Galactic Destiny Readings ~ May 31, 2020

CRYSTAL RABBIT MOON – 12May 30 – June 26, 2020💎🐇🌐💎🐇🌐💎🐇🌐 On May 30 – KIN 62 White Planetary Wind 🌏🍃day we commence a new moon cycle in the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar. The CRYSTAL💎 RABBIT🐇 MOON is the 12th moon in the Year of the White Magnetic 💫Wizard🔮 so we are nearing completion of this Majikal year… soon to enter… Continue reading Galactic Destiny Readings ~ May 31, 2020

Birthing ~ May 26, 2019

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal and day 2 of the new 13 day Red Moon wavespell within the last week of the 11th moon. Red Moon connects to this current Galactic Year- Red Cosmic Moon- which is about purification, emotional transcendence (Cosmic is tone 13) the Sun (father/masculine archetype) and the Moon (mother/feminine archetype)… Continue reading Birthing ~ May 26, 2019