2100 Caged Children Liberated and Saved by U.S Marines and Navy Seals from DeepState owned Underground Bases in California !~ October 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to Kp for this report!) A few days ago, caged children were found in underground bases in California and released. Why are these kids caged? Children serve the dark in at least three ways. First…they are terrorized which causes them to release potent waves of fear (loosh) that are energetic food for Dark energies. Remember…this IS a spiritual war folks!

Second…as these kids are terrorized (think rape and other traumatic deviant behavior), a hormonal substance known as Adrenochrome is released. The child is killed and their blood (I think) is harvested for the production of this substance. (I wonder who processes this stuff? As a lab person, could that be a side-line business for reagent control manufacturers? Just sayin…)

Third…those children considered young enough, when killed, provide human flesh now eaten in certain restaurants in LA, and other places (unless they have closed?) Think “pedovore” folks. This are listed on the Internet now as fake, but I had seen this back in 2017 for real!

Now you know why kids are kept in cages in secret, unknown locations serving as a major spiritual, and physical food source for the Dark. This is waaay bigger that I ever expected…”Q” was correct. “Q” was also correct about the ending of the spiritual war with Dark energies on Earth ending. This means Light and Love will soon be available for us ALL, so…stay aware, rejoice over the future of mankind, and BE…



I saw reports two days ago of a huge joint exercise by Marines and Navy Forces in California !



Well 10,000 men did seem like a lot to me and i must say it raised my attention somewhat and i was sure something was going to happen ! Well i was not wrong and today we are getting reports of 2100 children being released from captivity in underground bunkers where they were held captive in cages 1 See the title image, that is real by the way !

So for all of you out there that still deny that still say that there is nothing happening and that the paedophile elites are just a conspiracy theory put out by nuts like me, well then you will see that you will be forced to eat your words and that you owe me and people like me a seriously big apology for all of the abuse and name calling over the last twenty years i have been doing this fight for you and the children !

Navy Seals and U.S. Marines Rescue 2,100 Children From California Underground Bases

Amy Dawson

Timothy Charles Holmseth, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, reports Navy Seals and U.S. Marines rescued 2,100 children from underground bases and bunkers in California.

The Great Awakening is Real and Here ! Your Choice to Know ! Dark to Light ! WWG1WGA !


Headlines and Updates for July 21, 2019: The Epstein Fallout [videos] ~ July 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: Isn’t it really interesting (and wonderful!) how the news (at least for alt media) has shifted from dreadful stories about the Dark’s atrocities against mankind into stories detailing the woes of the Dark as they continue to succumb to…what?

Yes, yes…Trump/Q are leading the charge to eliminate the dark, but this is far more than just a welcome relief/release for humanity. Have your read about, noticed the increase of cosmic energies coming to Earth? These are documented by scientists (see here) and no answer is given.

These energies are of a “higher vibration” which the lower dimensional dark cannot operate in. You may have seen this explained by Serial Brain 2 who details how dark spirits cannot withstand the infusion of Light (truth information) and who must leave!

…Please join me in the relief we are all beginning to sense and feel, as Dark energies play on (and for) Earth is beginning to wind down, allowing us all to be…



This arrest is blossoming into the biggest story ever. The Brits are going to have to get over their royal-love. How long can they ignore the scandals and give them a royal pass? It’s absurd. EF’ingham Palace is a den of thieves and sub-human reprobates who prey on us. They live in luxury in multiple estates and palaces while they plunge their subjects into squalor and misery. What person in their right mind reveres people who do that, I ask you?

Past Epstein ties may expose worst royal family scandal yet

The world will not be able to ignore this problem much longer. There is a lot more than bones at the Vatican. Thanks, R.

Search for missing teen Emanuela Orlandi leads to recovery of bones at the Vatican

Twitter is the fastest, easiest way to get news, I’ve learned.

Officials seize $5 million in gold bars at Heathrow Airport, reportedly from drug cartel

It was on its way to Switzerland from the Cayman Islands when it was seized. It had previously arrived in the Cayman Islands from Venezuela on a private jet.https://t.co/C3Vh5BGh11


— Patriot 24/7 (@FlipitRed2020) July 20, 2019

There is ANOTHER pedophile island in Fiji owner by The Bronfmans where lower level Hollyrock star are being shuttled to get “contracted” and have their own child sacrifice for fame!

Find the people who went there and NetFlix will be off the air in days! pic.twitter.com/jORU2Zkgf8

— #gumballmodel (@lagenomai) July 21, 2019

Land grabs aren’t limited to the United States.

British Columbia Canada Family Battles Government Over Secret Land Seizure & SNC Lavalin Debacle

I haven’t been able to watch all of this video yet but it was recommended by the crew so I’ll include it here. What these creatures have done with taxpayer money and funds generated by Humans in one form or another is mindblowing. They control far more than anyone ever dreamed.

Thanks, J.

Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists

So much has been hidden.


— X ANON (@therealXANON) July 19, 2019

Those who have been running the world do unspeakable things to Humans, and the world needs to know. Unwitting people are being convinced and coached to give up their babies for this. Prey. If this doesn’t make you angry, you must be dead. Surely we’re not all that numb.


WHAT REALLY HAPPENS!!! pic.twitter.com/mVOPZlV5Ns

— X ANON (@therealXANON) July 20, 2019

This video update on China Lake begins with a review of some of the information Linda Paris related in her China Lake video this week, and goes on to reveal more intel supplied to Daniel. The children were deemed to be beyond rehabilitation and Daniel asks us to help through prayer.

It has been confirmed that the chemtrails in that sector have ceased. I’m a little East of there but our chemtrails have all but disappeared the past few weeks.

China Lake, Nukes, 1000s of Children Rescued

Due to the home explosion in Christchurch, NZ a few days ago, this is worth noting.

Dramatic doorbell camera video captures the moment a Southern California house explosion happened, killing one person and injuring 15 others. https://t.co/OVYcxzOzzs pic.twitter.com/bNSnpnhVS8

— ABC News (@ABC) July 20, 2019

Why do Democrats use different names?#dems pic.twitter.com/vS2p9cdhwy


— The TruthPost (@TTruthpost) July 20, 2019

The corruption is endless. It seems the dimms were all schooled on the myriad ways to scam their employers. (We, the People)

And do they slink away in shame when they’re found out? NO! They refuse to step down, name their exit date, continue to draw a salary paid by taxpayers, and their buddies scheme a way to use public water accounts to fund the legal costs AND hire a public relations firm. He must have studied under Steve Mnuchin. The cohones on these people are unrivaled.

Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty, City Somehow Has 2 Mayors Now? Commissioner Arrested

If you’ve not yet taken in SerialBrain2’s own videos that they have made for us, you may want to do that. They’re very good—and who better to explain the concepts they want to get across? They’re a different style than the ones produced by And We Know, but equally as effective.

Here’s the newest, but the others are very good as well. Ciao for now, possums. I have to go and delete some more old posts as Number One says we are running out of disc space and it’s probably at the root of folks not being able to access the newest posts. When I ask folks to keep the comments brief, it’s to avoid running into this problem so often. I’ve deleted all the posts from 2012 now, I think, and a bunch of troll comments. ;0)   ~ BP

Q Clearance Patriot

LK Dark to Light
Published on Jul 21, 2019
This video is dedicated to the brave patriots who are saving mankind.

IMPORTANT VIDEO: About “Those Wal-Marts” and Senator Merkley: Another Backfire & Time to Get Busy [video] ~ June 15, 2018

As I said when Merkley went to Brownsville and asked for a tour of the former Wal-Mart, he may have gone with the intent to skewer President Trump.

The cabal just never learn and they used CNN to bring this situation to the attention of Americans. Okay, so now it’s out there, and we KNOW President Trump is not to blame for this situation.

It began under President Obama. President Trump has had his hands full and funded the wall to prevent children from winding up in facilities like this in USA. He did what he could to quickly put a stop to it and come up with long-term prevention.

Let’s see how Americans respond to this. Jonathan is calling for Americans to boycott Wal-Marts, even though this facility is no longer a Wal-Mart location. He feels hitting the cabal in the bank account is the way to make a statement.

If you’re not familiar with Jonathan Miller, he’s a former US military guy and he is incensed by this.

From what we’ve learned in the past couple of years, we know that children might be trafficked for many reasons: as sex slaves, for organ harvesting, satanic blood rituals… and we don’t know if they are being detained here for any of these purposes, but it’s inhumane the way they’re being treated in these facilities.

There has to be a better way. It’s time for public conversation on the reality of this. Let’s turn it around and expose it for what it is.  Currently, it’s a legacy problem that needs to be addressed. I doubt if this many children fall into the category they are suggesting—where the parents or sponsors can’t be located. There has to be more to it.  ~ BP