This May Be A Good Thing – May 24, 2023


Editor’s Note: Here we see just how robots are produced. Are robots “going to take over the world”?

AI, currently known as Artificial Intelligence, is set to actually become a positive tool for humanity and become “Artful Intelligence” as these robots perform “mindless” and repetitive tasks, freeing those formerly working these jobs to explore others “jobs” to explore working elsewhere, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!



3 thoughts on “This May Be A Good Thing – May 24, 2023

  1. It’s funny, with all the modern appliances and conveniences of today, as opposed to just 100 years ago, we still don’t have ‘more’ time to do things…kinda funny.


      1. Really? Like what? Gunny sack races? Those are fun…un…painting? I love to do that. I know I have plenty to do so I don’t need them to keep me busy, I just thought how we have alot of things that are suppose to do the work for us, and save us time, like washng clothes by hand…etc. Just doesn’t seem like we have more time even though we have time saving devices…LOL


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