Headlines and Updates for August 13, 2019: Weaponized People In the FF News Again [videos] ~ August 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s good to have Starship Earth back from vacay and reporting true news for us again! I like to learn the truth of how other countries on this globe (like China,France, Germany, Greece) are dealing with chaotic times…it’s not just here in the US folks. It’s also good to have political reaction reported which, of course, MSM never presents accurately.

So…please read the news below, realize this illusory life is working major positive change, and BE…



Thanks to the crew for sharing updates while I was away. Now that I’m back in Arizona and fetched the dog it’s catch-up time. We’re also in the midst of preparing for hubby’s next road trip, and on top of it all my personal email was compromised again so I have to update my new address on all the accounts linked to it, notify my family and friends, and the rest associated with deleting a mail account.

The fake news is having a field day with the Epstein fake death while we patriots suspect due to substantial reliable intel that the White Hats took him away ho-ho for safe keeping until they need him to expose his friends of a sordid and criminal nature. Disinfo is rampant at any given time, and regardless of where Epstein is, the meticulous planning and execution of The Plan ensures the Patriots are in control.

We were told to keep Epstein in the spotlight no matter what the fake news cycles dredge up and the dimwits are doing it for us AND linking the death to the Clinton body bag. What could be better? We love boomerangs, don’t we?

Speaking of boomerangs, down under the Oz factions are unleashing terror events on the People.

Multiple People Reported Stabbed in Sydney

Our friends in Hong Kong are not amused with their current situation after 9 weeks of protests and shut down the Hong Kong airport yesterday. Wow. That’s “people power”. They are not relenting and the police are beating on civilians in the second day of airport shutdown.

Hong Kong police face off with protesters as airport protests erupt in chaos

Tense situation at the Hong Kong airport where a massive protest shut operations down for two consecutive days now (Vid: @Birdyword) pic.twitter.com/PqNpCW1ad0

— Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) August 13, 2019

No one has seen the full extent of People Power yet, but on Thursday, August 15 we’re going to give the traitors a taste and demand “proof of life” for the wraith-like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Patriots are going to blow up the the Supreme Court switchboard. Details are in the short video below. Thanks, L.

Between 9 am and 5 pm EDT call 202-479-3000 and respectfully demand proof of life. The charade has gone on far too long. President Trump has the right to nominate a fully-functioning, constitutional justice if Ginsburg is unable to fulfill her duties—and we’re reasonably sure she has been deceased for months.

We saw an ad on Craig’s List for an RBG look-alike last year and we’ve seen photos of someone in her clothes who holds their head up straight like Ruthie was unable to do, as well as some photos that could have been Photoshopped so we need to bring closure to this hoax and move things along.

That is something requiring little time or effort that we can do for President Trump and the Q Team.

Reminder: August 15, 2019 Patriot Call In Supreme Court Demand Proof of Life For Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Are we caught in a time loop? Greece was dealing with terrible fires last year, as well.

The Watchers has more current news on weather and Earth events unfolding.

Wildfires north of Athens leave Greek capital blanketed in smoke

As QAnon said recently, watch Hollywood…

Broadway producer Ben Sprecher arrested on child porn charges

The implications of the “fake death” of Jeffrey Epstein reverberate throughout the patriot community as the reality of it sets in. For all intents and purposes, the lamestream media has ensured that the world believes Epstein is dead.

So, what does that mean? Controlled opposition will do what they always do and try to manipulate the information. There is always the option of presenting Epstein again in future and stating he was removed and kept alive until the right moment. Who knows what twists and turns this movie will bring?

Epstein has not escaped anything. Not really. The Patriots “have it all”, Q assures us. We don’t need Epstein alive to do what must be done. Hollywood will be exposed; pedophilia and pedovoria will be exposed in all their filthy and criminal iterations, and the myriad connections across the planet will be routed out and prosecuted. If they off themselves or each other—perfect! It will save us the trouble. Good riddance.

Scott Mowry has additional intel for us about the fake news and what they’re saying about the death of Epstein. See the end of this post.

Epstein Is Dead To Us Now [Regardless]

Today we have patriot moves already under way to deal with the situation that unfolded for Epstein’s removal from prison and the public eye.

DOJ reassigns warden after Epstein apparent suicide

I avoid focusing on the monkey antics of the lunatic left, but when facts present, I like to pass them on just to underscore the hypocrisy.

You may have heard about CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his attack on a man for using the name, “Fredo”. Cuomo identified himself as “an actor on CNN” (that was painfully truthful—did it hurt?) and then screamed that the man attacked him racially. The acting was vicious and over the top, of course, as Cuomo stole the spotlight in true bully fashion.

Unfortunately for him, and as is all too often the case, the video evidence exposing the bad actors is readily available. They destroy themselves. These Cuomos really need to be purged from society.

“Who am I then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked during a 2010 radio interview when his brother was considering running for governor. #FakeNewsFredo strikes again!https://t.co/wYrksxYkP8

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) August 13, 2019

And now this…

Thank you Mr. President, Very Cool! pic.twitter.com/JuOoPyHisE


— ALX (@alx) August 13, 2019

I think it’s safe to say that most of the alternative news truther people give every moment they can to bringing the world updates and facts about the Great Awakening and taking our planet back. I know I do. I can’t even remember what it’s like to get up and wonder what I’m going to do each day. There’s no question. We’re going to do whatever it takes, for as long it takes.

I still have not been able to listen to Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Update but am about to. If you would like to listen to the recording from Sunday night, the email notification is below. The archived call is available until the next call, Sunday, August 18.

Scott corrected his info about the the EAS system test last week, as it was not for cell phones; television and radio only, as a crew member pointed out. I missed that. There will probably another cell phone test in the next month or so due to the blatant censorship of the truth by the lamestream media and Big Tech.

Scott’s updates are comprehensive, facts as close as he can get from his sources including the Pentagon, and uplifting because he rounds up all the positive proofs we have that it’s all going down; the dark is under extreme attack and the patriots and white hats are hitting it hard while those higher energies are bathing the planet and waking people up faster than ever.

All we need to do is remain informed and be the change until we are called upon to move to the next stage. Q will be back soon.

Signing off for now. I’ll moderate comments later.  ~ BP

We continue to have a massive amount of new listeners coming to our Sunday night Conference Call and we greatly appreciate your support with your donations. You will find links below to offer your support.     Shocking news has unfolded on Saturday, August 10 as numerous mainstream media outlets have reported notorious mega-pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was pronounced dead after being found unconscious in his Manhattan Corrections Center jail cell in New York City. For now, the cause of death is being termed a suicide.    We caution you at this time — DO NOT believe ANY of the Fake News media accounts which are being reported. There are numerous suspicious details to this reported suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.    • Jeffrey Epstein is easily THE most important and devastating witness against the cabal yet to be arrested. There is certainly no way he could have committed suicide in his jail cell and “Q” basically said as much in drop #3496 back on July 25.    • President Trump has already hinted on his Twitter account today of a conspiracy surrounding the details of Epstein’s so-called “suicide.” However, it appears there is a very important angle to this new development which is not being reported, except by certain Anons. We will give you all the details.    • We will also review the events of this past 10 days with two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio from last Saturday, August 3. Once again, the Fake News media is completely lying to the American people and is withholding the real details behind these cabal false flags.    • Ever since the two mass shootings, there has been an all-out, full court press operation ongoing by the Deep State to silence “Q,” which includes the takedown of the 8chan message board where the “Q” drops are posted. Thus, “Q” has gone quiet since August 1.    • In summation, all of these desperate efforts by the Deep State only re-enforces the fact that “Q” is the “real deal.” And, the “Q” intelligence team, along with the amazing work by the White Hats and President Trump, have backed the cabal operatives into a corner. Their day of reckoning is fast approaching.      Our conference call line is:Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598Access Code: 767664#Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again Scott Mowry www.miraclesandinspiration.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

Headlines and Updates for July 9, 2019: The Tidal Wave is Rolling… Demons Beware [videos] ~ July 9, 2019

Today began as extraordinary, by standing definition. It was 72 F degrees at 6 a.m. Normally in July it would 85 – 90. So much for global warming. We’ve barely been over 100 for a high most days. In the past 15 years that is unheard of.

Nothing is normal any longer. We’re establishing new normals.

Along with the flooding in Washington, DC yesterday, Spain was hit as well.

Massive floods hit Tafalla, Spain

Just happened to catch this Tweet yesterday. The psychopaths are up to their usual tricks. When will the People realize Wikipedia and Snopes are run by the controllers?

Seems Wikipedia has altered Epstein’s bio already. First screenshot of Epstein’s bio was at 8:27 a.m. The 2nd was at 10:30 a.m. omitting Bill Clinton & Spacy yet leaving Trump! That is frightening. Same exact bio of Epstein, different times. https://t.co/T6lUHD8TrO pic.twitter.com/5QrjuovwHB

— Desiree Mills (Dez) (@Blondiedez) July 7, 2019

As predicted… “dropping like flies”…

What’s with all the billionaires dyng?#Pizzagate#Rainbowplague#Givebloodhttps://t.co/bhJovsX8g1

— #gumballmodel (@lagenomai) July 9, 2019

The freak show is definitely in America at the moment. Prepare for the next spectacle.

Gowdy’s prediction for Mueller hearing: It’ll be a freak show

QAnon made 36 drops, brimming with clues, promises, and reminders. Since we are the news now, I’m going to keep sharing the real news to counter the noise the mockingbird media is making; poisoning the impressionable minds of the West.

This one is particularly important, IMO, relevant to the headline we shared yesterday about Barr’s recusal. Everything requires clarification and decoding any more.

You had to know that the show Trump put on about Sessions’ ineffectual work ethic was not what it seemed. As we said, it was too over the top to take seriously, and then there was that impish twinkle in Jeff’s eye…

New: Title TBD

3385Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 9 Jul 2019 – 9:37:54 AM You didn’t think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.
Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).
Q >>6967208
Barr not recused from E ‘pending’ cases, only ‘past’.
[D] fight coming.
Liberal outrage coming.
Pelosi’s daughter inserted?
Counter made.

Sometimes intel we’re given is valid but the proof is subtle. Apparently there were 17 (seventeen = Q) white orbs above the Lincoln Memorial during the Salute to America. I fully expected something like that when Trump promised a “flyover”.

Folks are letting it all hang out. The “Insurance File” video evidence, as described…

This one is also very interesting, and like a few other key questions asked of Q, I feel there may be strategy involved. The previous questions were about the US moon landing and flat Earth, and I don’t believe they can be adequately addressed with a yes or no answer. If you force a Y or N answer, you might not get an accurate response. This one might have a twist, too. I will wait and see.3391

New: Title TBD

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 9 Jul 2019 – 11:28:11 AM

D_DTltsXsAABgzS.png When the FAKE NEWS can’t attack you directly using FACTS….

The public has to understand we are dealing with not just crooked politicians and racketeers, but demonic forces. They are evil incarnate, and the crimes against Humanity have to be revealed and stopped.

In Canada we are dealing with the genocide of indigenous people—but the crimes are not limited to that group, nor are they limited to decades past. I hear the swamp in the Republic of Kanata is worse than in America, by far.

Kevin Annett brings us the ITCCS update from the press conference held in Ottawa July 8th to discuss the indictments of prominent figures.

Breaking News Communique from the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC) July 9, 2019

Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau ordered by Tribunal to not run in election, stop destroying genocide evidence and halt church subsidies – Tribunal delegation requests meeting with Trudeau for July 15 Ottawa: The Tribunal that publicly indicted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and twenty other top officials and summoned them to a September 16 hearing in Vancouver has…

Read the rest of the article…

Kevin also posted this on his “Murder By Decree” website…

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada From the Directorate of The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC)

On the financial front, as predicted, Deutsche Bank is in dire straights, already floundering on the unyielding shoals of receivership. We’re sorry for the employees. Perhaps some will now have the time to figure out what is unfolding on this planet and join the fray.

“It’s Going To Be Carnage” – Deutsche Begins Culling 18,000 Employees

Hillary humour…

I don’t know who made this, but thanks for the laugh. (And for ppl who need jokes explained to them and ruin it for the rest of us: this is not a real tweet from Hillary Clinton.) pic.twitter.com/rDRih08pJG

— Keri Smith (@ksemamajama) July 8, 2019

That’s a full load for today. There will be another load tomorrow, and every day.  ~ BP