Military Coup: The Deep State Coup Against the Presidency ~ May 22, 2023



How ex presidents (Clinton>ROCKERFELLERS) OBAMA and the CIA, ETC ETC ETC, elite powers pulled off a Military COUP AGAINST a sitting President using Military intelligence.

Adam Schiff, the chairman of the U.S. intelligence Committee, backed by CIA OPERATIONS, FBI, CORRUPT> DOJ ,*> Department of Defense Intel., ETC ETC …. created one of the worst divisions in United States history as he pushed A Military COUP on the behalf of ex-presidents loyal to MASSIVE PEDOPHILIA RING deeply connected to EPSTEIN WORLD PEDOPHILIA RING ( money laundering, Human trafficking, Sex trafficking, Blackmail rings controlling officials and banks and military) and The CONNECTIONS of MILITARY COUP is connected to a MASSIVE SWAMP of crimes against humanity:

> Gain of function
> Death vaccines
>Digital ids
>Mass censorship
>Military coup
>WORLD WAR attempt

Lots is happening, PATRIOTS.

And remember, part of Rockefellers PLAN is to use fake alien invasion to bring in mass control.

Even NASA’s own Wernher von Braun admitted to the stages of creating World wars, to pandemic, then bringing in an hoax alien invasion.
At the moment, the deep state is planning their invasion; that’s why all the news agencies and Vatican are WARNING of aliens.

Must-Read: Q Drops! TRUMP: “INDICATED” – Before you are VINDICATED as a Hero. Q: Where She’s Going? Yes! Next Stop, GITMO! One By One…

[They are telegraphing their moves]

Remember the first alien invasion is FAKE.

I have told you many times…… The REAL ]]]] DISCLOSURE [[[[[
comes after

The great awakening will blow your mind and is connected to the deepest secrets of the Earth and past, present and future.

God wins.

@ Q The Storm Rider (Telegram)

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