Lightbody genetically re-modifies all back… to our “original template/blueprint”… as we all become fully conscious and purify/return to purity from within. Our Soul has different DNA than our human body does. As does our OverSoul… 



As humans, we made excuses and didn’t make this our #1 priority, because we didn’t understand how BEYOND IMPORTANT this was/is…. we didn’t understand that the whole 3D Matrix Reality actually depended on this…. We didn’t understand that we had to actually CHOOSE AND MAKE THIS OUR #1 PRIORITY… our Soul… if we truly desired to exit the old and accelerate our own awakening/ascension process here…. 

We didn’t understand that our hearts were closed, our minds were closed and we lived in fixed mentality realities…. we didn’t understand the immense process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS HERE and how much it related to our own physical bodies… that there was a LIGHT (BODY) activating and awakening inside of us…. to re-code, re-write, re-tune, re-align, re-calibrate, re-construct all that we “called reality”…. and it was going to look NOTHING like we “thought”….. 

We didn’t understand the whole 3D experience, the purposes, reasons and that the whole thing was a realm of amnesia, where we were all asleep and living deep beneath the Veils…. We didn’t understand how much it was going to take to TRANSITION OUR BODIES out of old realities and over to our own NEW Earth Realities here….. 

We didn’t understand, because we are not “given” access, we don’t gain access UNTIL our body does what it needs to do. We didn’t understand it was a DNA thing, not fully… we said the words… our whole lives even (some did/some had no clue)…. because HOW PHOTONIC DNA/QUANTUM DNA WORKS, how body templates and gridding systems work… only becomes available to us as we RETURN TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS here…. Each Lightbody phase, very different than the other… this is a gradual process that can seem quite intense, where there is great separation/density/duality still held as programs/realities deep within…. 

It took us many linear years… of MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE to actually understand and to share the information/get it out there/make it available, as we actually had to go through it, experience it and gain full access to every AKASH…. bringing through each “piece and part” vibrationally… as the ENTIRE PICTURE is way to vast for our linear/limited human aspect…. and it changes constantly…. as we EVOLVE THROUGH OUR OWN HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS here…. 

PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES…. these work to “reverse” all….. our Gamma Lightbody is the one that activates when it’s time to accelerate physical body “repair”, by cleansing/purging/detoxing genetic modifications through the water, air, foods and toxic emotions/mentalities of each’s whole life experience thus far… without realizing that what each is actually clearing is ALL EXISTENCES, not just the visible physical one…. as the codes for all are held within each’s physical body and play out by way of separation/duality/lack mentalities, all a RESULT of each’s disconnected state… which the INITIAL LIGHTBODY WORKS SO VERY HARD TO RE-ESTABLISH for each…. that Deep Connection, that Sacred Connection… where the PUREST FORM OF LOVE EXISTS………… 

The first LightBody phase is to reconnect the physical body and how it communicates/functions/exists…. actually building an entire NEW TEMPLATE that overrides the human experience here…. all of the physical and emotional “Pain” is the Ego body, the unconscious body… evolving by way of the INTEGRATION OF LIGHT that works through each’s body to re-tune and harmonize and return each to PURE LOVE from deep within. Neural transmitters/receivers, neural networking systems, blood, urine/liquids, oxygen, every organ/gland, the spine/heart/brain…. all undergo an immense CONTINUAL PROCESS of DNA ACTIVATIONS and re-configuring processes that actually re-construct each’s physical reality… 

The human ego aspect functions from a place of dependency and fear, from a place of “lack” within… as a result of each’s own inner-separation…. This “lack” of connection is re-established as each’s BODY CLEARS THE DENSITY HELD that “created” the disconnect… as a result of human experiences, which were SOUL DESIGNED EXPERIENCES to re-enforce this “forgotten state”, this amnesiac state, this comatose state, this disconnection from each’s own PURE SOURCE LIGHT. 


The process of awakening from the initial 3D Matrix and transitioning through 4D to return to 5D…. is a very physical, emotional and mentally challenging one. This is because it’s a massive “breaking down of programming”… all housed in the body and re-inforced by “out there”… until ENOUGH LIGHT has activated (each’s journey is similar/different, relative to when “codons” turn on, pre-programmed prior to “here”). The entire 3D matrix was built on separation and fear…. yet it’s a REALITY built on beliefs and dis-empowerment… and 5D is the opposite… 4D is where each will work through all of this separation/duality… and as each’s BODY ACHIEVES THE VIBRATION to function at 5D (frequency),, the physical reality comes to match this “out there”. This is because each REMEMBERS and CHOOSES THEIR OWN VERSION OF 5D EARTH over 3D illusions/fears/beliefs….. The reason it’s all challenging is because as each CHOOSES, the linear ego constructs are broken down.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT BREAKS THROUGH ALL OF THAT PROGRAMMING….. The entire 3D Reality was a PROGRAM, supported by each living in it. Each looking “out there” and blaming, doesn’t truly understand that they are the one holding all of that in place… through their own lack of inner-connection (fear). It takes immense courage/boldness to break through and dissolve the old beliefs/mentalities/energy… because of how strong it is at first. This will lessen, as each starts to truly understand how ENERGY/THEIR ENERGY BODY/PHYSICAL SOUL BODY WORKS….

5D is your EVERY BODIES Consciousness awakened and merging into ONENESS… which starts with each’s heart opening up soooooooooo wide, that the physical matter (density) around/in each’s human heart finally starts to dissipate/break down/dissolve/detox/purge/clear/cleanse….. IT’S AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL DENSITY THING and HOW Photonic Light works through every particle of your whole body…. SEEKING OUT programming that’s not in HARMONY with your own SOUL LIGHT…. as your SOUL literally needs to “take over” your body, which is your Sacred Vessel/Body chosen for your entire old earth and NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE here. The “re-working” of your whole body…. is a complete and continual re-coding process of your DNA/Genetics and a complete re-structuring of your entire existence and that which each calls “reality” here. 

The building and constructing of your inner matrix/template that links up to your external matrix (field) is an immense process. A constant re-synchronization process, dictated by what each exposes themselves to, surrounds themselves with and allows in their own VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC FIELD/SPACE. Each dimension has different templates/matrixes…. 3D, 4D, 5D and each all the way up to our current 12D…. once each’s BREAKS THROUGH and clears the heavy human emotions that anchored the body in dense 3D, 4D is where each remains, working through DENSITY that plays out as a lack of trust and inner-connectedness, while learning to trust the perceived unknown/invisible… which becomes visible as each’s heart and mind fully open and each’s LightBody links up to our NEW EARTH here. 

Within each’s body, each Lightbody phase (non-linear processes that break down to linear ones when observed over many linear years and relative to current linearity/density or Quantum Existence…. First each’s Gamma LightBody works to repair DNA and return each’s through deep inner connection, which links all up to the ENERGY OF NEW EARTH. The Crystalline Grids are accessible/built through each’s maintaining higher/highest states of consciousness…. as by holding these states “long enough” for the DNA/PHYSICAL to be completely recoded/restructured through all new Quantum Mechanics, algorithms, dynamics, logistics, templates, schematics, geometrics, equations and more. Plasma Networks/LightBodies work vastly much differently than the previous two, Photonic Lightbodies vastly different than the previous/others. All a part of our LIVING DNA INTELLIGENCE that is restored as each’s heart opens fully and full integration of “current/highest” light codes available/embraced occurs.   

Our LightBodies work very differently than our old dense sleeping human bodies did. This is a complete re-learning everything all over again… through every experience and applying NEW CODES (Higher/Highest Consciousness) to how each lives every aspect of their lives here…. 

Many Transitioning Collectives have just gone through the OPENING OF THEIR HIGHER HEART… the PURE EXPERIENCE of PURE LOVE… the REMEMBRANCE of what we were disconnected from/forgot….. THIS PURE BEAUTY…. that emanates from within, this PEACE and ONENESS is an activation and “re-set point”, if you will… this is the BEGINNING of all experiencing this … the beginning of NEW LIVES here… free from unconscious matrix programming inside, yet learning how to re-align their whole lives on a Soul Level… while entering other “levels” of akashes to physically/energetically clear….. 

THE 5D TEMPLATE is built as each LIVES THIS…. activating 6D – 12D templates is “in addition” to the 5D Soul Template… where the “Activation of the Consciousness” is EXPERIENCED, which BEGINS a DNA re-writing process that recodes all you “call reality” from inside… and YOU take this “new highest aligned reality” and you incorporate it, apply it, create it, build it, share it, MAKE IT your ACTual REALity here…. you LIVE it…. fully… AS YOU LIVE IT, your template starts to construct/build… each template takes many linear years to “complete”. This not an “overnight” process that the human aspect “thinks” (or wishes for, replacing the actual inner/physical work it takes to accomplish all). Your entire REALity will be created/brought forth from within you and vibrationally “go out” into the “world” (multiple dimensions) and activate that physical reality (DNA Codes) to return a Vibrational MATCH for you. If you are “waiting” for “one day” or for the physical to happen first…. this is the REVERSE OF HOW ALL WORKS HERE…. 

As you activate the CODES and where the higher consciousness intelligence is housed within you, as you surrender your body fully to integrate, you must learn to acclimate to new ways of functioning, as well as APPLY this knowledge to how you live your own life here. Returning through Love, Living from Unity, working together cohesively and harmonically, sharing, supporting, caring… from a much deeper level than ever before…. 

NEW EARTH IS A CONTRIBUTORY REALity… where all entitlement goes. Where all dependency goes. Where all excuses and supporting/allowing the old go…. Where you become the ONE RESPONSIBLE for observing your own programming, you break this yourself, you honor each’s own reality, respect other’s realities, respect yours and you transcend all of the JUDGEMENT that you once held…. as this is a deflection/reflection tactic/energy… a way to blame everyone/everything else, instead of standing as a SOVEREIGN BEing here. 

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW REALITY…. built upon SOUL CODES and OverSOUL Codes. Every dimension from the 5th on, are full Service roles…. 12D being the HUMANITARIAN TEMPLATE, THE SACRED DIVINE UNION TEMPLATE… THE TEMPLATE OF THE 144…. Embodiment is each holding these VARIOUS STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS VISIBLE BY WAY OF HOW EACH LIVES…. 

Deep Sacred inner-connection, open honest loving connection/communication, stepping up and into higher/highest service roles through sharing, caring and considering all…. 

Struggle is necessary when there is duality, as it’s a part of the process of breaking down/through the programs/energy that held the old realities in place before…. Struggle goes when each stops resisting/fighting/insisting/holding on to the “old” out of fear/disconnection within….. 

NEW EARTH IS FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… yet you are not “entitled” to anything here. Yes, we all deserve it, yes we all have infinite everything, yet our human ego/linearity is what stops this as “reality” here. Until you/each can fully connect from the depths of your entire being, without the “pain” needed to feel…. when LOVE is your basis/foundation of all… when you truly open your heart/mind/energy and allow yourself to shift, when/as you fully appreciate everything, every GIFT you are blessed with and open up to share…. when you decide you are ready to be a part of a much bigger picture, contribute and do your part too…. you’ll become an integral part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM here too…. 

When you look at your current reality and see every gift, every purpose and all of your roles and the roles of others… and LEARN HOW TO LIVE IN FULLY UNITY in every way… within the home, commUNITY or other external space…. when you realize you are not entitled as your ego once thought… that when you truly understand and see all as a gift, you’ll step forth and open up to connect… to truly care for all that you connect with, to learn to be there for them and put your ego aside….. to learn to REVERSE EVERYTHING from lack and need to generosity/reciprocation/contribute/support….. when you see that not every reality is “just about you”…. and that we all are a part of a much bigger picture… To RETURN OUR EARTH TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS… and it takes us all BEING IT… BECAUSE THEN WE TOUCH THE LIVES OF ALL OURSELVES…. and this is HOW WE ALL RECONNECT…. by building/forming/creating a whole new earth together… by way of what we invest/put into it and how much we actually truly care to be a part of all….. 

When your HIGHER HEART AND HUMAN HEART ARE WIDE OPEN… your human heart will “pour out” all your separation/pain/hurt/betrayal programs… while your HIGHER HEART, your UNIVERSAL HEART will RE-CONNECT you with the PURITY AND LOVE OF ALL THAT IS…. you will REMEMBER with your whole body/BEing…. you will SEE and FEEL THE BEAUTY and you will CHOOSE YOUR NEW… over all of the “old” we all use to live in…

Where you can’t unite, you will do this by yourself. Where you pretend that you can’t/aren’t, you’ll learn this is not true, where you wait for outside, then outside will “do” this for you…. yet not as you “think”….. where you REVERSE ALL and open your heart fully to SEE those around you, to care about those around you, to CARE FULLY ABOUT YOURSELF, LOVE AND RESPECT YOURSELF FULLY, because you are treating yourself with love and respect…. you will realize the GIFTS THAT YOU ARE and the IMPORTANCE of BEING LOVE here…. That soft you, that kind you, that you that holds no lack, that YOU that is your ASCENDED ASPECT…. you will BE this in every exchange and realize that you RECEIVE, based upon how you show up… in every capacity, every reality, every exchange…. as all is LIGHT ENCODED… and your transmission of your whole body/being is what dictates your own experiences here. 

LEARN TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR HEARTS (there are more Energetic Hearts that activate “later” too. These are the “first” to achieve….naturally and organically. Everything you put in your body matters…. everything you drink/eat/breathe… and your “money” is energy, so what you spend your “money” on/invest your money/you in, SPEAKS as to what you are supporting and a “part of”. Look at the bigger picture. The Vibrational/Energetic One. (There’s so much more here, yet later….).

YOUR HUMAN HEART EMPTIES OUT all of your human akash. This is how awakening through our hearts works. Opening our hearts fully is a necessity in order to remember fully here. Part way is “protection mode” and limits/conditions still…. Allow the unconscious programs to cleanse from your whole body (every cell becomes a “heart” and “galaxy” eventually). Connect through your HIGHER HEART REGION for greater ease and to shift your whole body/being back into the 5th Dimension….. a vibrational frequency bandwidth that your whole body must achieve….

The Cosmic Frequencies and Gaia all now “work” to transition all into much higher dimensional frequency bandwidths…. constantly. The CODES are activated in your DNA, your LIGHTBODY …. within your physical body…..

De-evolving, re-evolving, deprogramming, reprogramming, deciphering and re-coding… this is how “our new” works here… disconnecting from the old grids/going offline and reconnecting to NEW EARTH GRIDDING SYSTEMS and NETWORKS are a continual process here. Dissolving the barriers of linearity that all hold within and transitioning all to a completely non-linear then fully Quantum Existence… is a whole body/field/reality experience.

BE READY TO RE-LEARN EVERYTHING…. be wide open to “new”, expect it not to fit into your current perceptions, stretch your own mind, bend, untwist, see your linearity and realize that re-association on an energetic level is necessary to re-map/open neural pathways/neural networks in your body to link your whole body up in all new ways…. to the entire Crystalline Gridwork of our NEW EARTH Operating System here. ♥

I love you! HIGHER HEARTS… HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS… THROUGH YOUR PURE HEART observations (to study/listen/see/learn) and openness…..

NEW EARTH IS BIRTHED from within you… built with your own energetic “blood, sweat and tears”…. built through your own dedication as a SOUL/Light BEing, because you truly care. Working “from the bigger picture” and higher dimensional realities that have already occurred… all we are doing is what is necessary in the physical to bring our actual realities forth (materialization). When your photonic DNA completes the re-coding process, and you accomplish all fully from within, including the physical realignment, your “new realities” of HEAVEN ON EARTH will become visible in your physical reality “out there. First from inside…. then ….. We don’t look “out there” for our reality… “that” is a vibrational materialization of what we HOLD and how we live our WHOLE LIVES here…. 

UNITING MAKES IT EASIER, YET EVERYONE MUST CONTRIBUTE AND DO THEIR PART…. otherwise there is a vibrational mis-match… and RECEIVING is not like it was before. We receive based upon what we’ve already accomplished/hold/done…. It’s the opposite…. We all contribute to this HOME we call EARTH…. we all “earn our keep” by caring enough to BE the difference here. Look at the “home” you current live in, reside in…. do you realize that “someone’s” got to be responsible, that “someone” does all the work, that “someone” holds it all together, manages all, pays for everything… that someone “created that reality” from scratch…. that someone built that reality… WHO DO YOU THINK THAT SOMEONE IS? 

Do you realize everything is a gift and that when we live this way, then we come together of our own accord,  not with our hands out, yet with our hearts…. 

Our Earth/our Homes…. they “run” because we get up each day and we get all done… they thrive, because we FEED LOVE into all…. they “work” because we actually CARE and see how we can contribute to the “whole”. They flow, in Divine flow… in Quantum flow… in completely aligned rhythm and harmonics, because we hold HARMONY within us…. everything is COHESIVE, because we are cohesive… we are the “glue” that holds all together, we are the flow, we are the ONES LIVING FROM THE MUCH BIGGER PICTURE AND SHOWING UP…. to get it all done as LIGHT BEINGS FULL OF LOVE here. ♥

Your “Home” is your LightBody… the sacred temple body/ship that holds your Soul, that you as a Galactic Commander steers. The physical home you live in, a sacred temple as well… the Earthly home we live on… our Sacred Temple/Ship and each one of us are driving this SHIP…. with our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies…. ☼ As Pure Source Consciousness …. ALL OF THIS IS OURS. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. as you live from your higher heart space, your higher mind consciousness and pineal gland come further online… which is how you “see” multi-dimensionally… one of the ways…. first in dreams/visions then your actual experiences here. 

p.p.s. Obviously, I didn’t include “everything”. I shared that which supported this writing, yet all is much more expansive than “this”. Even all of this, is just a small part of how all works. This is to initiate more understandings and assist with all embracing DNA RE-WRITES and these processes from a different space than the old “linear mentalities and beliefs” …. and assist with shifting those ready to honor their ow LightBody DNA Evolution processes here. ♥ Moving beyond the old mindsets is beyond important, otherwise each is still “trying” to “fix” according to the old limits/conditions that no longer apply here. This is QUANTUM DNA…. nothing is as we once “thought”. ♥ Our Higher Intelligence/Knowledge provides the new schematics/manuals/information (technology) for shifting HUmaNITY as a whole. This is a part of Crystalline Dynamics and Photonic Dynamics, all reworked through SOURCE INTELLIGENCE CODES (and so very much more). ♥ I’ve spent that last 9 years writing/sharing/teaching NEW EARTH TEMPLATE CODES…. with the last few relative to this 12D Template, in order to assist HUmaNITY with activating/receiving/integrating/comprehending the Avatar Consciousness Unity and Purity Codes that transition all through greater ease… as all are ready to actually utilize/apply these codes to their own realities and come together to BE NEW EARTHERS FULLY HERE. ♥ THE 5D TEMPLATE is each’s beginning… and as each achieves this within themselves, their own 3D/4D falls away… which is how entire collectives shifts…. everyone shifts over and becomes an active participant in very different ways than all once knew… as all of this is LIGHTBODY DRIVEN… not linear …. a “new” Quantum Linear that replaces all old ways……….. ♥



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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