Chemtrails: The Lighter Side of the Dark Side of Galactic War [videos]


Very coherent message by Molly (BP) of Starship Earth: The Big Picture who comes to us with information about why “what is happening”…is happening! So… please read this message, laugh with me at the video of the “Chemtrail Cowboy” at the end of her message, and…


One can’t surf the alternative news for long without understanding the difference between chemtrails and contrails. For some time this summer “they” left us alone here in the valley but they’ve renewed their extermination program in Arizona and our air has been milky more often than not these past few weeks—particularly at sunset.

As trust in the lamestream media sinks to depths previously unplumbed, I sense there are a lot of new folks seeking information on the alternet so this post is partially for them, but also for those of us who have been living with the grim reality of these miasmic smokescreens for years.

While we need to understand the reality, we can choose not to focus on the negative because the Light forces are relentless in protecting us from the toxic cocktails sprayed on our planet with dark intentions—effects with possibly greater finality than suspected.

We had news yesterday that a group of guardian angels arranged for the destruction of a “chemtrail activator” in Germany in the past week. This account, I might add, provides another dash of reality in its reporting of a dangerous mission, wherein three ships dodged many enemy craft above our planet to accomplish their goal.

Not surprisingly, this activation device was hidden atop a building in Berlin. Here’s a story in black and white. Fire in the air conditioning system, indeed.

If you wish to see that video from Dante Santori, it’s here, but it’s not your typical news reporting. Those who follow Dante’s team have a foundation for the manner of delivery. The result of the warriors’ efforts is very clear, however, as are their ships, in this video.

Just as Cobra and the Resistance Movement use his online portal to communicate intel as well as keep the surface population apprised to help us understand the situation, Dante and his team use a YouTube channel to post their videos as well as GooglePlus.

Some people don’t want to figure things out; they want their data in black and white. Crossword puzzles aren’t for everyone either. While I may not always fully understand the information presented as I’m a relative newcomer to this channel, I appreciate having to think about it.

It was this same team that told us the reason for the destruction of the latest SpaceX rocket financed by Elon Musk at Cape Canaveral was destroyed by the Light forces because its purpose was to deploy a device that would, at a time of the cabal’s choosing, “activate” the chemtrails to use them for their ultimate purpose. That will not be permitted.

Fortunately for Berliners, the Karistus prevented what Dante refers to as a “test run” for this now defunct piece of technology. Perhaps that was one of the 18 false flag events Thomas Williams told us the cabal had planned for us last week?

I also saw a video recently of what was said to be a Pleiadian ship cleaning up chemtrails for us. It erroneously said the aerosols were dispersed by the engines of the plane. The planes are “tankers”, equipped with vats of poisonous chemicals and other ingredients in the flavour of the week, and the mixtures exit the plane via nozzles for that explicit purpose. See the last video at the end of this post.

Here’s footage that certainly appears to show a section of chemtrail being eliminated by the craft. There is plenty of video on YouTube about this practice.

I think it was underscored again in that bit of intel from Dante Santori that while we may be told everything’s peachy and we’re about to be free of the cabal—we’re not there yet. The battle rages above us and indeed under our very noses daily. We just don’t see it for what it is.

So often I marvel at the fact that this galactic war can unfold in, on, under and above a planet of 7.5 billion people with only a minute percentage aware of it.

While I fully understand the desire to protect us from information that might put us in a tailspin of despair, I believe we need a more accurate understanding of the situation on our planet. I don’t want to live each day thinking we’re going to have a major breakthrough when the situation has tipped a little more toward the dire side temporarily.

I also understand we must keep our vibrations as high as possible, so there is a balance there. We’re so emotional that a little bit of bad news could affect us drastically so selective intel IS required. It usually isn’t the messenger who decides what to reveal. It’s a team.

Why do both sides take great pains to keep their spacecraft and the presence of off-world races from us?

The cabal can’t afford for the people of Earth to know about their Secret Space Program because the masses will be very, very, VERY angry that they kept that from us for over 70 years. The questions would come as to how did the ETs get here? Which leads to alternative power sources, propulsion, gravitics, etc. and then the identity of the controllers would come out and that would be the end of the cabal’s rule on Earth.

The Light forces keep it a secret as well because the general consensus is that Earthlings are would be panicked if they could actually see the large number of craft cloaked in their skies and chaos would ensue, along with a long lasting fear of “aliens”—our star families. The revelation of our galactic families and the allies must be done gently and via the correct channels at the right time.

That time draws nigh, but to have Earthlings terrified of “aliens” as the dark has seeded in our minds from countless movies would mean an epic setback in our evolution. We should have been a galactic or even inter-galactic race eons ago. We have been genetically engineered to be Earth-bound, ignorant slaves. It is time for us to be allowed to evolve and move up the vibratory ladder to the higher realms and leave the dark behind.

Our star families are here to assist us in that journey and the restoration of our ravaged planet. Without them, our Utopic future will not manifest, so we must ensure that the population of our little blue marble has a positive outlook on extraterrestrial life. They are fighting for us, while we sit down here doing very little to help ourselves. I wish I could do more. It’s a helpless feeling when you know the truth.

At the very least, we can strive to educate ourselves as to who we are, what happened, what is currently unfolding, why we must win this battle, and what we want to create in our new reality on this planet; our Golden Age.

If some of us show a little attitude sometimes—what do you expect? There are multitudes of Beings on the front lines, in the trenches, in the clouds, everywhere—and dealing with naïve, self-absorbed humans can be frustrating. Lightworkers who interface with the general population are who we are, we do what we do in our own way, and we don’t apologize for it. There are all manner of messages volleying back and forth between sides in music videos, on websites, in global events. They’re not all meant for the general population. Don’t take everything literally.

I love the eloquent way Thomas Williams ends his Thursday ‘Truth, Honor & Integrity’ shows. He says we weren’t put here to conform, or be squelched or controlled—but in a much more poetic way. So let’s refrain from judging the Lightworkers and complaining, shall we? We all do the best we can and have a right to say what we say, and feel what we feel.

Love or fear? It’s our choice. If we open a hailing frequency with our Higher Self it will help us to deal with life and vet the information we get.

One day everything WILL change, and I heard Cobra over and over again infer in his last Q&A that we need The Event flash. It’s like waiting for Christmas, and it appears this year we may again be celebrating a ridiculous mind-control holiday based on consumerism—unless we get a miracle. We’ll have to focus on the “peace and goodwill” aspect.

Perhaps we could, rather than buying unnecessary family gifts, donate to Humanitarian causes to feed, clothe and care for brothers and sisters in desperate situations. Picture everyone in Haiti living in a home with no roof, thanks to the cabal’s Hurricane Matthew. I don’t care for my part-time job, but it’s gratifying to be able to hand $20 to a homeless, hungry soul on the off-ramp of the freeway. They are so appreciative, and I know the funds got to the people who needed it, circumventing the pockets of greedy executives in cabal-based associations like the Red Cross and the Cancer Fund.

On behalf of all Earthbound Humans, I want to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of thousands of warriors who lay their lives on the line not only in the physical, but also in other realms to liberate our planet—and the galaxy.

Finally, a much lighter look at the dark side of chemtrails via a video with attitude. Thank you to Prepare for Change for sharing this clever guffaw that we wouldn’t be here to enjoy if it weren’t for our galactic guardians, the benevolent ET/Extradimensionals/angels, etc.

Victory of the Light!  ~ BP